Bay Area Derailleurs Winter Bike Dance Tour

Send the Derailleurs to Portland!


We’ve been invited to Mini Bike Winter in Portland to dance, ride and plan the revolution with our bike dance compatriots from across the globe, but we need your help to get there!

Donate online here, and help support our vision!

We are twelve women who dance on, with and about bicycles.  We dance to promote health, camaraderie, positive body image, gender equality, environmental responsibility, autonomous transportation and FUN.

Mini Bike Winter is an annual gathering in Portland, Oregon dedicated to every possible kind of fun that can be had on two tiny wheels.  People come from all across the country to ride, play and explore the many possibilities of bicycles together.

What we'll do with the money:
+ outfit all our dance bikes with pegs and gyro headsets
+ buy fuel filters and a new tire for our veggie oil tour bus
+ print sweet new t-shirts and stickers
+ GET OUT OF DODGE to entertain, inspire and collaborate with the people of Portland and along the way!

In return, what we have for you:
Oh my goodness, so many things!  We've got tickets to Freak Bike Cabaret, the hottest bike event of the winter (co-presented with Cyclecide!).  We've got stickers, t-shirts and posters.  We've got custom bike bling.  And we have superfine one-of-a-kind experiences - the kinds of thrills that money just can't buy... except right now.  Check out the sidebar over there >>>>> for all the dirty details!

One Less Car

What else you can do to help support us:
Help spread the word!  Check the IndieGoGo tools up there to post our campaign to Facebook and Twitter and all that kind of thing.  And, even more fun, help out!  We need paparazzi to photograph at Freak Bike Cabaret, we need video editors for all our movie projects, we need designers and illustrators and printers and welders and dancers.  Email us!  We'll hang out!  bayareaderailleurs@gmail.com!

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