Atlas Down Records an Album

Atlas Down is recording an album, and you will want to be a part of it! We promise professional, quality production and killer song-writing.

Atlas Down

Hello, we are Atlas Down, a young rock band based out of Houston. There are four members (Connor, Joe, Samuel, and Mike), and we all study music at college. We have twenty three original songs, and only two of them recorded. We have selected six of them that demonstrate our passion for music and our high-standard of professional song-writing to record this summer.

We have worked with and collaborated with many musicians, including Stokes Nielson of The Lost Trailers and Stokes Tunes based out of EMI Music Publishing in Nashville, TN. We won the Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands Prelim Round two summers ago, beating out many signed acts when we had just formed. We declined our invitation to participate in the final round. We have recently joined Reverb Nation, and in one week we climbed from rank #1067 to rank #138 on the rock charts in Houston. On top of this, we have a national manager advising us in Houston. This band is going places, and we want to take you along for the ride.

Frontman Connor Cain singing "The End"

Our two recorded tracks (The End and Climbing Uphill) are included for streaming and download down below, as well as a few rough demos from the years passed. Go ahead and click on the first link down below, and listen to "The End".


THAT quality of professionalism is what we are promising you in our tracks. THAT level of production is what we NEED in our tracks. This project will not be cheap, but the product will be absolutely grade A.

The Price of Recording

To effectively record the other songs that we have written at a professional quality, we will need $10,000 to rent out a studio and a producer for three days. The costs include:

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Recording
  • Pre-production consultation
Sam on drums

The costs are for renting out Ardent Studio in Memphis, Tn for three days, at which point we will knock out the six songs. We will be working with Adam Hill and Stokes Nielson, who are famous for their production techniques on rock tracks. We chose Ardent because of its fame, but also for its history. Ardent Studios is famous for mixing Led Zeppelin II, and it's location in Memphis has enabled it to be a part of some of the greatest musicians' careers.

Enabling the Band

Donating to this recording project will enable Atlas Down to continue to grow and put out grade A, professionally produced and written rock tracks. This project is definitely one that you will want to have a hand in.

For as little as $5 you can make a huge difference.

$5 gets you a personal thank you on Twitter from the band.

$30 gets you a free download of the tracks before they become available to the public, a ticket to a show in Houston, and a Twitter shout out.

$75 gets you a signed cd, a free download of the tracks before they become available to the public, a ticket to a show in Houston, and a Twitter shout out.

$300 gets you a 45 minute private set in Houston or the surrounding area, a photo with the band, a signed cd, a free download of the tracks before they are available, a ticket to one of our shows, and a twitter thank you from the band.


Here is a photo of our singer, Connor Cain, opening for the Ying Yang Twins (the national rap act) last year in Memphis, Tn.

Connor Cain and the Minor 49ers opening for the Ying Yang Twins

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to help us financially, we would really love if you could spread the band's links to anyone and everyone that you know! indiegogo has share tools to help you out!

Joe Higgs playing guitar 

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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