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  • $10USD
    HD Download

    You'll get a full-length, HD download of the movie. It's DRM-free, which simply means you'll be able to transfer and play it from all your devices! (More than a few people have called us "crazy" for giving away the complete documentary for just $10 - but we are very dedicated to making this story accessible to as many people as possible!)

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  • $20USD
    Thank You!

    Every pledge of support is critical - and almost everyone can give $20. You'll get a personal email THANK YOU for helping us reach this goal. But you'll also get the full-length, HD download of the movie!

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  • $30USD
    DVD & Download

    You'll get the physical DVD of the documentary, along with the digital download. This is the most affordable price point we could offer for creating the full DVD (it includes free shipping anywhere in the world!).

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  • $50USD
    Bag of Tricks Swag Pack

    You'll get the “Bag of Tricks Swag Pack.” This includes the DVD and the digital download but it also includes a special, Indiegogo-only signed movie poster, and a unique DVD cover.

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  • $100USD
    Movie Credit

    Starting at this level, your Name will appear in the Actual Credits of the Movie (only if you want us to, of course) and you will receive the official Spencers Magic Set filled with more than 100 tricks you can learn to perform for family and friends! Tah-dah! You will also receive a shout-out on Twitter and our Facebook page thanking you for your support. And you'll still get the Swag Pack, the DVD (except yours will now be signed!), and the digital download.

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  • $250USD
    VIP Tickets

    Two VIP tickets to a Spencers Theatre of Illusion performance of your choosing (travel/hotel not included). VIP Experience will include a pre-show private backstage meeting with the Spencers, International Magicians of the Year. Kevin is also the Executive Producer of the film. In addition, you'll receive an autographed photo, a souvenir show DVD, the movie credit, Swag Pack, the signed DVD, and the digital download.

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  • $500USD
    Home Screening Kit

    You receive a special Home Screening Kit to premiere the movie at your home or wherever you want! Includes 15 signed DVDs, 15 signed limited-edition movie posters, and 15 individual download codes for your guests. Spencer will also do everything possible to Skype live into your home premiere to personally thank you and your guests for your support! In the unlikely event he can't call in live – he will record a custom video just for you. And you get the rest of the goodies as well!

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  • $1,000USD
    Associate Producer

    Starting at this level, you'll receive official "Associate Producer" credit (yes, even in IMDB) for the film and in the credits. You'll also receive four (4) VIP tickets to a Spencers Theatre of Illusion performance of your choosing (transportation, hotel, and incidentals not included) with the same perks as in the $250 pledge (but this one includes more people!). And, YES, you still get all of the other goodies too!

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  • $5,000USD

    Kevin will come to your city or hometown to premiere the movie in a local theater or other location. This will have to be coordinated with his tour and speaking schedule. International locations aren’t out of the question but will require additional planning and financial assistance - but hey,anything is possible, right? Your premiere would be totally awesome and memorable! And you get the rest of the goodies as well! Essentially, you get it ALL!

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