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Elijah Ray invites you to join the BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience
Elijah Ray
Kilauea, Hawaii
United States
5 Team Members

Bringing the BAND of LIGHT together:

Join us and witness the story of a man, a band, and a movement. 

Home Dome

Elijah Ray, recording artist, singer, composer and love activist, is bringing together a BAND of superhero musicians, artists, dancers and videographers to create something truly extraordinary: The BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience. And they are about to hit the global scene in a major way to promote their latest album, ARRIVAL.  


With your help, this campaign will fund the collaboration between +Elijah- and the BAND of LIGHT and ELEVATE films on the production of their first official music video. If you take a look at these two forces of music and media: BAND of LIGHT and ELEVATE, there is a clear indication of the high level of visual and musical mastery at play here.



Check out how much fun we had making our pitch video! http://youtu.be/VOSiylqbV-s

Elijah recently founded BAND TOGETHER, LLC as the business foundation for the BAND of LIGHT, with a plan that includes a newly formed team~ and from the sound of it he looks to leave behind both a rich musical legacy and a better world. 


 "I started BAND TOGETHER as a foundation for our first steps in this new direction," says Elijah. "What I really want to do is build our own record label and music/media collective, so there is a constant stream of Band of Light albums and art being shared with our growing community of fans. When the new BAND comes together I want  people to say; OMG! They're slammin! And then they feel changed…like suddenly after experiencing the music they realize we are undeniably connected in a meaningful way~ to each other and to all of Life."         

        Eden on Earth   



With plans to add fresh new members on drums, bass, guitar, keys, percussion, backup singers, dancers/performance artists and video projectionist, the BAND of LIGHT live +E-xperience will finally look and sound like they do on their albums (check out ARRIVAL, Ray One EP and The Preamble on Bandcamp if you haven't already)

The crazy thing is: When you really look into this story, Elijah Ray plays almost all the instruments on his recordings. Say what? That's right. It's was back in 2004 that Elijah last had a full working band. Since then, he’s been hard at play in Hawaii, composing hundreds of songs, recording albums in a variety of genres, collaborating on a multitude of projects, and touring off and on internationally for the last 9 years developing his sound as a solo artist.

For those fans who also have watched him perform solo with his loop pedals, with his crazy beatboxing and booming voice~ it is clear that this man is remarkably talented, and can make any sound he wants to on his own. And now we will get the chance to see him with his dream band!? GET READY FOR THIS, people!



Step One: After Auditions, with hand picked members for the new lineup, The BAND of LIGHT will rehearse and immerse for a month to create our new sound as a group. Working with a musical director and choreographer, Elijah Ray and his fellow bandmates are going to design and produce a new show that will be more than a show - it will be an +E-xperience. 

The new BAND will perform music from the brand new album ARRIVAL, as well as songs from RAY ONE, the Indigo Evolution soundtrack, and a whole plethora of unreleased songs ripe and ready to be shared.


Step 2: Shoot and release our first official MUSIC VIDEO with ELEVATE, to the song of the fan's choice from the newest album ARRIVAL.

Step 3: Hire a co-manager, financial advisor, publicist and executive assistant for Elijah and BAND TOGETHER, LLC to serve as the core business foundation for this project and beyond; promote the album and new BAND.

Step 4: Acquire BAND of LIGHT LIVEstream gear for travel kit: camera, mic, laptop, and satellite dial up.

Step 5: Elijah and the BAND will launch upcoming Summer +E-xperience tour dates, which, if we meet our goal, will be LIVEstreamed to the fans!

Step 6: Kick off the official LIVEstream BOL MemberSHIP website: www.BANDofLIGHT.us

Elijah Ray and the BAND of LIGHT have teamed up with our friends at Enfusionize to bring forth a truly innovative web platform. We're building a spaceship!


Though our upgraded and innovative new web portal, Elijah and the community of Band of Light fans will be able to easily stay connected to the movement, as each member will get their own customize-able spaceship homepage. Look through your cockpit as you navigate the musical/magical world of +Elijah- and the BAND of LIGHT~ and ultimately, the galaxy. 

Ongoing LIVEstream concert events as well as exclusive access to personal chats with Elijah will be broadcast right on your home screen, available to all Band Members in their MemberSHIP. Anyone can join the site, with varying levels of access; for instance, everyone is able to visit the BOL homepage and enjoy the amazing view of the New Earth, through the cockpit of the BAND of LIGHT Mothership.  From here you can listen to music via the in-ship radio, watch videos, explore the story behind the music, follow Elijah's Blog, and check in for upcoming +E-xperience events, etc.  If you click the "activate MemberSHIP" button, you can choose from one of the donation based packages starting at $5 a month to unlock your own personal ship, giving you access to the deeper layers of the site that are only available to Band Members.



Step 7: Launch the 2.0 MemberSHIP site, with more ship and member functions, like connecting to other ships, video voicemail, painting & chat lounges, as well as the ongoing expansion of the mothership design, and inner rooms and chambers:

Think of it as SpaceBook, social networking for conscious kids.

Expected date: winter 2013.

Step 8: Publish and release Elijah's new Children's book series and CD "The Adventures of Rainbow the Phoenix".

