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Help women Be their Own Heroes! Back our conference that brings together women to share strategies for defeating the unique challenges they face in business.
Sana Choudary
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The Be Your Own Hero Conference is now over. Thank you to all who backed and attended the conference. Join our Facebook page to discuss the ideas shared at the conference, learn and partner with each other, and continue to celebrate the super powers that lie in all women! See you on Facebook!


Are you a woman entrepreneur or a woman who wants to create a business of her own? Or a supporter wanting to empower women everywhere?

We need your help!

On June 3rd we are bringing together an impressive and inspirational roster of heroic women to share the skills and knowledge that have helped them overcome and defeat the unique challenges they face as women in business. This conference provides real actionable solutions! This is the antidote for the many conferences that provide only generic content that only solves theoretical problems.

By backing this project you are helping us Be Our Own Hero!  We can secure the much needed equipment, materials, food, drinks, videographer and more to make this conference a resounding success.

How is Be Your Own Hero different from all the other advice out there for women?

Well let me share an analogy.

Business, like life, is all about getting from where you are to where you want to be. But what do you do when on the way there, multiple massive boulders block your path?

As a female superhero you have lots of options but the worst thing you can do is demand an explanation for the existence of the boulder. This is the same as banging your head against the boulder and not solving any real problems.

If you follow this strategy you will become a tired, worn out woman, and all without ever achieving your goals.  

We are all about getting beyond talk of the existence of these problems to real practical solutions!

How can you be your own Hero (and who am I anyway)?

My name is Sana Choudary, I am a female entrepreneur and have been working for myself for the last 5 years. Three of them running a wildly successful game developer community hub and accelerator called YetiZen.

What do I do in the face of these boulders?

I believe the answer lies in three amazing superpowers.

The first is passion.  

Anything that is really worth doing in life is hard. If you are passionate work will stop feeling like work.  You will find within yourself the persistence to deal with the hard times.  You thrive more than others in the good times.  And all while staying healthier. One last pro of this superpower is that it is the only thing that works in the long term. Negative emotions, like fear, may work in the short term, but in the long term if you are not passionate you will lose to a competitor who is!

The next superpower is leadership.

You may have the best business idea in existence. You may be the most competent salesperson, programmer, product person ever on the face of this earth. But if you are unable to lead yourself and others to making your vision a reality, you will not succeed.  Showing up as a leader means abandoning blame. It means stepping into your most powerful self and influencing the world through it.  All while developing your own way of calculating and taking risks, failing forward and failing fast.

And finally the last superpower is action.

All the passion and leadership superpowers in the world, cannot help you unless you take action. And since success leaves clues, it is important to learn from others who have been successful.This will reduce your trial and error time.

The result is you achieve everything you ever wanted to and more, all while becoming an incredibly happy and strong example for all. A super hero and inspiration to all women who long to be an entrepreneur.

Update on Be Your Own Hero speakers

We finalized these speakers in recently

Our speakers include Lucy Bradshaw, VP of EA Maxis; Megan Gaiser, ex-CEO of HerInteractive; Elaine Wherry, co-founder of Meebo; and Stevie Case, Layer’s VP of Revenue.  Click here to see who else is among our fantastic speakers!

  Lucy Bradshaw, VP of EA Maxis

  Megan Gaiser, ex-CEO of HerInteractive

  Elaine Wherry, co-founder of Meebo

  Stevie Case, Layer’s VP of Revenue

And many many more!

Helping women Be Their Own Heroes!

On June 3rd in collaboration with Girls in Tech, my company YetiZen, is hosting the Be Your Own Hero Conference. This conference is bringing together women who have used these three super powers to achieve monumental success. Through this we hope to inspire other women to tap into their own unique and meaningful version of these superpowers to overcome the obstacles in their path.

And most importantly we want to evolve the conversation from what needs to change outside of us into what we can do to succeed. We need to stop banging our head against that boulder and find our super powers to overcome it!

We need your help!

I want to change that conversation. And I know other women and men who support us want to do the same.

This campaign is a way you can help! If you want to make a real difference in bringing practical change for women entrepreneurs everywhere please pledge for this campaign.

As you probably know women’s events have a notoriously bad time raising money through sponsorship, your contribution can make all the difference!

What will we be doing with $30,000?

Simply put, we want a high quality conference experience providing true female entrepreneurs a care free environment where we handle all logistics for the day.

This way the audience can relax, learn, network--all the things that matter most when with successful people in the same room.

This means we are taking care of:

  • Break coffee/tea and treats
  • Lunch
  • Wifi
  • Large enough venue to handle the size of crowd anticipated 
  • And numerous other logistics so guests don't need to worry about anything.

This money allows us to do all that and more while keeping ticket prices super low ($100) to allow a broader set of women to participate!

VIP special 

InMobi enables the world’s leading developers, publishers, and brands to engage global consumers through mobile advertising.  Visit www.inmobi.com, or follow us on Twitter@InMobi.

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This campaign ended on June 10, 2014
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  • $5USD

    Join the Be Your Own Hero Facebook private community to receive special updates

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  • $25USD

    Support the conference and be included in our BIG thank you. You will get our gratitude for supporting the cause and be included in a list of supporters of the BYOH conference displayed on our conference website!

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  • $50USD

    Get access to all video recordings of the conference sessions

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  • $50USD

    Access to all visual maps generated from during the conference. What are visual maps? Check out our facilitator Julie's website to learn more http://www.mapthemind.org/

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  • $80USD

    -Receive one discounted conference ticket -Access to all video recordings of the conference sessions Tickets will not be available after June 2nd as the conference is on June 3rd :)

    3 out of 20 claimed
  • $100USD

    -Receive two conference tickets for the price of one -Access to all visual maps generated during the conference Tickets will not be available after June 2nd as the conference is on June 3rd :) What are visual maps? Check out our facilitator Julie's website to learn more http://www.mapthemind.org/

    2 out of 50 claimed
  • $150USD

    -Get your very own Be Your Own Hero Tshirt -Access to all video recordings of the conference sessions -Access to all conference visual maps -Receive one discounted conference ticket Tickets will not be available after June 2nd as the conference is on June 3rd :)

    0 claimed
  • $200USD

    Get your very own Be Your Own Hero Hoodie! 50% cotton/50% polyester fleece pullover hooded sweatshirt is a perfect way to keep yourself warm while remembering your goal to Be Your Own Hero! Get this for yourself or others in your life that must remember this message!

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  • $1,000USD

    -Logo at Be Your Own Hero Conference -Booth (shared)

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  • $2,000USD

    Afternoon Wine retreat with conference speakers and Sana

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  • $5,000USD

    -1 Mention on all social media channels (nearly 100,000 followers in all) -Logo prominently displayed on monitors/screens event -Expo Booth -3 special guest badges

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  • $10,000USD

    -3 Mentions on all social media channels (nearly 100,000 followers in all) -Logo prominently displayed at event + Expo Booth -5 special guest badges -Logo and company text prominently on email marketing blasts by YetiZen (14,000 developer reach) -Inclusion in 2 event press releases

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