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AURION is an A-RPG based on the Kiro'o Tales, an African-fantasy style with new visual, audio, gameplay, narrative issues to inspire players beyond the game.
Kiro'o Games
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6 Team Members

Believe in the Potential ...


Disclaimer : Please don't judge us if you see some english mistakes, because we  usually speak french.
For the game, we will have a professional translator in the team. Thanks.

___________Technical Notes :

  •  Release date : 16th June 2014.
  • Supports : PC (Windows XP, Vista(WTF??), 7, 8), XBoxLiveArcade.
  •  Number of players: 1 (success online)
  • Language : english, french and others if we get more funds.
  •  Estimated gaming time : 20h-30h of epic moment !! (no boring farming included guys...)

Kiro'o is coming from the word  « Kiroho Maono » in Swahili which means « spiritual Vision ».

Hi everyone,

Since 10 years I (Madiba) works to create the perfect RPG. Perfection lies on the emotion and inspiration the game will provides to players.
So I decided to build myself on the following areas :

  • Improve and master my programming skills at the university
  • Become a good narrator : I wrote a novel
  • Learning how to create an innovative gameplay but within the limits of feasibility.
  • Become a team leader : I create a company in my country.

In 2003, I started this journey with the game project AURION, which had several versions since. I preferred to improve the same project to keep the soul of the game and give the player a masterpiece when ready.

Many people have taken part in this journey, wonderful people who gives themselves to my dream. Today, a professional team of 20, is finally ready to create this great game based on African myths.

 All we need now, is someone special, the last member of the kiro'o team: YOU.


                                  Story  Pitch:

Enzo Kori-Odan, prince of Zama, undergoes a putsh from his brother in law on the day of his crowning and marriage with Erine Evou. Enzo and Erine are then exiled by the traitor.

The Weeding and crowning of Enzo and Erine

 The young fallen couple decides so to travel the world to acquire the Kori-Odan’s warrior Legacy in order to regain their throne.
In their quest, they will realize the existential and geopolitical dilemmas behind the putsh they have faced.


Beyond the fact to reclaim their place as King and Queen, they must  find their answers. Their answer to ensure the destiny of Zama against the ideological conflicts of their world.

                                  The World :

The world where the game takes place is called Auriona (yes we like it simply lol). It's formed by six continents. Antoria The Enzo’s continent was spared by the geopolitical game that maintains a delicate balance between all the others… until now.


Every nation suffers in his own way the consequences of a widespread selfishness and their cultures will put Enzo and Erine in face of ideological dilemmas that constitute their initiatic path to maturity.

                                  Aurion :

The Aurion is both a mystery and evidence on the planet Auriona. This energy appeared long ago, and it manifests itself in many ways in daily life (combat, crafts, etc.).


Enzo gathering his Legacy throught the 1st AURION. 22 Aurionic states will be available

Those who use it in combat can increase their strength and have access to unprecedented fighting techniques for a brief moment.
However, these techniques seem to "come from somewhere else." The Warriors hear voices of their ancestors in combat, so the fighting art of the Aurion is called Legacy.

The Aurion can be seen as a living form of energy which exists on another astral plan.

An Aurion comes from the sum of emotions and thoughts of one or more individuals, and can be completed in, progressively generations by generations of the same family. That is the concept of Legacy.


                                  Gameplay (Gamer spirit Design !!) :

Our goal is to create an Action RPG in high definition  2D graphics. We are inspired by “tales of destiny” in the form but we will provide plenty of innovation and dynamism :

 - Horizontal Exploration in beautiful scenery with possible vertical movement (as in the classic beat them all of Snes)

  • Walk, run
  • Jump, wall jump, climb
  • swim
  • Feed your characters while respecting their culinary tastes to make them evolve faster.
  • etc.


-  Epic and strategic Real-Time Fighting!!

  • Facing enemies with Enzo and the support of Erine
  • Visual evolutive Combos !!
  • Several allies to recruit during  your journey
  • Gather your Legacy ,merge the Aurions,  to create new (22 aurionical transformations can be done !)
  • Touching duels with immersive fighting dialogs.
  • A new generation of events that will surpass the classic QTE: The Cognitives Battles Event




-  Many great secondary activities !!

  • One guild for secondary quests
  • loot and item crafting
  • Hunt rare monsters and create your equipment with their aurionical essences.
  • And so many other cool stuff!!




We arrived so far as the Spartans (as you can see in the video). We use paper and old …no, very old PC (and we prefer to not explain you how we make our lightened table…).

So it is becoming important for us to raise funds to equip and work under normal conditions. Imagine what we will be able to create !!

