Bad Romance

Pressured to go to a motel during his prom night, Timothy Hall must deal with his girlfriend's insanity and his own dark secret.


Hello Donators, Campaigners, and Film Lovers! 

I’m reaching out to you for help in funding my new short film, entitled Bad Romance. This is a film that has been a year in the making and has become a passion project of sorts. My crew and I have been working on developing projects for over a year and we’ve grown and fine-tuned our skills together. It has now reached a point where we crave to expand and make more high-quality and expansive projects. In order to do that we need a larger budget...and being poor filmmakers we can’t afford to self-finance those kind of films.

 That’s where you come in!



Pressured to go to a motel room during his prom night, Timothy Hall must deal with his girlfriend’s insanity and his own dark homicidal feelings.

Bad Romance is an idea that I’ve been churning in my head for years now. Since I was a teenager I’ve had a fascination with serial killers and slasher films. I’d often notice that though the killers in these movies could be likable to an audience, they're not necessarily relatable. This film came out of my desire to tell a story from a misunderstood killer and find a way to make him relatable to an audience.

The film is dark and eerie but strives to show complex characters in disturbing situations and treat them with compassion. Bad Romance is a culmination of my interests as a filmmaker and my longing to see a film just like this. 



We worked hard to come up with a reasonable and modestly set budget for our needs. Our goal is to create a cinematic, entertaining, and believable movie experience for our audience (you!). We also want to make a film we can be proud of and use as our calling card in our future filmmaking ventures. 

This is where our expenditures will go:

--Equipment Rentals (Grip Truck, Dolly, Fog Machine, etc.)

--Lighting Rentals

--Set Construction

--Location Fees

--Make-Up Artist



We chose a flexible-campaign because we have the ability to make this film on a shoe-string budget, but more money will allow us to make a better and higher quality film. We want nothing more than to make the best movie we can possibly create. We need your help to do it.



Besides contributing to the budget of this film, it is vital that we get the word out. Even if you cannot contribute, please share this page on Twitter or Facebook...or the website of your choosing. 

Spreading the word is just as important as your personal dollar. With your help we can hopefully make this film a reality and make a movie we can all enjoy!

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If you would like to see our last film Of Little Convenience to get an idea of our quality of work, follow the link below:



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