Bearstronauts: Bear Astronauts

An action packed video game for PC and Mac starring Bear Astronauts.

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Bearstronauts: Bear Astronauts is a 2D side scrolling action game for Windows Pc and Mac; but it is so much more than just a run of the mill run and gun. It its heart, it is a game about second chances, but it's also about exploration, solving puzzles and blasting enemy Bearstronauts with a variety of awesome weapons. The player controls John Hunt, the first initiate of "Project Honey," and the only American Bearstronaut.

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The Jist: 

During the cold war, Russian scientists performed gruesome experiments in order to provide their Cosmonauts with the ability to hibernate in outer space.  Ashamed by what they had created the Russians abandoned their bear astronaut program, and their Bearstronauts in deep space.  However due to a series of events that will be revealed through the course of the game, the Russian Bearstronauts return to Earth hell bent on conquering the world. By utilizing the technology used to create them, the Soviet Bearstronauts are turning innocent people into evil Bear Astronauts. The only one who can stop them is the only one immune to their transformation technology; American Bearstronaut John Hunt.

  • Utilizing Guns, Grenades and his Bear hands John Hunt must battle an army of enemy Bearstronauts as he fights to stop the invasion.
  • Experience intense combat featuring exciting fast action gunplay and melee attacks.
  • Outwit adversaries by using stealth, mines or traps.
  • Solve puzzles and unwind a truly unique and exciting story.


Ice and Snow


About the developers and why we need your help:

Digital Bacon is a 3 man development studio from Toronto Ontario Canada. We worked together as artists in the film industry, and as huge gamers decided to make the leap into game development. However, being far more creative than we are rich, we need help to fund this project.  In addition to day to day development costs we need help paying for things like a unity3d Pro license to take advantage of many great features not available in the indie version. We also need help paying for sound fx libraries like the great products available from BoomLibrary.com. We'll also need great music for our game, and we'll need to hire a composer to make sure we can produce the best product possible.

Additionally we want to be able to publish on as many platforms as possible and in as many languages as possible, your support can make all of this happen!

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About the Incentives:

Games funded by gamers should be made by gamers. We want your help and input in making this game, we have incentives ranging from forum contribution, providing Beta Tester access, creating game art, character design choices, and becoming your own full blown Bearstronaut character.  We want to include you in the process because, frankly game design is a lot of fun, and if you're helping pay for the game you deserve to get in on the action!


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What else can you do to help?

Please spread the word! Crowd sourcing only works if there is an actual crowd, power in numbers and all that jazz! Luckily for us, indieGoGo makes it easy with those handy share buttons at the top of the page! Use em! The universe (us included) will thank you for it!


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