Be unique with CONCEPTIQ!

Cool unique laptop bags with removable covers

Hello and thank you for checking out my project! :)


The idea behind Conceptiq is to create art through cool, unique messenger bags with removable covers.

Every outfit is different and must be completed by a personalized bag. With Conceptiq you can match your covers with your favorite T-shirt! The covers will be made in limited edition and this allows to create many pieces of original art. Simply put, you will be able to wear what other artists create or actually wear your own art and have the coolest bag on the street! One bag, multiple covers!

The bags are highly fashionable and made from eco-friendly materials. Conceptiq brand stands for sustainable business, being eco-responsible and aiming to support local community by creating jobs. All of the products will be produced locally and you will help unemployment women change their life.

Artists will have the opportunity to raise money and awareness for non-profits by dedicating a selected design to support a cause through sale of products.

Your contribution is an investment in the creative abilities of graphic, illustrator and photographic artists and in the production of artistic unique messenger bags.

The money that you donate to the project will go directly toward funding the manufacturing of the first Conceptiq bags. Your funds will cover materials, production and other necesary expenses.

I am planning to oficially launch the brand Conceptiq in August and I need to raise money to buy technology equipment and to promote the brand.

My goal is $12000 that will cover the cost of two industrial sewing machines, an industrial printing machine, a professional website, online store, materials, labour, marketing and advertising to get the word out about Conceptiq.

Any funding in excess of the original goal will be used for promotion and for line extensions.

Why Conceptiq? 

-          Be unique with Conceptiq

-          One bag, multiple covers

-          Original artwork by designers or by yourself :)

-          Mix creativity with sustainability

-          Support of local community

Be part of making a cool product see the light of day!

For the future I intend to expand the line of bags, school bags, beauty cases and anything else that my imagination can come up with.

You can invest in this project and become part of creating original artistic bags with multiple covers.

No contribution is too small. All donations will be greatly apreciated and go directly to the launch of the brand.

Please spread the word  and share this project on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I would appreciate your support in any form :)

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email me at conceptiq.bags@gmail.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re far too kind! :)

For your investment, you will get great rewards – check them on the right!


1) Is shipping included? No. Please add $15 for shipping

2) How can I change the covers? The bag has a zipper on the back and you can easily replace the covers.

3) Can I send you my own design for a cover?  Of course. It needs to be a good quality design or picture. You can use Photoshop, Illustrator, etc

4) More details about the bag? The bag has two separate compartments-one for laptop and one for everything else(maybe your camera), three big useful pockets for things like your smartphone and other accesories and a key chain. It has a wide shoulder strap and velcro keeps the bag securely closed while offering quick access.

5) When it will arrive? You should receive your perks no later than early August.

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