Beckoning the Butcher

The account of how five friends played this harrowing game. And lost...

About the film and us

We are two passionate young filmmakers from Melbourne Australia. We are looking for the means to shoot our feature film 'Beckoning the Butcher'.

Chris Shaw was an up and coming internet sensation. In his videos he performed rituals he found on the web, testing their legitimacy in summoning spirits. His last video never got to be broadcast – until now.

Chris films everything as he, his girlfriend Tara and their friends Brent, Lorraine and Nicole travel to Brent’s holiday house nestled in the vast, isolated plains of rural Victoria. Once they arrive they prepare and perform the latest ritual Beckoning the Butcher, a mysterious invocation Chris found online, designed to entice a paranormal entity into this world.

All who took part in the ritual that night went missing without a trace. The only clue for investigators was the found footage contained on Chris’s camera. Unfortunately for all involved, the footage itself seemed to pose more questions than to provide answers.

Using interviews from family members, detectives and psychics, along with Chris’s footage, this film aims to piece together the events of that fateful night and determine how the players vanished.

What we need

To bring this project to life we need to raise a budget of $5000. Your contribution will cover our entire production and post-production. Specifically:

Equipment: Lighting, camera and sound gear

Make-Up: Being a horror film we will need lots and lots we mean LOTS of make up.

Transport: The film will be shot in rural Victoria, four hours away from the major cities and we need to get people to and from location.

Post-production: Editing, music and festival fees.

For your donations, we'll make sure you recieve something in return!

If the goal isnt reached, the main focus of your contribution will go to Makeup and Transportation which is the most improtant part for the film, becasue without actors and crew on location, making this film will be impossible. 

Where we're at currently:

We're very excited about the potential of this project. Over the past few months we have written the script, and also sourced and locked in a very creepy location. The starting date for principal photography has been organised for late November, and we will wrap early December. 


Thank you all for your help and contributions 

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Beckoning the Butcher

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