Be Awesome: Help Cancer Research

Professor Magnus Essand and fellow researchers have developed an experimental method of using an engineered virus to target and kill cancer cells.

An oncolytic virus to kill cancer?

Here is what an oncolytic virus is and how it can kill cancer

I found this article and it's what drove me to try to raise money.


Steve jobs died because of Pancreatic cancer and this is what you're supporting, a way to stop people from dying because nobody can find enough money to research it.  We can find enough money to pay a banker 1 million bonus for stealing money from the poor people, but we can't find 1 million to pay for a possible cure to a nasty, quick acting cancer which kills?

Steve jobs died from a similar cancer

I've decided to do something about it and try to bring awareness to what people can do to change the world.

I've decided to try my hardest to change that and to collect money for a specific research project and instead of giving it to a charity middleman to cut into a thousand pieces, I'm going to give it directly to the bank account of Professor Magnus Essand.

He has a donation paypal, but well, it's hardly crowdfunding material, so using this platform I hope to focus people into donating quickly and easily, giving their friends a heads up using Social Media and effectively open a new chapter on how to donate to charity.

Now it's not necessary to put money in a box and not know where it goes.  A black box you never are really sure it'll reach where you want it to go.

I think this new model of donating to good causes is really a game changer and I hope you agree with me and donate something today!


Team on This Campaign: