Beautiful Chorus: Resonance Meditation Album and Tour

An ALBUM and TOUR of Rhythmic and Resonance Meditations
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  • $5USD
    Our Infinite ♡ & Appreciation

    Thank you so much! We'll put your name on our contributor list, and are sending you our purest love (and we've got a lot of LOVE to give!!)

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  • $15USD

    Deluxe Digital Download of RESONANCE MEDITATION by Beautiful Chorus. This also includes special content like exclusive demos, freestyles, and other fun audio moments created especially for Indiegogo contributors. You’ll also receive the Harmonic Ringtone by Beautiful Chorus.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $15USD
    Beautiful Chorus Geo-Pendant

    This divine pendant is a 13-sided figure, and the representation of one imagineer and 12 more songbirds! We only have a few of these, so order now! Please add $10 for international orders, and we'll send you this pendant right away! Look for a photo in our Gallery section!

    Estimated delivery: February 2013

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  • $25USD

    The Limited-Edition, physical copy of RESONANCE MEDITATION is on its way to you, along with a Full Color Lyric and Art Booklet that includes photos from all of our adventures on route to The Integratron and beyond, as well as candid moments throughout the entire making of this album. You’ll also receive the Deluxe Digital Download of RESONANCE MEDITATION and Harmonic Ringtone.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $35USD

    Share in Our Adventures: All 12 Beautiful Chorus members will be documenting this amazing Tour. We’ll send you a compilation of the all the amazing sights that are captured along the way, organized into a beautiful digital photo album and slideshow made especially for Indiegogo supporters. Enjoy our most candid photo and video moments, beautiful scenes, and great adventures! You’ll also receive RESONANCE MEDITATION, Deluxe Digital Download and Harmonic Ringtone.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $50USD

    Activated and Energized w Love in Resonance Meditation: We’ll send you TWO pocket-sized Crystal Quartz Stones that have been cleansed and activated in Meditation by Beautiful Chorus. The high frequency vibrations of group vocal meditation can permeate deep within crystals and provide focused amplifications for all things joyful and allowing. You’ll also receive the Digital Photo Album + Slideshow, a Physical copy of RESONANCE MEDITATION, the Deluxe Digital Download, and Harmonic Ringtone.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $100USD

    An Indiegogo Exclusive: We’ll send you a CD of 6 1-Minute Mantras PLUS Meditative Cards to accompany each track. These are great for on-the-go and can help to focus attention and raise frequency in a swift and natural way! You’ll also receive the Resonance Crystals, Digital Photo Album, our album of RESONANCE MEDITATION, the Deluxe Digital Download package, and Harmonic Ringtone.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $125USD

    Beautiful Focus: Along with ALL UNLIMITED PERKS LISTED ABOVE!, we'll send you a truly unique, 21-picture Coloring Book of Meditative Bridging. These hand-drawn mandalas can be used as bridges into Meditation, and/or from Meditation into daily life. Great for a seamless bringing together of worlds, from high frequency into high frequency! Also great for people of all ages! (Pictures available in our Gallery Section!)

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $200USD

    This photo book is an Indiegogo-exclusive offer. Get your very own, uniquely designed, Resonance Adventure, Full Color Photo Book of candid shots, adventurous travels, beautiful scenery,and meditative moments. We’ll even write special messages just for you, sign it, and add our own artistic touch to each order. You’ll also receive all unlimited perks listed above, including our album, RESONANCE MEDITATION.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $450USD

    We will send you an exclusive 12 track CD of 1-Minute Mantras + Meditative Cards PLUS TWO Limited Edition, Sterling Silver Aventurine Crystal Pendants. We'd love for you to share this gift with a cherished loved one! These beautiful Silver Aventurine Crystals are the same kind created for and worn by each member of Beautiful Chorus. They signify love, togetherness, and the inspired movement toward conscious expansion. You’ll also receive all unlimited perks listed above.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $1,000USD
    Executive Producer Credit

    Want to be included on the first official release of Beautiful Chorus! We'll give you an Executive Producer credit on our album, and give you first opportunity to hear new songs on our next project. You'll also receive all unlimited perks listed!

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

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  • $3,500USD
    Private In-Home Session

    The big one! You'll receive Executive Producer credit on our new album, and we will hold an exclusive, PRIVATE and PERSONAL session of Resonance Meditation for you in your home, or wherever you choose, it can be your own personal session, or a session for you and your loved ones. (Must be within a 2 hour drive of any tour city!)

    Estimated delivery: June 2013

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