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Get Beast on www.thisisbeast.com!
Vittorio Haendler
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Beast is available on the market! Now You can buy Beast on www.thisisbeast.com

Thanks to all our backers we were able to complete and deliver all our orders. 

On Press:



"This is gold for Fitness Enthusiasts"

"Beast will revolution the world of Fitness"

"Beast data about strength training is real-time and easy to read"

"Aerospace Engineering technology applied to strength training"

"Beast the Best for Training"


Check our website www.thisisbeast.com

Grow your muscles faster with the First Sensor to track Fitness Training and visualize results in real-time, suitable for all exercises. 


Beast shows you in real-time how much you are pushing, rep by rep, whether you are lifting weights, using a machine or performing bodyweight exercises. You can chose to visualize Speed, Power or Strength and monitor your performance live while working out. You can review your results while resting between each set and receive indications about how to make your training more effective: for example the Beast App accesses all your data to suggest optimal weight to use or the number of reps to perform to reach your training goal faster!


More than just a feeling or visual feedback: Quantifying your movements is essential to reach better results. By measuring exactly the efforts you perform in the gym, Beasts tracks your improvement and helps you training better. Moreover, it gives you the overview of all workout data collected so far, keeping a diary of your performance and checking how effective each training is.


    AN ACCURATE PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM, MADE EASY        _________________________________________________________________________

First of all, data about your movements is acquired with 50 Hz: this means, for all of your movements, you have 50 measurements per second!

To achieve the a higher level of measurement reliability, and to perform each possible exercise, the Beast sensor is configured as a small magnet, which enables it to be easily plugged on barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or gym machines and to the body itself for performing free body exercises with the Beast Vest (see below)


                  BEAST GOES TO BRAZIL: SOCCER WORLD CUP 2014!


Even for high level soccer players, it is important to track and monitor their condition: for this reason Beast Beta release has been selected - and is currently used - by the Italian National Soccer Team. Beast is monitoring performance of players training for the Soccer World Cup starting at Rio De Janeiro on 12th of June! Thanks to the Italian Soccer Team S&C Coaches supporting us developing and validating Beast, and to our exceptional beta testers!!

(For more information check our local press: http://www.figc.it/it/204/39025/2014/02/News.shtml)




BEAST is magnetic. So you can use it with all kinds of weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, tires, for body weight exercises or with any gym machine! No need for sci-lab equipment to measure your performances anymore!

              WEIGHTS                             FREE - BODY                     GYM MACHINES





STRENGTH: more strength means more load. And more load means more muscles!

SPEED: is the key-differentiator for training: a body-builder needs to train slowly, an athlete needs to train fast!

POWER: knowing the power of your movements makes your training effective

EXPLOSIVENESS:  you can defeat all your opponents applying force faster!


1) Connect sensor to weights, machines or to free body

2) Select Training goal, Exercise and Load on the beast App

3) Start your workout!


                                       CHOOSE YOUR TRAINING GOAL!


What is your training objective? Let Beast know and Beast will tell you if you are doing your exercise correctly! Theory of training has been transferred into software to give real time indications, as for example the color of the bar, to increase effectiveness and reduce wasted effort!

Get your athletic evaluation instantly! After each exercise performed, Beast tells you how much you´ve worked to improve your Strength, Power, Velocity, Resistance and Explosiveness.


Get your athletic evaluation instantly! After each exercise performed, Beast tells you how much you´ve worked to improve your Strength, Power, Velocity, Resistance and Explosiveness.                

Live Monitor: visualize in real-time your Strength on smartphone. Great for quick movement analysis and applicable even on field! 

Challenge a friend with the Multiplayer Mode! If another mate has Beast, you can connect to his phone and start a challenge.

Train - and monitor trainings - with distance! As soon as workouts are completed, they will be synced with the Beast server, so training completion can also be monitored by trainers with distance.


                            WORKOUT PARAMETERS TRACKED





you can access it here: www.thisisbeast.com/users/sign_in

DATA IS THE VALUE! All gathered data helps to improve your training: on this base Beast calculates your 1RM,  creates your muscular profile and suggests you the best training loads.

