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Doug Stanhope posted an announcement 9 months ago

Congratulations to you all for raising $125, 760 for this campaign. Great achievement. The Indiegogo disbursement process will now begin. If you have any questions about that, the answers can be found here:


and here:


Thanks and congratulations again.

Doug Stanhope posted an announcement 11 months ago

We’ve reached $100,000. Congratulations and thanks to all of you. More than anything else this has been about the many individuals who have come together under the Atheists Unite banner and given what they could. You were part of that so, again, congratulations and thanks.
And we’re sure this effort will continue until July 22nd as more and more take this milestone opportunity to pass the campaign torch on, via facebook, twitter, whatever.
Since the initial $50,000 was just a random number and we hugely under-estimated you, we’re now setting a new goal of 6.1 trillion dollars. So get busy.

Doug Stanhope posted an announcement 11 months ago

2nd Update – Sat May 25th 2013

Thanks for your donation.
So far we’ve raised $77,165. We’re getting some nice coverage.
Some answers to common questions.
1. Rebecca never asked us to do this. She’s aware of what we’re doing but hasn’t asked for anything.
2. As noted before, all funds will be going directly to her at the end of the campaign, July 22.
Spread the word, and thanks again.
This is turning out to be a beautiful thing.

The Young Turks on AtheistsUnite
Doug Stanhope posted an announcement 11 months ago

As of Friday 24th May we have cleared the initial $50,000 target. In truth, we had no idea how generous and giving our community would prove to be. We reached our goal within 17 hours of starting. An Indiegogo deadline cannot be changed once it has been set. So this campaign will continue until July 22 2013. At that point the financial cogs will turn and the moneys raised will be delivered to Rebecca Vitsmun. There is no reason for us to stop raising funds. The median cost of a home in Moore, OK is $125, 250, and that was back when they had homes. More importantly, the more money we raise the better the example we set.