~ Not only is Elijah Ray an amazing recording artist and musician, he is a writer too! The BAND has something truly magical in store for the youger generations in "Rainbow the Phoenix", and this project is slated to be released as a digital download album first, with a spoken word version of the book, read by Elijah. Also included will be a few already popular BAND of LIGHT songs, "if I were a Rainbow" and "Sing a Song". 

Step 9: Clothing Line and expanded merch production. The BAND of LIGHT will be a model of new earth / conscious clothing and gear. We plan to have a well developed product and clothing line that gives the greater community of band members access to the new-earth space suits that will be worn by the BAND of LIGHT. Designs are already in early stages of development, and as soon as resources are available for this aspect, we will have version 1.0 Light Cycle LED suits online. 

Step 10: Setup BAND of LIGHT studios, and produce the long awaited, epic music series: the 12 Rays of Creation.

+Elijah- has already composed enough music to fill 10 albums, with more coming each day. With a new business foundation in BAND TOGETHER, LLC, and the eventual setup of a new studio / broadcast production lab, the BAND of LIGHT will produce and release an unprecidented and coherant catologue of music. The 12 Rays will be the soundtrack to our collective awakening...

In the here and now, it all starts with ARRIVAL, and this campaign. 

"remember I told you, this is a BIG dream." +E-




BAND auditions, talent fees (8 musicians, musical director & choreographer) & LA rehearsal space rental: $25,000

ELEVATE films music video production costs: $25,000

BAND TOGETHER LLC 6 month core operating costs (co-manager, financial advisor, publicist & executive assistant): $24,500

LIVEstream travel kit: $7,500

BOL MemberSHIP Website Development: $8,000

IndieGoGo fees, campaign management & fulfillment costs: $21,000


Whew, that was a lot! Ready for more?


NOW, for A BRIEF HISTORY of +Elijah-


MY name is +Elijah- ( aka Elijah Ray )

This is my story:

Since I was a young boy, perhaps since the age of 5, I have been following the sound of the music. It comes to me in waves, like symphonies of profound lucidity...guiding me home. The music is often accompanied by visions of art, story, film concepts and media, architectural designs, and visions of the future gatherings and concert events that will shape the future of humanity.

Sound pretty far out? Welcome to my life!

Sometimes when I am playing music, I can see a band of light wrapped around the world...it's been in my dreams since I can remember. I know this BAND of LIGHT is symbolic...and yet it's also very literal. This is why, even though I have been primarily a solo artist for the last 10 years, I have always called this music BAND of LIGHT. I haven't really wanted the emphasis to be about me...because it's about YOU. It's about US. It's about the BAND.

That being said, this Indiegogo campaign is a huge step for me in 'coming out' from behind the music and showing up as the artist that I AM: Elijah Ray.

    I see you.

Elijah Ray

In 2004 I got off the road as a drummer (having played in many bands since the age of 16) and started a new project based on the music that I was writing. I called it the BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience, and it was a GREAT BAND. We rocked hard for a couple seasons, and then my heart called me to Hawaii, where I have spent the last 9 years of my life. For some reason, when I made that choice to leave the west coast USA and live on an island in the middle of the ocean, I left the BAND behind...and I started developing myself~ not only as an artist, but as a human. 

For all these years, I've been recording, writing, producing, performing, and releasing my music~ pretty much by myself. And as I mentioned in the video, that can get a little lonely... 

So~ now the music has led me here: I am ready to put together a BAND of superheroes and bring a new kind of concert +E-xperience to this planet. There's so much music out there...If you visit my bandcamp site, you will find 15 different album releases, ranging from the most beautiful etheric soundscapes, to full on rock and roll, R&B etc... I've explored a diverse array of genres, and that is part of what being in the BAND is about for me~ to continually evolve and grow as artists, as storytellers, as humans.

There are many more albums worth of material ready to be recorded with more being written each day. I have been featured in 2 documentary films, and have watched BAND of LIGHT music 'blow up' in some of the conscious communities around the world over this last decade~ and you know what? It's finally time to hit the mainstream...it's time for ARRIVAL. 


The new album is something special. It was 4 years in the making. And it is here.

Arrival CD cover


 (not the final album art)

 I had some world class artists join me in the studio, and I believe we have created something truly beautiful...and funky...and EPIC. We mixed and mastered the record with one of the best engineers in the business, and now all we need to do is raise the funding to print it, promote it, and put the full BAND together so we can get out there and play these songs the way they were meant to be played!

YOU are IN the BAND

YOU are the superheroes that can help this BAND of LIGHT to truly ignite. I believe in the power of our global community, and I believe that WE are HERE: those of us who are saying YES to music and media that is positive, uplifting, and fun...CAN WE PLAY? Just like we used to do??

I KNOW you are out there, BAND members... each one of you who feels this music and message, contributes to this campaign, and shares it with your friends... YOU are the ones I've been making this music for.


By helping me and this campaign, you will be blooming a vision that includes you in a very real way....check out what we're going to do together!


