Battle Hero Absolute: The Complete Series

An American Tokusatsu webseries in homage to Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. It's an action packed martial arts superhero drama loved by fans world wide.

What’s Up?

Hey guys! It’s the team from Jabronie Pictures and welcome to our second fundraiser for a movie project. We are so close to finishing our web-series, Battle Hero Absolute, and we need your help!

We have posted 9 episodes and it has already received over 50,000 views on YouTube. It was such a surprise hit for us that we decided to make 15 episodes instead of 6. Because of the huge support and attention we received from the series, we were able to get Catherine Sutherland, the 2nd Pink Power Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to play a special cameo in our final episode.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s about a college student and his best friend who are mankind’s only hope to repel a secret alien invasion. Think Kamen Rider if you’re a Japanese pop culture fan or the Dark Knight meets Power Rangers if you’re not. You can go to our Battle Hero playlist and watch every currently released episodes here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL116C6C34...

Details are below but we really need a few new pieces of equipment to create the last episodes the way we want, remaster the sound and CGI effects for all of the episodes, and acquire the capital to release the whole series on DVD and Blu Ray when it’s done. We’ve already filmed most of the future episodes, we are just stuck on a dozen scenes where we really need some help to step it up.

What We Need & What You Get

If you were part of our first successful fundraiser you know that enabled us to really up our game and this one will give Battle Hero Absolute the climax it deserves.

So here is the low-down of what we need:

-Post-production Costs (Editing, ADR, audio and CGI remastering for all 15 episodes)
-Special Effects bundles
-Rode microphone
-Capital for Battle Hero DVDs and Blu Rays
-Advertisement costs
-GoPro Hero 3
-85mm Lens
-55-250mm Lens
-Booth at convention (Power Morphicon, San Diego Int. Comic Con)

The $4000 goal should be able to cover the cost. If we hit $5000+ we will create a second season of Battle Hero Absolute with new high quality custom made armor and monster costumes.

To the side you can see the different thank you gifts we are offering and they include:

Listing in our credits
Limited edition Series photobook (with production notes)
Limited Edition Battle Hero Figures
Battle Hero DVD
Signed Poster
Jabronie Pictures T-shirt
Thank you videos
Armor worn by Jay and Sunny
and more

The Impact of Battle Hero Absolute

Our series was such a surprise hit within the Tokusatsu (Japanese style superheroes and sci-fi) fan community when we first released it in 2010. Jay went to the Power Morphicon (Power Ranger convention) and found that there were tons of Battle Hero viewers who supported the show. Many fans consider it to be one of the finest western originated tokusatsu shows out there and even made the comparison to how the Dark Knight trilogy grounded the Batman mythos in the real world. It inspired many people to create their own spandex/armor hero shows and continues to capture the imaginations of the audience.

Film festival mentions:
Best Fight Choreography (nominated) - Action on Film International Film Fest 2011
Best Guerrilla Film (nominated) - Action on Film International Film Fest 2011

Other Ways You Can Help

If you could help us spread the word for both the series and our fundraiser we would really appreciate it.

Help us reach over 1,000,000 views by going to our YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/jabroniepictures

You can also find us on facebook (facebook.com/jabroniepictures) and jabroniepictures.com

If you have any other questions let us know!



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