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Be a reason to fight the cancer 

In the Gaza Strip, like everywhere in the world, the number of cancer patients is increasing. If compared to other countries, the difference is that it’s not easy to get required medicine inside the Strip and in most cases people cannot afford to buy them due to the big percentage of poverty.

One of the cases is Maria , a 13 years old girl from the middle of Gaza. She is a smart little girl, with a big mind and optimistic soul. Maria started to feel sick about 4 years ago. Her parents took her to the hospital in Gaza but due to the situation in the Ministry of health - Gaza is so critical because the blockade and siege which have been imposed by Israel in 2005/2006 -  the doctors advised her to go to Egypt.

The doctors in Egypt made her a CT- Scan. The results showed a tumor in the left optic nerve. The size of the malignant cell was 2.5 cm and it was going to metastasize more. Maria started to lose her vision by the time and the doctors prescribed her immediately oral chemotherapy.

The medicine she is using are:

1-  Temodal 100mg (Temozolomide ) each box contains 5 capsules.

2-  Zofran 8mg (Ondansetron Hydrochloride) each box contains 10 tablets.


She started taking Temodal 100mg with the dose 3 capsules/week and  Zofran 8mg 2 tab/week.

So she needed 2 ½  boxes of Temodal and one box of Zofran per month.

Her parents started to search for the medicines in private pharmacies but they found out that are too expensive. Her father decided to sell his car and some other stuff from the house to be able to cover the expenses for the medicines since his salary wasn't enough to cover the daily life expenses.

In that time I got a phone call from her dad asking me for help. Someone suggested me as a link because I’m a pharmacist and have contacts with different medical drug stores.  

I started to work hard to find it out asking organizations in and outside the Gaza Strip for help. Then I started to make urgent calls to all my friends across the world to donate money and to help this way to buy the medicines. Luckily I got some funds which were enough to cover the cost of the drugs for a few months. Some other friends managed to send this expensive medicine directly from their country.


A couple of months ago Maria went again to Egypt for another check up. The results were  amazingly changed. The tumor’s size reduced from 2.5 to 1.5 cm and hopefully it will reduce more and disappear. Since the medicine worked well for her, the doctors decided to let her  continue with them for 3 more months but with an increased dose.

The new doses are:

Temodal 100mg 4 capsules/week and Zofran 8mg 4 tablets/week. In total it's 9 ½ boxes of Temodal and 5 boxes of Zofran for 3 months.

After these 3 months she will have another check up in Cairo. We all hope that the Cancer will disappared forever.

I’ve been helping Maria for a year and a half (with a big support by my friends) and she became part of the family. It is hard to see a child suffering where general life conditions are also difficult. If you consider her as your daughter or sister you will always do what you can to help her survive. This can only happen if all of us work united to reach the goal and supply her with the very expensive medicine necessary for the treatment. Make a difference, help her now. Please make a donation, any amount is most appreciated.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate, we understand, but please share this link with your friends, be it by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.


Funds Raised Above Goal and Extra money.

Any funding raised for Maria that exceeds the total amount of the medicines and our goals will be used to bring the medicine to Gaza, help Maria to get to Italy for more check up and her family for the daily expenses and  hers and her brothers education . Thanks again for your generosity and support for Maria, as it motivates her even more to stay happy.


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