The BAND of LIGHT is more than MUSIC... it's an +E-xperience

By now you are starting to see that this vision is much bigger than a man, or a band...it's a movement. The impact that this movement has already had on the planet humbles me...I receive letters every day from amazing people in countries all over the world who have been inspired by the BAND of LIGHT. Well, I am ready to see what happens when YOU join me, in bringing this gift to a larger audience, in a joyous variety of artistic expressions...I believe music and art can save the world, and I beleive WE are the ones to bring it. Join the new rennaissence. Join the BAND of LIGHT.



Of course, there are so many more ways to support this vision besides voting for it with your dollars. If you don't have the ability to share a financial contribution, there's 3 things you can do right now:

  • Share this campaign with your friends and family. Invite them to support the campaign and share it with their friends and networks.
  • Join the BAND by connecting with us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, NING, etc.
  • Become a part of the BAND TOGETHER Initiative, join the team, and help us spread the music and message of the BAND of LIGHT.

Send us an email at BandofLightExperience@gmail.com to find out more. 


With great Love and Apprecation to YOU, for reading these words. 

I give thanks for the opportunity to serve you, our community, and our planet in this way. Shine on you crazy diamonds!!

In Heart, 

Elijah Ray

and the BAND of LIGHT team

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raised by 335 people in 2 months
18% funded
No time left
$111,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on May 20, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $11USD
    Super Hero Supporter

    A shout out of gratitude on our social media channels PLUS an invitation to be featured on our Super Heros Unite page of the newly designed BOL website where you can share with the world YOUR super powers and the project you are working on, including a link to your project’s website for increased visibility!

    16 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $25USD
    Deluxe Digital Album Download

    Contributor Exclusive ARRIVAL Deluxe Digital Download which includes behind the scenes photos, lyrics and Elijah's personal notes PLUS a huge BOL High Five on our social media channels

    68 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $35USD
    Limited Edition ARRIVAL CD

    Contributor Exclusive Limited Edition ARRIVAL CD~* beautifully packaged contributor only version of the CD in a shiny eco-friendly case PLUS deluxe digital download and personal thank you love note

    49 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $50USD
    Plug IN to the BAND

    A customized 8 GB USB stick with BOL logo, filled with to the brim with exclusive unreleased tracks from Elijah's vault, high res artwork, lyrics, and never before seen footage of Elijah at home and in the studio, PLUS an high res lossless digital version of ARRIVAL

    34 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $111USD

    Contributor Exclusive signed limited edition ARRIVAL CD PLUS a digital download pack of Elijah’s entire music collection, which includes 5 full studio albums, 6 live albums and 3 SoundLight healing journeys~* and a personal thank you love note

    33 claimed
  • $222USD
    IN the BAND

    Contributor Exclusive BAND TOGETHER mother ship track jacket (*see gallery) ~ PLUS a signed limited edition ARRIVAL CD, and Digital Download of Elijah’s entire music collection* and personal thank you love note

    10 claimed
  • $555USD
    VIP BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience

    2 VIP Tickets to a BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience of your choice, complete with an invitation to join Elijah on stage for an improv jam and sharing of a post show cup of tea, PLUS digital download of Elijah’s entire music collection, signed contributor exclusive version of the ARRIVAL CD and~* personal thank you love note

    4 out of 10 claimed
  • $1,111USD
    Lifetime VIP Membership

    A lifetime guest pass to the BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience~* any show, any time~ you're IN! PLUS digital download of Elijah’s entire music collection, signed Contributor Exclusive version of the ARRIVAL CD~* and personal thank you love note

    2 out of 44 claimed
  • $4,444USD
    Private House +E-xperience

    Elijah will fly to where ever you are and rock a private BAND of LIGHT house concert for you and your invited guests!

    0 out of 8 claimed
  • $5,555USD
    Produce a Song in Paradise

    An especially juicy package for aspiring musicians and artists~ or anyone who would love to inspire the creation of a new song and be present for its production. Includes a 2 day stay on a beautiful chocolate farm in Kauai and 1 full day in the studio. Elijah will work closely with you to produce your dream song, be it a cover or original, and will accompany you with any instruments as desired

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $8,888USD
    Supreme Luxury +E-xperience

    3 days at our Kauai estate~ Day1 Be greeted with a ukelele serenade by Elijah and adorned with flowers, whisked off to a pristine beach; receive an inspired feast and intimate evening of communion. Day2 Awaken with a frothing mug of Rainbow Tea, pool side lunch, magical north shore adventure, dinner and private concert with Elijah! Day3 After breakfast and tea, choose from a menu of options ~spa treatments ~massage/sound healing combo ~vocal empowerment ~life coaching…and one more dinner date!

    0 out of 4 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Executive Producer Top Honors

    This is the ultimate Hi-five to our project ~ For your contribution YOU WILL RECEIVE a hi profile shout out on our album cover, links on our website, and if you choose: you may join us in for our music video shoot with ELEVATE films this summer! (airfare not included) Your name will also be featured as an Executive Producer in our Music Video. (PLUS, you will receive the Lifetime VIP Membership perk, VIP BAND of LIGHT +E-xperience perk, IN the BAND track jacket, and Limited Edition ARRIVAL CD.)

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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