Atlas Obscura & Radical Departures present: BIKINI LINES!

We're turning the Bikini Atoll debris into a monument to raise money for Fukushima orphans by creating the world's largest painting ~ and we want you to come!
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  • $5USD
    Just "Contributor" will do

    The "Mr. Contributor's Package" gets you the digital download package which includes our finished movie, behind the scenes photos, out takes, and lots of sweet, sweet extras, but more importantly, we'll add your name to the list of contributors who helped out the project. This list will be geotagged and added to Google Maps, which means that whenever you open Google Maps and check out the Cactus Dome, your name will appear on the list of people that contributed to the project.

    8 claimed

  • $15USD
    Postcards from the Edge

    Postcard from Overseas! Yep, that's right: not only do you get a postcard from the Enewetak Atoll, where the Cactus Dome is, you'll also get the sweet digital download package as well!

    5 claimed

  • $55USD
    Autographed DVD

    Want a DVD instead of a downloadable media package? Well, here's your chance! We'll send you a DVD autographed by the core production team *and* the director! This edition will be limited to $50 sponsors... so... collectible!? Yep! Includes the digital download package, invitation to the Wild Card Pool and one submission (if you want it).

    2 claimed

  • $77USD
    Cactus Dome Print

    gets you a handsome, high-quality, A2-sized giclée print of the final design. Edition hand-numbered, signed by artist and limited to $75 sponsors. Very collect-able! Hang ‘em between your Norman Rockwell’s & boxed Chewbacca’s! Includes the digital download package, invitation to the Wild Card Pool and one submission (if you want it).

    7 claimed

  • $255USD
    The Gentleman Contributor

    (awesome!) The Contributor's package: gets you an official adventure log-book curated by our on-site photographer & blogger. Edition hand-numbered, signed, and limited to $250 sponsors. Get that flux capacitor purring and head back to the early 90's to oust Madonna from her coffee table book dominance. You'll also get the giclée print, the digital download package, ... and... your name in the film credits as "contributor"! (Seriously cool)

    1 claimed

  • $505USD
    Tasty Artifact

    gets you a tasty artifact from the site. The Cactus Dome is composed of 358 concrete slabs and each one will be painted individually as part of the whole. We’ll give you 1 of the 358 working drawings used on-site, signed by the member who painted it, accompanied with a unique photograph. It will likely be pretty dirty. Limit of 358. Includes everything else found in the "Gentleman Contributor" package!

    1 out of 358 claimed

  • $1,001USD
    Associate Producer Package

    Gets you an “Associate Producer” credit in the film + a seat on the committee that votes on the shortlisted proposals. Includes the digital download package as well as the adventure log book and giclée print. Get yourself in the IMDB!

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $2,501USD
    Join Us!

    Pay your way to Majuro (via Hawaii with Continental is the easiest route) and we'll take you the rest of the way on our chartered boat & plane, feed you, give you some camera time - providing you want to help us paint, that is! You also get everything above (minus the associate producer credit).

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