Be a monkey's uncle!

Building new and expanding current outdoor enclosures to help give our monkeys the best homes that we can!


At Story Book Farm, we are always trying to do more for the animals in our care. Monkeys love summer! They are tropical animals and get to make the most of being outdoors in the warmer months. This summer, we would like to upgrade and expand our current enclosures and build new outdoor enclosures for many of our monkeys to be able to further bask in the glow of a hot summer day, or feel the breeze in their hair from the comfort of a nice shady spot!

We want to add climbing structures, swings, and other forms of structural enrichment to maximize the use of the space, as well as provide our residents with as much choice as possible. Be a monkey's uncle today and donate to help our fellow primates!

What We Need & What You Get

All prices include shipping and handling and applicable taxes.

We hope to raise anywhere from $1500-3000 (or more), but that depends on you! All the funding (whether we meet our goal or not) will go towards creating even more enriching areas for our residents, and any money that may be left over, will be dedicated that towards the ongoing care of our animals - such as food, maintenance and animal care. 

Below are examples of the perks available. The images included in each item are variable - each item comes with 1 of 10 images of an SBFPS resident except for the broaches which contain Pockets Warhol artwork only.





Charm Bracelets

Belt Buckles


We are excited to share with you a new partner that we've never had before - Barbie's Basement Jewellery! They have designed all the jewellery perks that you see listed here - custom designed with many of our residents' faces, and some with the artwork of the world-famous Pockets Warhol. These are beautiful one-of-a-kind items that you can pre-order with us as a perk for donating to our campaign. You will receive the jewellery item you choose containing a beautiful image of one our beautiful residents. Check out www.bbj.ca to see more of their work!

Other items are a selection of prints of Chelsea, Susie and Julien's hand and footprints. These are rare items of which we have made several prints so you can display them in your home.

And of course, a Story Book fundraiser wouldn't be complete without the works of the wonderful Pockets Warhol! There are 6 one-of-a-kind abstract paintings painted by a capuchin monkey artist himself, as a perk for donating the largest amount to our campaign! View these paintings on Our Story Book Tails Blog to select your own on a first-come, first-served basis!

Other Ways You Can Help

Visit www.storybookmonkeys.org to find out how you can help - become a volunteer or spread the word!

If you can't contribute or volunteer, please share our campaign with friends, family and social media - make some noise about our campaign! You can use the handy dandy Indiegogo share tools to make it easier and more convenient.

Thanks for your interest!!!

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