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bandu was a biofeedback watch and smartphone app not ready for primetime. Look to neumitra.com to find out how we learned from this early prototype.
Robert Goldberg
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
1 Team Member

The brain is a muscle like any other. Willpower is a resource that gets depleted over the course of the day. The stress of our daily commutes, personal relationships, and work demands prevent us from being at our most productive. 


That's why we developed bandu, a watch that gives you time to slow down, take a moment, and prepare your best efforts. Built by a neuroscientist and engineers, bandu alerts you to listen to music, play a game, call a friend, meditate or stretch. We show you what works to reduce your stress.


bandu is a named a God at DEMO 2012!


How bandu works

bandu measures the autonomic nervous system, which is associated with the effects of stress including perspiration, respiration, and cardiology. The current version monitors your skin conductance, movement, and temperature. When you become stressed, bandu alerts to you to take a break. You can listen to a favorite song or play a fun game. You can even call a trusted friend, just stand up to stretch or even meditate. The results are shown right on your smartphone in real-time so you can monitor your stress level, see when it rises, and determine the people, places, and things that help you feel better. And over time, bandu automatically learns what works.


Our Smartphone App

Our Story

We've been working hard to build bandu over the last three years after meeting in a class at MIT. We realized that despite all of the technologies available for biofeedback, none alert you to the need to find peace and quiet in small moments of your daily life. We're now participating in two accelerators RockHealth at Harvard Medical School and MassChallenge to bring bandu to your wrist.


The role of stress on life, work, and play

Stress is a survival instinct. When something feels like life or death - a big test, a major presentation, a costly game - that's how your body is feeling. And during those moments it's difficult to think straight. Stress affects your short-term memory, your long-term memory, and your attention. We know that stress can also become a medical problem and makes symptom worse for conditions as varied as post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, heart disease, asthma, irritible bowel syndrome, even fertility.



Our Work Until Now

Our Work Until Now

Aruba prototype 

Aruba prototype


Bali prototype, Cayman prototype, and bandu

Bali prototype, Cayman prototype, and bandu

We are ready for manufacturing with your support!

We've built three generations of prototypes that connect with the iPhone and Android phones.

  • bandu has been built to take advantage of existing components for mass manufacturing
  • Our team draws on extensive experiences and key mentors in the Boston scientific, engineering, and medical communities
  • We've tested the various materials, capabilities, and data produced by bandu
  • From firmware to software to analytics, we've written and optimized thousands of lines of code


Hardware takes time to get right

We're big fans of prototyping and rapid deployments. Our biggest challenge in hardware development comes in instituting a low-volume rapid design cycle while still striving for economies of scale in larger volumes. If there's a problem with one component, the whole production run could be lost or require a recall. With each production run comes new risks associated with every component and the system as a whole.

Manufacturing will be staged

To mitigate this risk we're slowly ramping up manufacturing. We'll deliver the first batch of bandu in limited editions over the coming months at different prize levels. During this phase there may be subtle changes in how bandu looks and functions as we optimize our design for larger builds. This is usually the part of hardware development you don't see. We will be open and honest about the challenges we face each step of the way. bandu is unlike any watch ever created. It requires precise measurements to know when you need to take a step back. We will ensure that bandu is strong and agile as we bring the price down to something a large number of people can afford.



1. What does bandu measure?

We are developing bandu to measure the autonomic nervous system, the key bodily system associated with the effects of stress including perspiration, respiration, and cardiology. bandu currently measures skin conductance, temperature, and motion, and we are always developing ways of adding increasing measurements to bandu's on-board intelligence.

2. What smartphones is bandu compatible with?

iPhone and Android

3. Does bandu require connectivity?

No, bandu works independently of the app and is able to store data for you to view later on your smartphone or tablet.

4. How does bandu work when I am exercising?

bandu measures temperature and movement to make adjustments for exercise.

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