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An optometrist's assistant falls in love with her new roommate's split-personality.
Joe Wielosinski
CHICAGO, Illinois
United States
1 Team Member

About the Film:

Be Your Wo/Man is a feature film about acceptance, hope, love and tolerance.  In order to forget about a first love,  a young woman with a unique fondness for the human eye relocates to Chicago.  Her new roommate hides a secret which will "alter" her world forever.

Our Expenses:

Most funding will be used towards the following:

* Food: Believe it or not, one of the most expensive things will be feeding the cast and crew during production days.  This includes not only drinks and finger foods, but meals on longer shooting days.  

*Props/Costumes: The film needs a lot (of weird) eyeball paraphernalia in order to fully tell the story.  There is also a unique costume design, which requires some extra shopping.

*Festivals/Awards: The crew wants others to see this story.  We believe this is one of the best ways to share our work.

*Equipment: The crew is shooting on the Black Magic Cinema Camera, which requires Solid State Drives to record and extra lenses for cinematographic purposes.

Why Make This Film?

This film explores many social issues facing today's generation of young people, including gender, homosexuality, transgenderism, agesim, economic loss, and social awkwardness.

It takes the idea of a "20-something" and tries to define the "something".

Hopefully, this film will allow viewers to ask questions about others different than them, while learning to accept others for who they are, despite oppositions.  This generation has more diversity than any other.  Along with the tools and technology, young people have the power to change the world.  Diversity allows others to learn.  Let's make something magical!

The Cast:


Michaela Lichvanova as Aislinn Celia

Born in Prešov, Slovakia, Michaela has been acting in the Chicagoland area since high school.  Recent credits include work for Chicago Fire, Mob Doctor and MTV's Underemployed.  This is her second time working with Director Joe Wielosinski.  The two previously collaborated on the short film 5 Day Forecast, where Lichvanova played the bossy Mellisa Cornell.   


Marla Seidell as Dillon Alter and Charlotte Belle

Marla Seidell has performed numerous starring roles in film, television and theatre. Recent roles include a starring role in the Investigation Discovery pilot episode of Desperate Measures and a starring role in the independent film, After Love. Marla recently performed with the Forget Me Not Theatre Company, and has played multiple comic roles in Chicago's sketch comedy scene. A prolific freelance journalist, Marla has published bylines in over 20 publications, including The New York Post, The A.V. Club, Timeout Chicago, The Daily Herald, Citysearch.com, and Newcity Chicago Magazine.


Steve Goodman as Karen Flynn

Steve has starred in several different independent films and shorts.  He played a Police Officer in a short film Diversion, which found success at the Phoenix Film Festival in 2011.

Jeannette Digiovine as Dr. Brianna Navarro

Jeannette has been in several independent short and feature films in the Chicagoland area, in addition to commercial, voiceover and print ads.  She has studied at Acting Studio Chicago and the Screen Actors Academy.  Recent work includes Boot the Pigeon, The Origins of Wit and Humor,and You Don't Say!.

Lillian Lamour as Sue Ellen Locke

Lillian has been cast in many Chicagloand Independent Horror films, including The Dirty Sanchez and Incorporeal.  She played Dr. Curt in Infinity Trinity, which screened at the 2012 Southside Cinematheque.  

About the Filmmakers:

Director/Writer - Joe Wielosinski

Joe is a multi-award winning artist, with several Directing, Writing, Editing and Producing credits.  As a student, he edited the documentary Plight of the Peregrines, which won a top student award at the Chicago Midwest Emmys chapter of NATAS.  Since then, his work has been honored with AVA, Empixx and Videographer Awards.  His most recent film, 5 Day Forecast, was an official selection at both the Arlington International Film Festival and the Phenom Film Festival, as well as the winner of a Pixie Award. 

Joe likes telling stories of hope, isolation, acceptance, tolerance and the bumpy road to satisfaction.  


Producer/Manager - Alex Srednoselac

Hailing from Northwest Indiana, Alex is a filmmaker with several short films and scripts on his resume. Candyland, his groups submission to the 2012 Chicago 48-Hour Film Festival (which he Produced and Edited), was featured on the contest's FaceBook page.  Most recently, he completed Capture, a short film about an old superhero given a chance to relive his past life. He's preparing to submit his short script, Double Down, for awards this fall. 

Cinematography - Marc McClure

Marc is the Director/Writer/Co-Editor of a new web series, We Deliver.  As the front man of Chicago-based bands In Reverie and My Only Constant, he's played many well-known venues, including the Abbey, Bottom Lounge, Congress Theater, Cubby Bear, and Subterranean.  His music has been played on Q101 and Fearless Radio.  He's also been featured on Absolutepunk.net.  

Other Ways You Can Help

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  • $1USD
    Vitreous Humor

    You're part of the jellylike substance that holds this film together. Squishy! You will receive a special post on the IndieGoGo, Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as as a Special Thanks during the film credits.

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  • $5USD
    Aqueous Humor

    You are the clear, watery fluid that fills the chamber of the eye between the cornea and the lens. It may sound kind of gross, but we like gross :) You'll receive the previous perk, PLUS 10 dollars off an eye exam from a local eye care facility (ask for more details).

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  • $10USD

    You're protecting a lot of our vital eye parts! Good for you! You'll receive the first perk, PLUS a $20 gift card good for any item from a local eye care center (ask for more details).

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  • $15USD

    You're the fancy name for the white part of your eye. Just don't get drunk, cause then you'll be bloodshot...and that's not pretty. Stay sober, and you'll receive the the first perk PLUS a copy of the film (your choice of DVD or download). Don't worry, you'll get the perks if you're a little hammered, too.

    1 claimed
  • $20USD

    You work together with the Cornea to help bring us light. That Cornea can be a slacker sometimes (trust us, we talk to them), so you increase upon it's donation. It's not all for nothing, as you'll receive the first perk, PLUS the official film soundtrack for download!

    1 claimed
  • $25USD

    You are strongly pigmented. That's meant as a compliment. We're not calling you a pig. Unless you want us too. You'll receive perk one AND copies of the film and soundtrack!

    0 claimed
  • $50USD
    Optic Nerve

    You transfer information from the eye to the brain. That's pretty freakin' important. So for that, we applaud you! You'll receive a shout out, a copy of both the film and it's soundtrack AND an exclusive voice over opportunity in the film as a porn director. Yes, you read that right... (ask for details).

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $75USD

    You really enhance our vision. Just be sure you have pads, we don't like pressure on the nose. You'll receive a shout out, a copy of both the film and it's soundtrack AND a copy of Aislinn's eyeball friend, Eileen!

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $250USD
    Contact Lenses

    ONE STEP BEYOND. Helping us look slick without bifocals. You're a real benefit to the film. Like the Day and Night contacts. You'll receive a shout out, a copy of both the film and it's soundtrack AND photo shoot with a local photographer (ask for details).

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Lasik Surgery

    You are amazing. The highest prize. For that, you don't get any bad jokes. You'll receive a shout out, a copy of both the film and it's soundtrack, a photo shoot with a local photographer AND a VIP package for our planned Chicago screening (ask for details).

    0 out of 3 claimed
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