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a true road trip blog, covering our 1800km bike ride from Athens-Greece to Amsterdam-Netherlands. Expect breathtaking photos & stuggering videos. Support us :-)
Evangelos Tsitsanis
3 Team Members

we just left

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” ~John Howard

We are a group of eight friends that simply enjoy riding our bikes. We ride to various destinations but we are not athletes :-) It just so happened that we recently discovered the beauty of bike travelling. We call ourselves "Molis fygame" which means "Just left" in Greek. That’s because we didn’t think much about it… we just left! Our first trip was from Athens to Salonika. None of us thought we could ride that far. We rode 630 km in 7 days and we were super happy we made it!

μόλις φύγαμε :-)

There's an old Greek saying: ''Eating makes your appetite grow bigger''. And that's why our previous ride from Athens to Salonika did not make us feel complete or tired; on the contrary, it grew new ideas in our heads, created new paths for us to follow…

μόλις φύγαμε

Thus, we came up with a new goal; to ride again, but this time a bit further. We'll try to reach Amsterdam (1800 klms from Athens) in the Netherlands, famous for its bicycle culture. Our date of departure is the 20th of July and we hope to be in Amsterdam around the 10th of August. In order to achieve this, we have to cross five countries (Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany). We’ll leave sunbaked Athens, reach the port of Patras, sail off to Ancona, cross northern Italy, ride up and down the Alps through the Schwarzwald (Black Forrest), follow the river Rhine and hopefully reach our destination.

μόλις φύγαμε

but a true european trip, requires true european euro…

Yet, in order to take this trip, we’ll need some financial and spiritual help! This long bicycle journey will require equipment (tires, bags), tents (we'll be sleeping on camp sites or out in the wild), clothing, nutrition (cereal bars, electrolytes, gallons of water), airplane tickets (to fly back from Amsterdam), a smartphone (one that doesn’t crash every day), data roaming units, a tablet (to update our blog and deliver to you fresh news every day), and much more!

That's why we open ourselves to you. If you have any interest in our effort and you'd like to help us, you can:

  • Support us thought our crowdfunding campain to gather 5000 euro. We would do the same for you!

  • Accommodate us! (this is more or less our route)

  • Sponsor us 

  • Spread the news! Like our facebook page, follow us on twitter, read about us on our word press blog! 

Of course you are welcome to contribute as much as you like, but we made it easier for you with these three perks:

5 euro. Stay connected and we'll keep you company throughout our adventures!

10 euro. Stay connected and we'll keep you even more company throughout our adventures!

30 euro. You get our team's handmade silkscreened t-shirt through  www.inkhead.gr

50 euro. You get our team's handmade silkscreened t-shirt and one more of your choice through  www.inkhead.gr

During this ride we are going to keep an honest and true road trip diary on our blog http://molisfygame.wordpress.com/. Expect breathtaking photos and staggering videos of beautiful landscapes of the continent; from the Mediterranean Sea in the south, to the north coast of Europe. We want to carry a message of happiness and optimism through Europe despite these times of crisis…

Share the love!


                              μόλις φύγαμε | we just left :-)



                                                   twitter @molisfygame

                                     google search: we just left :-)

μόλις φύγαμε





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  • €5EUR
    keep us close!

    and we'll make a nice company through out our adventures!

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  • €10EUR
    keep us closer!

    and we'll make a nicer :-) company through out our adventures!

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  • €30EUR
    a silkscreened t-shirt!

    We ship to you our "Athens to Amsterdam" handmade silkscreened t-shirt through www.inkhead.gr

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • €50EUR
    1 + 1 silkscreened t-shirts!

    You get our "Athens to Amsterdam" handmade silkscreened t-shirt and one more of your choice through www.inkhead.gr!

    1 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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