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Bill Stewart posted an announcement 8 months ago


the Indigogo support has showed us the way to get to the "Anonymous Column" of donors. so we have your info, and will add to the computer today. 

soooo... not to worry. everyone is in the database. 

See ya sooon! 

Bill Stewart posted an announcement 8 months ago

Hello Indigogo folks

Just programmed your names in the Cash register... so when you show up, just tell the manager your name is under the indigogo credits... and you can run a tab until your money is gone!

Thanks again for your support!

And a note. it seems Indigogo has turned about 30% of you folks into "anonymous" listing. even multiple people i know in the real world. why it did this, i have NO IDEA. 

So I am asking everyone,  please email us back with your name and reward,  so we can check against the Indigogo records, and make sure you are listed.  We want to figure out the people listed as "Anonymous" and input your correct info, so you can get your goodies! 

sorry for the confusion! 

Come on by and drink some beer, and enjoy the pleasant CornHole weather...


Bill Stewart posted an announcement 9 months ago

Dear Indigogo folks

We got the beer part of the project flowing...  so come on by and tipple!

The brewery is yet to be hooked up... more permitting yet to be done...

Soooo, you can use your coupons now, or wait for the bardo-beer to start flowing in a few months.

Your choice.

We are having a pre-opening event Monday, July 15, so come on by! we will give you a beer or two, just for yucks. your coupons remain valid for  later. 

Thanks much!

bill and the bardo crew

PS. just a note... 

This Indi-gogo thing was meant to raise capital... in the cash sense...

but it turned out to be a effective way to raise HUMAN CAPITAL...

we got people to Program our custom beer pour setup,  help design our women's toilets, make our cornhole setup, and build the place.  So it may appear we failed to  raise the money we wanted, in the end it turned out to be waaay more effective at getting humans to fill needs for Bardo buildout.  


Bill Stewart posted an announcement 1 year ago

we forgot to post the squat toilet uproar here…
click on the links to see the hullabaloo!!