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Join me in building the kind of tabletop, video game, and trading card game community we deserve.
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Hello, my name is Shawn Goodfellow and I would like to ask you a question.


Is a nerd not entitled to the same level of customer service as everyone else?


"No!" says the man in the games' store "Wait out in the cold for your midnight launch!"


"No!" says the man in the hobby store "We only carry things I like."


"No!" says the triple A developer "You will buy our products no matter the quality."


I chose to reject these answers. I chose Avalon Knights! A place where all nerds could gather and enjoy their passions. Where the PC gamer can play side by side with the console enthusiast, where a Magic and Pokemon tournament can go on without fighting for space. Where we can be ourselves without being judged. 


So that is my Bioshock introduction.

Welcome to Avalon Knights, a revolutionary new gaming lounge based on one simple idea, WE DESERVE BETTER.

We deserve better than small dirty crowded hobby stores.

We deserve better than huddling outside for hours in the cold for a midnight launch.

We deserve better customer service, better events, and better treatment.

Avalon Knights will give us what we deserve with a clean comfortable environment built to cater to our needs. A unique environment where we can recapture the feeling of being on our couch with our friends, huddled around a console. A place where we can be ourselves and know that everyone in the room shares some common ground with us. Finally a place for gamers where we are treated with dignity and respect. A place where customer service, product knowledge, and a good environment are the top priority.

Avalon Knights, a place built for gamers by gamers.


Community before Commerce

The convention and the expo have fast become the place where we feel most at home, gathered with people who we know beyond any doubt are like us. People with whom we share commonalities with who we feel comfortable around. We can dress up like superheros and game characters. We can sport a pony or two and feel good about doing it. We can even whip out our 3DS and play Pokemon without someone asking what it is or eyeing us with judgment.

This is what I want for Avalon Knights, a convention that runs year round. Events weekly, midnight launches where you can stay inside. Food, drinks, couches and all the comfort of the home in a social environment catered to you.

Once complete the facility will feature:

  1. Seven console gaming stations complete with current generation consoles as well as classic units.
  2. Table top gaming stations.
  3. A wide selections of carefully constructed "demo decks" for both Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG to be used by new players that want to give the game a try but don't want to invest without trying the game.
  4. Wide stock of Dungeons and Dragons supplies to be used in hosted games.
  5. A cafe section featuring a wide selection of snacks, homemade baked goods, and specialty coffee.
  6. Weekly tournaments, console tournaments, and TCG tournaments.
  7. Indoor midnight launches
  8. Yearly events such as Valentines' Day match making tournament, summer charity BBQ, Halloween cosplay contest, D&D in the darkness, and the year-end ultimate gamer tournament. 


This will be a convention that lasts all year, where we can be ourselves and love it.


Where the money will go?

Sadly in these tough financial times it is hard to explain to banks and investors the advantages of a nerd community hub without already having a large sum of money to dangle in front of them. I thus turn to you, my Brothers and Sisters, with an offer to help me build this utopia for us. 

Equipment: stoves, fridges, games, console gaming stations, furniture, stock, baking supplies.

Building materials: slat-wall, tables, chairs, paint, wiring.

Leasing fees: rent, utilities, food licencing.

Please see my full buisness plan for a more in-depth look at my plan for the future of the gaming community.



We deserve better and it's about time we had it.

Be a part of this change and donate today!





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