                                  The budget :

The Main investment of the studio is on the good way by venture capital. During this month of August many private investors have started to give funds to garantee the release of the game.

You can also check that we are selected on the investment fundraising website there for exemple:

 So there is what we need from the campaign now to give a best quality to the game


  The Rewards you will earn !!!

There you can have a look on some of these cool Rewards stuff you will have

                                  Beyond the Game :

Beyond a simple game, it is a part of video game history that you will write with us: the birth of Kiro'o.

Years ago young geniuses have created the manga, comics. Others created the space opera, science fiction, etc. and nothing since.

 We want to create the new Eldorado of the imagination by defining through our games a new graphic, audio and even narrative benchmark: the kiro'o tales.

Support us and when history will talk about this, you will say :  

“I was there when it started. I am one of those who carried this 10-year story on the final meters.”

 We really hope that you will be with us for this last step to ensure that we offer the masterpiece for which we gave everything.



 Check all the perks details below:

Consider you are now at the gates of Zama, the next step of your story depends on your move.











If you can't back us, you can however support us by sharing our campaign near you. Bring everyone there.

Thanks, #Kiro'o Team



There you can check all the press release on the project

>> Gaming Press

>> General Press (french only

                                  Some links :

Check our facebook page there

Check the founder LinkedIN there

Check video of the 1st AURION (2003)

Check video of the second AURION (2012) (english subtitles)

Check Video with all the team speaking about the project (english subtitles)



You can ask question about the project on crowdfundingforum in our thread there, thanks to them to help us with this very helpfull tools.

                                  FAQ :

Question 1: Why there is not a trailer with in-game phase?

If you watch our Pitch video with the studio's story, you will understand that the studio is in creation process. The new team is pre-recruited but they will be available at full time when the physical studio will be set-up with all the equipment.

We have done all this works with no equipment, without even a graphic tablet. It is impossible to make good animation for our game engine in these conditions

But we have already wanted to share our works and concepts and get feedbacks before starting the real crunching works. You can say that we are at the early stage development.

That's why the team produced fixed screenshots, but by following real gamedesign process. All the materials were done to be available for the real game.

Question 2: But if the studio is not set-up yet, how will you be able to create this game, with this gameplay in 9 month?

I dedicate this answer to my friends of JOL. As you have seen in the pitch video of our studio's story we have created 2 versions of the game before

Each previous versions of AURION had a purpose on our gamedesign "training" process to be sure to have what it takes, to create the 1st pro version of AURION.

As described in this pictures above, consider that AURION in 2014 will be a HD graphical conversion of the amateur version AURION that we were coding since 2 years. We were amateur only because we were using graphics of others games. But we already have all the project management and game programmation experience (for  2D games)

Our previous versions was playable, and a demo was released and tested by our fans in february 2013. There were not combats, but the conceptions was already ok, and we were on the coding phase before we decided to jump on pro stage.

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  • €1EUR
    Good luck !!

    You just want to wish us a good luck !! you are welcome.

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  • €5EUR
    Thank you

    All the thank you pack

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • €15EUR

    All above !! Get the software version of the game at the release with digital bonus

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €35EUR

    All above !! digital pre-order with a lot of big bonus there !!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €85EUR

    All above !! pre_order the game with a lot of cheats and hints. You will also have access to the characters bible.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €150EUR
    Legacy Seeker

    All above !! all the aurionic merges hint availabes and the full bestiary when you start the game !!

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €250EUR
    Legacy Finder

    All above !! Get the collector package of the game !! with the OST DVD, Making-Of DVD, Kiro'o tee-shirt and a lot of REAL stuff !!

    0 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €450EUR

    All above !! VIP status in the community of AURION Bloopers of the team in the Making-Of DVD.

    0 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €750EUR
    Urithi Master

    All above !! You as NPC !! Get a book of gamedesign sketches from Madiba Olivier (enter my mind) and a lot of other cool stuff

    0 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €1,800EUR
    Ju'u (Aurionic Master)

    All above !! You will have a Mini-Boss in secondary quest with your design and little bio (instead of NPC)

    0 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €2,400EUR
    Evou Legacy

    All above !! You will be a Boss in Your secondary quest !! (instead of mini Boss)

    0 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €3,500EUR
    Kori-Odan Legacy

    All Above After your personnalised secondary quest, you will become an available ally of Enzo with your name and design.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €7,500EUR
    Kiro'o God

    You are a member of the team, you will enjoy the end of the game development (3 days in Cameroon) with us and your name will stay in the creation of the kiro'o tales !!

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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