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Seattle isn't the only place where it rains. Show us some love, and we will shower you with perks!
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Become part of our community. By getting in on one of our exclusive offers that you can either use for yourself or gift to a family or friend, you help to extend our community beyond our school and deeper into the West Seattle neighborhoods. You will also be helping us provide a wonderful training experience for all current and new members. The other benefit is you can start to get healthy and fit right now even if you're on a budget.

Who we are///

We're not a non-profit. Nor are we a start-up. We are Straight Blast Gym a community-funded small business that is hoping to exchange some amazing perks so that we can fund our expansion in order to continue providing excellent service to our members. The unique benefit of this set up is that although we are asking for pledges, we are providing some excellent and valuable returns to our members and community. Zig Ziglar once said...

"You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

If you don't know us by now, allow us to introduce ourselves. Despite the fact that we have gym in our name, we have never been just that. We are a living, breathing ecosystem that supports individuals and families in any way that we can for the betterment of not only the local community, but the world.

Check out some awesome stories here.

We feel that we are close to being the change that needs to happen in this neighborhood, however, we are not quite there. Most gyms are just a place where you go to sweat, our goal is to become a community center where adults and children thrive through various programs and activities.

                                             ^Women's Self-Defense Seminar^

Our school has been completely built by "kids", a bunch of 20-somethings, individuals from a myriad of ethnicities and backgrounds with big dreams and even bigger hearts. We took what used to be an old boat storage warehouse and converted it into a 5,800 square foot facility that has become an anchor in its community and has the ability to impact hundreds and influence thousands.

What makes us so different///

We believe it is our responsibility to create the type of world we want to live in. We do this by providing life skills to children as well as experiences beyond toys and video games. We take pride in teaching them to be responsible young people, both socially and academically. As far adults, you can see our work in teaching adults the benefits of mindful and consistent practice through fitness and martial arts. Not only does this create a safe training environment, but it leads to an improved quality of life and length of life.

                                           ^Team photo after a day of competition^                                                                  

Why we need your help/// 

Running a martial arts and fitness academy is expensive and not very financially rewarding.  We don't do it for the money, because the people we touch alone, allow us to live a very rich life. Business is great and we are able to do far more than we did a year ago. Nonetheless, we need the extra capacity your investment will provide to grow to the next level.

We consider ourselves lucky that, through our hard work and diligence, we have managed to make it this far on such a small margin. We definitely know how to make a dollar go a long way. However, now...

...we have reached a point where we can no longer do it alone.

With that said, we've decided to raise money the old fashioned way - by asking family, friends, and followers for support and bartering with the skills and services we have gained over the years. In order to really produce the results we want; we have to consider what conditions are required to contribute to the sustainability of our business and well-being of our members and community. By reviewing our current needs and forecasting our future goals, we have targeted specific areas that need to be addressed.  

Your Contribution///

Below is a list of immediate improvements we will make once we reach our goal. Majority of these improvements involve just an email or call, so the community will see a prompt turnaround on their donations. Should we raise additional funds beyond our goal we will immediately begin planning construction on the next round of renovations.

SPACE: $6,100 will go towards new mats from Zebra for our 16'x32' platform and the (not yet built) 6'x72' platform extension in the old mat room.

  • New mats will allow us to deal with the increase in class sizes for BJJ, kids, and boxing and allow each program their own designated area.
  • New mats will also allow us to expand our schedule for those programs by running multiple classes at the same time.

     VISIBILITY: $8,400 will go towards a storefront door from Perkins Glass.
    • Provide better visibility and a more professional outside appearance.
    • Provide better insulation for heat during the winter months.
    • People will not be confused as to whether or not we are open

      EQUIPMENT: $5,840 will go towards program expansion by way of more equipment for boxing, Growing Gorillas (kids), and Warrior Woman.

      • More equipment will allow the programs to grow. Warrior Woman allows for a max of 6 women per class. New equipment would allow 10+
      • More equipment allows us to expand program offerings to general fitness classes, fitness classes for seniors, and foundation/CAP boxing classes.
      • More equipment for Growing Gorillas allow us to grow our kids programs.

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            Select a Perk
            • $15USD
              The supporter

              We can't tell you how much this means to us! To show our gratitude, we'll write your name and hometown on a custom-designed tree mural that will be prominently featured in our gym. Your name and hometown will be on display or you may choose to sponsor "in honor" of a friend / family member. While the $15 level is our starter level, we appreciate any and all support!

              20 out of 500 claimed
            • $25USD
              Fit as a Fiddle

              We couldn't do it without you. Because you're so awesome, we're emailing you a one month fitness plan that is designed to target the metabolism and take you one step closer to those skinny jeans, holiday dress, or that tailored suit. You will also be recognized on a custom-designed tree mural that will be prominently featured in our gym. Your name and hometown will be on display or you may choose to sponsor "in honor" of a friend / family member.

              15 out of 100 claimed
            • $50USD

              -Everything at the $25 level -A bomb supporter tee designed by Ethan.

              20 out of 100 claimed
            • $50USD
              Window Shopper

              -Everything at the $25 level -Plus 2 weeks of classes at SBG-Seattle valid for a year- take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, or Women's Only Fitness.

              2 out of 100 claimed
            • $75USD
              One month of classes

              -Everything at the $25 level -One month of membership

              4 out of 100 claimed
            • $100USD
              Double Trendsetter w/ Cheese

              -Everything at the $25 level. -You will receive a super soft special edition zip up supporter hoodie.

              21 out of 50 claimed
            • $200USD
              Private Lessons

              -Everything at the $100 level -A 30 minute consultation and three 1-hour private lessons

              3 out of 50 claimed
            • $225USD
              3 month membership

              -Everything at the $100 level -Three months of membership

              7 claimed
            • $500USD
              Starter Kit

              -Everything at the $100 level, plus 6 months of membership at SBG-Seattle. -You will also receive two tickets to our ultra swank private soiree following the ribbon cutting ceremony.

              4 out of 70 claimed
            • $800USD
              6 months and more

              -Everything at the $100 level -6 month membership (martial arts or fitness) -Six 1 hour private lessons with a coach of your choice. -Two tickets to our ultra swank private soiree following the ribbon cutting ceremony.

              4 out of 30 claimed
            • $1,500USD
              Gorilla Guardian Angel

              We have the ability to really turn West Seattle around by providing underprivileged children a healthy outlet for all that energy they possess! For your contribution, a child will receive: -One year of membership at SBG-Seattle. -Uniform and equipment. -Competition fees for a year (up to three tournaments) -A birthday party held at the gym for them for up to 10 friends and family. -You will also receive a written thank you letter for every child you help. -Plus, everything at the $100 level

              2 out of 50 claimed
            • $2,500USD
              Year of the Monkey

              -Everything at the $800 level. You can use as a gift to a friend. -12 months of membership. - Level 1 Founder's Card: which gives you 50% off all gear for a year and free seminar entry for a year -Two tickets to our ultra swank private soiree following the ribbon cutting ceremony. -Gold leaf top of the tree status on our tree mural.

              2 out of 10 claimed
              Estimated delivery: January 2015
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