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Atheer Developer Kit: The only portable and immersive smart glasses supporting natural interaction.
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Atheer Developer Kit: The only portable and immersive smart glasses supporting natural interaction.

Our Indiegogo campaign has ended, but you can find out more about Atheer Labs and our new Developer Kit at

Read what the press has been saying about us:

"Why can't Google Glass do THIS?" - Robert Scoble
"Hailed as Google Glass meets 3-D" - Fast Company
"Watch their vision; we dare you not to get excited" - Mashable
"The Atheer One ... puts an immersive 3D computer system right in front of your eyes" - Digital Trends
"Reaching Beyond Google Glass" - VentureBeat


Atheer Dev Kit:

1- The Atheer Dev Kit is a full system that includes everything that is in your tablet. It has a pair of glasses tethered to a box. It has a Snaprdagon processor, HDMI, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth, GPS, and everything that's in tablets to enable easy development.

2- It will be able to show you an Android tablet that is 15" HD and is floating at around 50 cms away from your face. The AiR Touch has mm-accuracy and very low latency.

3- The external lenses are see-through, and are exchangeable and so you will be able to see the tablet floating on top of your environment. The lenses are exchangeable, and we are planning to produce opaque lenses for applications where you don't want to see the environment (immersive applications)

4- You can connect to your PC for development over ADB, USB, or wirelessly, in addition to remote desktop applications. There are many Android apps that support that, and we have actually already tested some of them. This will allow you to get your PC applications to float in front of you.

5- You can connect to devices over Bluetooth and Wifi. This includes keyboards, joysticks, your smart wrist band, or anything that you can pair with your Android phone.

6- This is the best platform to develop next gen applications on. It will allow you to create and test your applications on a mobile immersive system.

7- Developers will be able to create new 3D apps that will take the experience to a whole new level. Our SDK/API allows developers to create more engaging workflows and more useful applications.

So, where did Atheer come from?

We showed our technology for the first time at The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD D11 conference in May 2013. That day marked the first public demonstration of a fully mobile wearable device with “air-touch” interaction.

Since providing that sneak peek of our product, our team has been tirelessly striving to push the limit of how responsive, interactive, immersive, and cutting edge wearable devices can be! We are now ready to share that with you, and get your support in our mission to take computing, gaming, and digital content to a whole new level. 

A very important challenge in creating wearables is weight. For smart glasses, having a weight of more than a 100 grams (3.5 ounces) has a risk of giving users headaches. The weight distribution is also very important. More over, they don't connect to a laptop that you would need to carry around. We have been working ver hard to make that possible.

Leveraging Android, our system already run the 800,000 applications on Android Play. Still, we're here on Indiegogo because we want to give developers early access to this technology so they can start creating interactive 3D experiences today. 

The Atheer Developer Kits user interface, size, weight, form factor, and ergonomics allow early adopters to be among the first to experience the future of computing -- no keyboards, no screens and no power cords! 

What experiences will you be able to create with our Developer Kit?

Like every great platform, the Developer Kit is merely a blank canvas for your imagination, and the experiences you will have only as great as you choose to make them. The Developer Kit, combined with our SDK, provide you with all the tools and access to all the gesture data you need to bring your wildest immersive and AR dreams to life. As a developer, you will want to spend some time on our Developer Portal to familiarize yourself with the our APIs, and learn about the important considerations when designing for a 3D see-through device, as well as one where the interaction happens in 3D, with all the subtlety that your hands provide. While many things will carry over from any past Android development experience you may have, others will be different and require a new approach.

We have been living and dreaming in this 3D immersive world for a while now, and have many great ideas of how our glasses could change the way we live, work and play. Let's look at what a day in the life could look like in a couple years when 3D glasses and natural gesture interaction are commonplace, running a full suite of applications and experiences created by you, the developer community. 

What have we achieved so far?

As mobile, 3D, gesture-based devices didn't exist, we have had to create the prototypes and hardware devices that we needed to bring the platform to life. And in order to make this new platform developer-friendly, we've also invested a lot of time into the APIs and SDK so that you guys can run with it!


1) Low power gesture detection on mobile smart glasses. We showed this as early as May 2013, and we have been optimizing and improving it ever since. We now have a robust set of basic gestures such as tap, hover and rotate/spin that developers can easily access using our APIs. We are also working on a gesture building tool that will enable developers to easily build and recognize their own custom gestures.

2) Voice and head motion control. These features complete the natural interface, and are part of the full suite of sensors that are provided by the Android system. To make them easier to understand, we've created a layer to filter and identify certain key motions to trigger application events. Developers are however free to listen directly to the sensors and interpret the data in the way that makes the most sense for their app.

3) Backwards compatibility with Android. Since we're running Android as our operating system you get 800,000 apps from day 1! You can run existing Android apps without modifying them, using our legacy 2D mode that displays them in your glasses as if a tablet were floating in front of you.

4) Atheer SDK (available through our Developer Portal) : Building upon the Android APIs, we have created a new UI/UX for this new 3D see-through environment. In order to provide developers with familiar tools with which to build their apps, we have provided support for Vuforia (the #1 AR engine) and Unity3d (the #1 Gaming engine). Our SDK is designed to give developers the tools to create the best applications possible. 

5) Atheer Developer Portal: In addition to all the lines of code, we have also created lots of documentation, design guides, FAQs and other resources to help introduce developers to our world. We have put together code samples and examples to show how to enable the functionality of every component of our SDK.

6) Wifi/BT/HDMI/USB/sensors: We have integrated and tested the functionality of different connections and sensors on the system. We have also made sure that the developers can use them through the Android API.


Atheer Developer Kit: We have already iterated on the optics, hardware, and electronics components which has allowed us to finalize the form factor and product ID. Currently the plastics and mechanical parts have been rapid prototyped, so they are rough around the edges, but that will go away when we get real plastics off the production line. We are now porting our software from the old prototypes platform to this new hardware. 


Our shirts and posters pop out in 3D, showing all the inner workings of the Developer Kit glasses and come with a pair 3D viewing glasses! Check out the designs below.



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