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Today, more than 20 million people die each year due to inequalities in global health. More tan 150 million people face unaffordable health care costs each year. And more than 100 million people each year are plunged into poverty. It’s no longer enough for any one group or country to take action. What we face is a global crisis that needs a global movement to fix it. BE THE CHANGE.  BE A GRANNY. DONATE TO A GRANNY today. Every amount counts, please support our Barefoot Movement

We are coming together as one unified voice to send a powerful message that the time to take action has come; a time to end Female Genital Mutilation and promote women’s reproductive health is now.  Join us, support us, donate to us and let's remind the world of the crisis women are facing. 

The Barefoot Grannies works on a completely volunteer basis in order to change their communities. They want to reach out to thousands of women and men every month!

To make this possible, we need your help to raise funds to train them, provide small grants, purchase bicycles so that they reach distant communities and provide technical support and build their capacity to make them more effective.  Your support will improve on their performance and effectiveness. To give you a sense of some of the costs:

$80 - Will be used to but one bicycle for a granny to reach more communities. We need to buy 80 bicycles.

$100 - Will be used to provide scholastic materials and beddings for girls rescued and will help them get education.

$204 -  is the cost of one-time fistula collective surgery. Some extreme cases require surgery twice or thrice. 

$500 - Will be donated to a Group of Barefoot Grannies. A $500 grant covers a 3 months period

$1000 - Is a 6 months grant to one group of Barefoot Grannies

If you are able to contribute in exchange for any of our perks, we are incredibly grateful and the Barefoot Grannies and us will responsibly put those funds to purpose.

We are ICOD Action Network,  a Uganda based nonprofit founded in March 2008. ICOD Action Network’s work extends beyond material support and touches upon the need to empower communities so that they can be able to sustain themselves. We believe that local driven interventions and innovations are the foundation of sustainable community transformation.  Our core values at ICOD Action Network are deeply rooted in sustainability, human rights, justice, inclusiveness and participation, commitment, accountability and transparency. Resources and responsibilities for decision–making are used in ways that are mutually transparent and answerable to all stakeholders.We are working with grassroots women  and building them into exceptional visionaries for change. Barefoot grannies walk everyday throughout their communities educating them about the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation and are working so hard to improve women’s reproductive health. We are making their visions a reality, please donate to the #BarefootGrannies today.

Through technical support,  resource allocation, mentorship, leadership training, and network building, we are working with 219 grannies from 8 Community Based Groups  of women and grannies to address reproductive health issues in their communities. These are the women and grannies on the frontlines of change working to strengthen women’s rights, improve girls education, increase economic opportunity for women, and promote human rights in their communities.

By providing education, outreach and training led by grannies in the rural communities where women live, we are spreading the word: reproductive rights is the right of every woman, no matter where she lives.

We have a history of working with and supporting the evolution of small grassroots organizations and groups organizations as key means of developing sustainable local capacity. Our work has impacted more than 100,000 people since 2008. People like you have supported our work!

We believe that strengthening local capacity will ensure sustainability of  local reproductive health initiatives.

MARY is a local human rights activist and the co-founder of Kamesoi Women's Group, a group of granneis that moves around communities teaching about the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation, importance of girl-child education and linking service providers to women with health complications. Invest in Mary's commitment to promote women's reproductive rights.

Click here to see what Barefoot Grannies Model works. Learn about what we do and how we are able to change the lives of women in rural Uganda. We have achieved amazing results using grassroots activism with people living with HIV/AIDS in Southwestern Uganda, we are glad to be working with the Barefoot Grannies in Northeastern Uganda to transform communities.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. In some cases, girls bleed to death or die from infections. Later in life, FGM can lead to complications in childbirth and increase the risk of the mother and/or baby dying. The practice also violates women's rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death.

It’s our duty to protect and observe women rights, end the social, cultural and political causes of Female Genital Mutilation and promote women’s reproductive rights. BAREFOOT GRANNIES ARE LEADING EFFORTS TO END FGM AND PROMOTE WOMEN REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, PLEASE JOIN AND SUPPORT THEM TO CHANGE THEIR COMMUNITIES. 

No donation is too small or too large. Every little bit helps!

  • Make a gift to support Barefoot Grannies and women leaders who are the change-makers of tomorrow!
  • Join our Campaign Team and encourage your friends and family to invest in women leaders everywhere.
  • Share your story! Tweet us @chasingthecut and tell us why you are #ChasingTheCut
  • Follow our Indiegogo campaign throughout the month and receive updates and new perks and see the global impact of your gift.
  • If you can’t contribute financially, there are many other ways to join the team. We appreciate any effort or time you can put toward helping us get this story of determination and love out there in the world.
  • Sign our online petition calling for strong action against Female Genital Mutilation in East Africa through this LINK

Please send us feedback on how to improve our work or if you prefer to wire funds directly to Barefoot Grannies,  contact

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    Virtual Hug

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    Thank you!

    Every amount helps, thank you for supporting Barefoot Grannies. We will give you a shout-out on our social network platforms and website.

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    A heart felt thank you

    We will deliver a sincere thank you note to your inbox, and you will have the satisfaction of helping to empower East African grannies and save lives

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    Postcard from Uganda

    When was the last time you received real, stamped mail in your mailbox !

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    Orange Bead Ribbon

    The first 50 donations of $50 will get handmade Orange Bead Ribbon that can be worn on any clothing to represent your compassionate heart, supporting Barefeet Grannies and building safer communities for girls and women.

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    Handmade Bracelet + more!

    You will get a handmade bracelet crafted in northeastern Uganda by women and high quality photograph of the Grannies work. The first 50 supporters of $60 or more will each receive this unique bracelet

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    Exclusive African wallet

    An exclusive African wallet will be shipped to your address for you to keep. We will mention you on our social network platforms; facebook and twitter and thank you for supporting Barefeet Grannies.

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    Hand-made Basket from Uganda

    Hand-made basket made by women of Kamesoi Women's Group from ICOD Action Network grassroots partners in Uganda. Kamesoi brings together women and girls fleeing from abuse, as well as ICOD Action Network works with them to train those seeking to promote human rights, economic empowerment.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $150USD
    African dinning table mats

    Every month, the grannies meet for monthly review meeting and also make amazing crafts including table mats. Dinning table mats come in sets of four, we will share with you these to show our appreciation for supporting the Barefeet Grannies *Including all the above perks*

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    Granny’s Gift to You

    A handwoven straw and cloth basket made by Granny in Uganda. An wonderful gift for supporting Barefeet Grannies *Including all the above perks*

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  • $500USD
    Women at work

    With this donation: You will help one Barefeet Grannies Group get a 3 months grant to improve their work - You will receive a living room gift from one of the Barefeet Grannies Groups. - You will be listed on website as a Sponsor to Barefeet Grannies

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  • $1,000USD
    Cultivating Change

    With this donation, you will help one Barefeet Grannies Group get 6 months grant to improve their work - You will receive surprise bag of goodies made by grannies. - You will be listed on website as a Sponsor to Barefeet Grannies *Including all the above perks*

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    Speak up for Barefoot Grannies

    With this donation, you will help one Barefeet Grannies Group get 12 months grant to improve their work - You will get an exclusive art craft for your living room from one of the Grannies - You will receive another bag of goodies made by grannies. - You will be listed on website as a Sponsor to Barefeet Grannies - You will also receive exclusive videos and photos of the grannies work. *Including all the above perks*

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