Ballon is a short film about a professional ballerina who must confront her cocaine addiction when she crumbles during a career-defining audition.
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Ballon provides a glimpse into 24 hours in the life of a prima ballerina, who must confront her cocaine addiction when she crumbles at a career-defining audition. 

The film sheds a highly stylized light on the real problem of drug use in the ballet world, and will be a "speaking piece" in theater and dance schools and camps, to facilitate the conversation around the dangers of drug use, the signs of abuse, and the resources for recovery. 

  • Inspired by her own observations of drug use in the dance world, director Alexis O. Korycinski brought the idea of this social impact piece to writer Julia Cox, who immediately embraced the concept and penned the script. Together, they bring you the journey of one woman's path to self-destruction and possible redemption. The creative and production team has backgrounds in film, theatre, and dance, and Ballon is a labor of love they are all proud to share.
  • The campaign is to finish the post-production of Ballon, bring it to festivals across the country, and develop the electronic facilitation kits for use in schools, dance academies, and theater camps around the world. 
  • This film stands to positively effect the lives—directly and indirectly—of countless dancers and performers who are trapped in the cycle of drug abuse and looking for a way out, by shining a visually stunning and deeply compassionate light on the subject, thereby opening the door to conversation about the resources for recovery. 


What We Need & What You Get

Here's exactly how you can help:

  • We have set our initial goal at $15,000, which is what we need to finish post-production of the film, including editing, sound design, music composition, and color correction. 
  • Our next stretch goal to $30,000 allows us to carry our message to film festivals around the country, and to develop the facilitation kits that will be used in schools and camps worldwide.
  • Our final goal stretch goal to $40,000 would allow us to compensate the many cast and crew who contributed their time and talents to this project.
  • We have "thank you's" galore for those who can donate, from signed scripts and headshots, to photo albums, festival tickets, exclusive screening parties, live Q&A's with the cast, film credits, Sneak Peek links to the movie, just to mention a few!!
  • Every penny that comes in goes first to finishing the film, next to carrying its message, and finally to compensating its cast and crew.

The Impact

The devastating effects of drug use and abuse in our society at large, and amongst our artists in particular is very real, and by contributing to this project, you will:

  • Help us reach out to these artists in a "language" they understand, and facilitate very important conversations about the issue. 
  • Join an award-winning team of filmmakers in carrying that message.
  • See the impact of your generous contribution first-hand, as we deliver real-time updates and feedback as we take this film on the road.

Other Ways You Can Help

Your support is so appreciated, whatever form it takes!

  • Please help us spread the word about the campaign on your social media sites, by using the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Please pass along any information you might have about where we can have even greater impact with this film.


Check out all our DANCING REWARDS!  For only $10 you get a digital download of the Ballon Movie Poster! For $25 dollars you get a digital copy of the film after festival screenings and digital copy of the shooting script! We're also offering DVDs, limited edition poster, behind the scenes photo book, and much, much more! 

The Principal Cast

The Team

Thank you!!

Thank you for being part of our extraordinary team!

The Risks and Challenges

We've already shot our film so most of the risks are out of the way. It's now just about making this film the best it can be! It is more about how fast can we get our film to the public and that's where this funding will help!

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    Special thanks on our Ballon Facebook page for your love and support.

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    Special thanks on our Ballon FB page, PLUS: A digital download of the Ballon movie poster and a personal thank-you on a Ballon notecard.

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    All of the above, PLUS: A Digital Download of the movie after its first festival screening!

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    Love and kisses and mentions and thank-you's and posters and downloads, PLUS: A DVD of Ballon, a digital copy of the script, AND thank-you credits on screen!!

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    All of the above, PLUS: A signed copy of Women On Fire: Book 2, which includes the personal story of addiction and recovery of our Executive Producer, Jenifer Madson.

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    Every perk you've seen, PLUS: Limited Edition poster print #1-200 of a painting of “Marin” dancing inspired by Ballon, AND an iPad edition photo book.

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    All of the fantastic perks from above, PLUS: Special Silk Screen artwork inspired by Ballon!

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Everything you've seen so far, PLUS, a full-color, hardcopy book of behind-the-scenes photos, and the undying love of some very lucky filmmakers...

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    Grand Jete

    Private dance class in Los Angeles, led by Shelby Rabara and a special guest. (Transportation and lodging not included) AND all of the fantastic perks from above.

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    Associate Producer

    You've hit the big time, you're now a film producer, with all of the above perks PLUS on-screen credit and an IMDB profile link. AND all of the fantastic perks from above.

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    Co-Executive Producer

    Congratulations! You are now officially our boss, with access to all cast and crew parties and festival screenings. (in 2014) AND all of the fantastic perks from above.

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