BCVFD rebuilds after Sandy

The BCVFD needs help to rebuild it's quarters in the aftermath of Sandy.

This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Broad Channel Volunteers Inc, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.

Short Summary

The Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Corp. has been serving the community of Broad Channel, Queens, New York since 1905. We operate by donations from the community. Our volunteers are dedicated to the protection of life and property of those that live on this island. 

After Hurricane Sandy we lost all of our apparatus (fire trucks, ambulances, etc.) to the storm. Through the generosity of other departments across the country, we received donations of fire trucks, ambulances, radios and other equipment. This allows us to respond to the emergency needs of the residents.

However, the last part of our needs are to restore our quarters, which was flooded with six feet of water at the height of the storm, so that it is a safe environment to serve the community out of. This is beyond what we can raise though donations in Broad Channel as most of the people have been greatly effected by the storm and are rebuilding their own homes as well.

What We Need & What You Get

The funds will be used for the following projects and items:

1. Repair the footings on for the walls to the engine room

2. Replace the damaged siding.

3. Replace the sheetrock and insulation in the engine room.

4. Mold remediation

5. Repairing the missing roofing shingles.

6. Replace the boiler which was submerged in salt water.

7. Replace electric that was also in salt water.

8. Renovate the Dispatch office.

9. Repair the engine room door.

The $50,000 goal is a starting point to renovating this building. While we are in the process of moving our quarters to a new building in the future, that goal may still be far off. We need a place to operate out of now in the mean time.

Once we move to a new quarters, this building will continue to serve as an office for us, a classroom for CPR and EMS training, a place to house historical documents, as well as an assortment of other uses. 

If we can reach $55,000 then we can also repair the engine room floor. 

The Impact

Your contribution will enable us to serve the communities of Broad Channel and the Rockaways, by allowing us to provide EMS and Fire services with all of the proper equipment in order to be safe. 

We have been there through countless storms that effected our island and disasters that effected New York City as a whole. Your contribution will allow us to continue and to train future generations to care for each other as well when dangerous situations arise. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you are not able to contribute you can help us in many ways. You can pass this on to others who may be able to contribute by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email, etc. If you live near by, you can apply to become a member, or offer other services that can help us restore our department. Thank you for all your support in this difficult time.

The Extra

So, if we make our $50,000 goal, that is great. But a larger goal we have is to construct our new Fire House that will be located on Cross Bay Blvd. We are very close to realizing that goal. Any money we take in over our goal will go to the construction of the new fire house. Some of the perks refer to the new building and you will receive that perk whether the money goes to repair the existing building or to the new building fund. 

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