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Always have your favorite fragrance or hand sanitizer connected to your Phone.
rahul dharod
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Emeryville, California
United States
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Always have your favorite fragrance or hand sanitizer connected to your phone

with Atomyzer! 

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We carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go. However, we do not have the same convenience with either our favorite fragrance or hand sanitizer. 

While they might come in small travel sized bottles, we either forget to carry the travel size solution or simply loose them. So much for being handy! 

With your Atomyzer case, if you have your phone on you, you will always have your favorite fragrance or hand sanitizer on you.  

Use Cases

Getting on a flight with just a carry on bag and want to carry your fragrance with you? Atomyzer!

Have a kid or a dog that’s always bringing in germs? Keep losing that small hand sanitizer bottler? Atomyzer!

Atomyzer was designed with two key factors in mind: Functionality & Style. 

The case‘s functionality primarily depends on three key parts; its refillable cartridge, its lockable nozzle and secure encasing.  

Assembling the case is as simple as 1..2..3..4!

Feature 1 – Cartridge:

The Cartridge is fitted with our unique adapter that lets users easily fill and refill the cartridge with their favorite fragrance or hand sanitizer. The cartridge fills within seconds and stores up to 60 Sprays, keeping you fresh and safe all day long.

The cartridge is made of tough plastic and is ultrasonically welded making it leak proof. 

Feature 2 - Locking Mechanism:

Butt Dial? Accidental Butt Sprays? We’ve got you.

To avoid an accidental spray we have integrated a lock in the spray head. To lock simply twist clockwise to unlock simply twist anti-clockwise. 

Feature 3 - Style :

Let’s face it... functional case designs can be boring. To up the ante we created Atomyzer's accent snap is not only stylish but also exchangeable.  Pick your design and you’re all set to go with your favorite fragrance always with you. 

Atomyzer Dimensions Compared


Necessity is the mother of all innovation. My story is no different. I spent a small fortune on giving up my colognes at TSA checkpoints and another small fortune losing all the small hand sanitizer bottles that were meant to be … handy.

Next step: Google. Of course, there were a lot of handy little solutions. However, the issue with these handy solutions is, you have to remember to keep them handy. Yet another thing to remember.

Honestly, the only thing that is handy these days is our phone. Ta daaa! That’s where the idea was born. What if there was a case that safely let you carry either a fragrance (if you like to always smell fresh) or your hand sanitizer (If you always want to keep those germs at bay)

I put my engineering knowledge to work and started designing. One thing led to another and today here we are. 

Initial Sketches 

Where we are 

What started as an idea, took over 100 iterations to come to life. We struggled with making it ergonomically, secure and sexy.

We tested numerous prototypes and considered various manufacturing processes to get a robust leak proof case that sprays liquid. 

Through trial and error we figured out the best combination of functionality as well as manufacturing process and partners.

We now need your support to help us scale the idea. The fund will be used to make full production injection molds that are capable of making a quality and consistent product. 

Color Options:

While we'd love to give you as many color options as possible, for now we have decided to limit it to the following. If you have suggestions or ideas for color scheme please write us to at rahul(at)atomyzer.com



Atomyzer is a uniquely designed product that serves both functionality and design. While currently limited to fragrances, hand sanitizers and a water fight (if you will!) there are endless possibilities for its use cases. The cartridges could hold mouth freshener, pepper spray or Asthma spray medicine  … the possibilities are endless.

We’re not just limiting ourselves to the spray though. Don’t feel like taking your fragrance out with you on a night out, but can’t leave without your make-up. What if the Atomyzer back plate was replaceable with a sleek make-up kit, the possibilities are endless and we’re ready and motivated. 

Thank You

We're extremely excited about Atomyzer and hope to make it available across all phone types. While we work hard towards our dream if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please reach out to me at rahul(at)atomyzer.com


What iPhone model does Atomyzer support?

Currently we only support to iPhone5 and iPhone5s models. Eventually we will create Atomyzer for all iPhone models and some of the latest smartphones out there in the market.

How long does the spray usually last for a completely filled cartridge ?

Depends on how often you like to spray. The cartridge hold upto 60 sprays. In an ideal case a month.

What all is included in the package

Your package includes Atomyzer case of your color choice. One cartridge and One spray head. These elements can be easily placed together.

Does it support all fragrance bottles?

It supports most of the standard atomizing fragrance bottles.

What kind of hand sanitizers does Atomyzer support?

Atomyzer supports atomizing types of hand sanitizers which have nozzles similar to that of a fragrance sprayer.

Can I fill the cartridge with any liquid?

We strongly urge you to fill the cartridge with either a fragrance or hand sanitizer. But hey if you wanna have some fun with it, go for it. Or just get in touch with us and we can send you an extra cartridge.

Will it go through airport security?

We have carried Atomyzer through international and domestic security on numerous occasions and it has been cleared every time. Atomyzer cartridge holds liquid under the TSA liquid carrying limit.

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    Be the first to own Atomyzer. This early early bird special is only for the first 50. One Atomyzer case in your choice of color. This case will retail for $35. Free shipping to USA included. (Add $10 for international shipping)

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    If you missed our $20 special, here's the last chance to grab an Early Bird Atomyzer special. One Atomyzer case in your choice of color. This case will retail for $35. Free shipping to USA included. (Add $10 for international shipping)

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $35USD

    Love the idea of always smelling fresh and being germ free. Get your very own Atomyzer. One Atomyzer case in your choice of color. Free shipping to USA included. ( Add $10 for international shipping)

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $90USD
    Hookup Pack: 3 Atomyzers

    Hook up your loved ones and friends with Atomyzer. Let them think of you whenever they spray. Three Atomyzers in your choice of color. Free shipping to USA included. (Add $10 for international shipping)

    3 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $460USD
    Silver Re-sellers 20 Pack

    Love the product and want to sell it. This is the pack for you. 20 Atomyzers in your choice of color.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $1,100USD
    Gold Re-sellers 50 Pack

    Receive 50 Atomyzers in your choice of colors. Start selling Atomyzers and everyone stays fresh and germs free.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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