Awkward Embraces

Nerdy girls need love, too.

Our Story

Awkward Embraces is a web series that follows the dating adventures and misadventures of three L.A. girls who prove that just because a girl is hot, it doesn't necessarily follow that she has a man, or even that she'd know what to do with one if she got one.  Jessica, the Star Trek/comic book geeky girl, seems to always say and do just the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong guy, proving that, well, "Nerdy girls need love, too."  Her friends' awkward attempts to help her generally backfire, and though their luck with men is a little better than hers, it's still not enough to keep from being face-aching funny.

So far we have completed Season One which can be found at our website www.awkwardembraces.com.  Right now we are fund raising to shoot the FIRST HALF of Season 2. 

Your contributions will pay our cast, our crew, and feed the lot of them as they work very hard to bring you six brand new episodes of Awkward Embraces.  Then, during production, we'll be launching another campaign to raise money for the SECOND half of Season 2.

The Impact

Web entertainment is the wave of the future!  Right now, all over the internet, pioneering artists are using the latest in digital technology to create cutting-edge entertainment.  Without the boundaries often placed by big budget studios and executives, these artists are free to follow their creative instincts and create ground breaking entertainment.

The greatest thing about web entertainment is that it is entirely fan driven.  YOU hold all the power.  If you love a show, you tell your friends, forward the link, Facebook about it, Tweet about it, and support their grass roots fundraising campaigns.  YOU keep your favorite shows alive. 

What We Need & What You Get

We need at least $5000 to shoot the first 6 episodes of Season 2!  Three days of shooting with the cast and crew, plus food. 

Season 2 has some GREAT surprises coming your way!  New characters, mini-sodes, an exciting contest and maybe even a few guest stars!  The new season promises more laughs and even better awkwardness than Season 1. Please take a moment to donate to our efforts and once you see the next season, you'll be glad you did. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We are happy to take even the smallest donation!  But if you're strapped for cash, no worries!  Just please pass along the link to this campaign.  Spread the word!  Watch the show, and spread the word about that too.  The power is in your hands!

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