With your Beast Web Portal account, you can review and analyze all moments of your workouts done so far, up to single rep! You can periodize your training creating workout routines and send them directly to your smartphone, add new exercises and compete with friends!

Gather information about how intense you are training day-by-day and week-by-week. You can chose one exercise and monitor the progress in that single exercise, moreover you can compare results with your friends or team mates!

Visualize exactly every single Repetition, your averagely lifting volume and how your records evolve in time! 


For PROs: make a detailed analysis of your movements!


       THE BEAST SENSOR              _______________________________________________________________________


  • Bluetooth 4.0 (LE Bluetooth or Bluetooth Smart)
  • 50 measurements per second
  • Rugged Case
  • magnetic attach system
  • 40 grams, 20x15x45mm
  • IPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S; IPod Touch, IPad  and IPad mini and Android devices with LE Bluetooth 


                                          ACCESSORIES FOR BEAST


Perchmount Fit: a comfortable magnetic support to plug your smartphone where you can always see it while working out! It turns all machines into monitoring devices!


Beast vest: enables all free body exercises - jumps included!

Beast bracelet, helps you as well carrying the Beast sensor around in gym





At the department of Applied Mechanics of Politecnico di Milano - Italy highest ranked university of technology - we compared data with a Celesco linear encoder to validate measurements and results: the drift of the speed signal which is typical of accelerometers & gyroscopes instruments has been completely removed, enabling tracking and visualization of all reps in real-time


                                                       WHO WE ARE


Tommaso, CTO - Player of Italian National American Football Team, ISSA certified Personal S&C coach and BSc in Aerospace Engineering

Vittorio, CEO - Aerospace Engineer, software and project management, fitness enthusiast and windsurfer! 

Lucio, COO - Aerospace Engineer expert in MEMS Sensor Systems and signal elaboration Algorithms, the Data Scientist





- How can I set up to use the Beast sensor once I receive it?

Install the Beast App on your smartphone, sign up on our portal with your account, connect the sensor via Bluetooth and start your workout!

- How can I connect Beast to my smartphone?

Beast takes advantage of the Bluetooth low energy technology, after you have logged in the app with your profile, you can choose your sensor and connect to it just tapping on the screen, the connection interval is super fast!

- How does the magnetic connection work?

Inside the Beast case there’s a strong magnet. You can simply get your sensor close to every gym equipment and Beast links on it. Also our body vest it’s made to take advantage of magnetic connection, so you can do the same with it.

- How do I charge the Beast sensor?

You can charge your Beast sensor with micro USB cable using your computer or any USB charger.

- How long does the battery last?

The battery is designed to last for 5-7 workouts, depending on workout duration.

- How does the sensor recognize my movements?

Beast uses a combination of inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) that can support each other to detect every movement in 3D space. Our patented algorithm is specifically made to calculate in real time Force, Speed, Power and Explosiveness of every exercise and to automatically count every repetition you make.

- Is it possible to use the sensor on my wrist just like a common wearable device?

Of course you can! We designed a tailor made bracelet for Beast sensor to let you use it just like a ‘traditional’ wearable device.

- Which smartphones will Beast support?

The Beast app is working on IOS devices (IPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S; IPod Touch, IPad  and IPad mini with Bluetooth 4.0 technology) and all Android devices which are Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled.

- What is the difference between Beast and other fitness trackers?

Beast sensor is the first device that guarantees high level real time scientific measurements necessary to match the expectations of professional strength and conditioning coaches and athletes. The magnetic system lets you put it not only on your arm or wrist but on every gym equipment to correctly track every exercise you make, and on your body vest as well! Ultimately, the very simple user interface is suitable for every kind of user, professional athlete or not: Beast is made with athlets and coaches but is thought for everyone who likes to train!

- How can I get in touch with the Beast Team?

You can contact us at info@beast-technologies.com. Our team will be happy to help you!

Follow us on:





Check out our website! www.thisisbeast.com

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