Balloon Animals Short Film

A man on top of the world comes crashing down after a horrific event involving balloon animals. This is the story of how he overcomes his greatest fear

About the Story 

The protagonist of this film is the world championship balloon animal creator. At the balloon animal world championships, the man unintentionally causes a horriific event to happen and develops a mental block for balloon animal-making. This mental block ruins his life. This is the story of how he overcomes that.

This film is a story that we believe needs to be told. It is important to us because it has themes that we can all relate to. While the film is about a world championship balloon animal creator, the challenges he faces are ones that anybody can relate too. 

By contributing to this film, you are adding to the production value tremendously. Your contributions will allow us to tell a much more effective story.

About the filmmakers 

Leo Pfeifer All my life, I have been passionate about storytelling. My films have won at a national competiton and screened at festivals. Here is an article that talks about me and my films http://seattletimes.com/html/nicolebrodeur/2020853465_nicole28xml.html

And here is a link to my Vimeo page where you can see some of my previous films


Coleman Andersen This year, I’m going on my fifth year of video production. Leo and I worked together on a short earlier this year. I am starting to submit my new film Omar the Girl Scout to festivals.

Budget Breakdown

As we move into the production phase, we need $650 to make this film happen. The money that you contribute will go towards the following: 

-Balloon twisting lessons for our two main actors 

-Balloon Animal Supplies 

-Props (Vintage press cameras, balloon twisting supplies, trophies, etc.)

-Costumes (The main character's performance suit, press photographers outfit, etc.)

-Food for our cast and crew

Stretch Goal

Any additional funds raised will go towards festival entry fees and will give us the ability to license music for the film. 

Are there other ways I can help?

YES! Please share this on social media. Spreading the word is essential to us being successful with this campaign. Directly below, you can find a link to "Like" Balloon Animals - Short Film on Facebook.

Team on This Campaign: