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a feature-length animation about a true cross-Canada hitchhiking adventure
asphalt watches
Toronto, Ontario
1 Team Member


Asphalt Watches is a collaborative feature-length epic Flash animation by Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman. Mutants of the glowing racetrack ...on a raft surrounded by death... cross the threshold of safety and into the void of the unknown...   This is a true story cross-Canada hitchhiking road trip that we did together. We have completed the first half, about 45 minutes, and need your help to finish the second half, the last 45 minutes!

Asphalt Watches is a true adventure story: in 2000, we hitchhiked across Canada together. The animation captures our crazy journey, full of hilarious and amazing encounters. Using music and songs we make ourselves, alongside hand-drawn Flash animation, we tell the tale of making our way from a 7-11 near Chilliwack BC where a guy was hanging out with a knife in his belly... to meeting one of only "two real Santas" in the world outside Calgary... to barely escaping death near Regina SK. Our style is to turn real-life characters and settings into funny and poetic abstractions that depict the feeling and essence of what happened.

Sample original paintings in acrylic ink of scenes from the animation

We have shown excerpts from the first half of Asphalt Watches to lots of excited audiences who want to see the rest. Some kuny-sacks have described it as “the next generation’s Log Driver’s Waltz” and "a wise picaresque journey - full of richly inventive characters… and gloriously implausible situations.” It toured as part of Hooliganship's Cartunez Express all over the United States and we've shown excerpts at Tokyo Wondersite, in an installation that included actual photos from the road trip. Once we have completed the animation we look forward to showing it at festivals, theatres and galleries near you.


We are asking for 9999 frog skins so that we can work intensively and finish the animation in the next 6 months! We draw the scenes by hand using Wacom tablets and then we animate it in Flash. We create musical soundscapes that incorporate sound effects and dialogue. Songs we write illustrate elements of the story. We will also hire some friends, family and people with weird voices to provide the voices of the characters.

The first half of Asphalt Watches was produced over a total of 5 months between 2006-2009. This is because up until 2010, we lived on opposite sides of Canada: Shayne lived in Vancouver and Seth lived in Toronto. The work on the animation was completed in short bursts, mostly at residencies we did together. Shayne moved to Toronto last year and we now have the rare opportunity to work together for an uninterrupted period of 6 months before he moves away again to Thunder Bay! Our work is intensely collaborative, so it is important that we are physically in the same place.

9999 frog skins will also help us get a few tools like a pair of half-decent head phones, an amplifier that doesn't buzz, a hard drive that doesn't eject itself every 5 minutes, and two monitors.

Airbrushed car hoods and photo from trip


Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman are both accomplished visual artists who work in wide range of mediums, including self-published zines, comics, music, painting, airbrushing, sculpture, printmaking, collage, graffiti and poetry. Our individual and collaborative work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Other people who have contributed to this project include Erin Zimerman, Marc Bell, Robin Fry, Maura Doyle, Mike Constable and more...

Check out more photos of rewards we are offering and other artwork on our blog: http://asphaltwatches.blogspot.com

Thank you!!!!!

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This campaign ended on January 6, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $10USD

    a postcard with personalized message mailed to you + you will be credited in the film

    9 claimed
  • $25USD
    dvd of the finished movie

    we will mail you a dvd of the finished movie + you will be credited in the film

    56 claimed
  • $50USD
    dvd + movie poster

    dvd of the finished movie + silk screened movie poster mailed to you + you will be credited in the film

    23 claimed
  • $100USD
    dvd + T-shirt + poster

    dvd of the finished movie + silk screened T-shirt + silk screened movie poster + you will be credited in the film

    26 claimed
  • $150USD
    dvd + airbrushed movie poster

    dvd of the finished movie + airbrushed movie poster (check out examples of our airbrushing styles) + you will be credited in the film

    3 out of 25 claimed
  • $250USD
    dvd + original painting

    dvd of the finished movie + original painting of any character from the movie trailer + you will be credited in the film

    6 claimed
  • $300USD
    dvd + animation cell painting

    dvd of the finished movie + hand painted cell on acetate of any character from movie trailer + you will be credited in the film

    0 claimed
  • $500USD
    dvd + YOU in the movie!

    dvd of the finished movie + we will create a personalized caricature of YOU! Your character will make a cameo appearance in the movie, it will be blinking and it will make a noise + you will be credited in the film

    1 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    dvd + airbrushed car hood

    dvd of the finished movie + 1 of three air brushed car hoods to choose from, The 'Chilliwack ATM' scene on a BMW (maybe) silver car hood Rat fingers with boston pizza phoenix on white van hood (maybe an older dodge caravan?) the 'FUCK YOU' zooming by our characters scene on red car hood (maybe from a Pontiac Fiero kit car) + you will be credited in the film

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $2,000USD
    The ZEN Special

    You get nothing, absolutely nothing, except our good thoughts and vibes generated through a intense half hour meditation session. this session will be generated towards you, we will give you a call first, if you like. actual value 3999.99

    1 out of 8 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    extremely stoked person deal

    You will receive everything we have to offer: postcard + dvd of the finished film + silk screened t-shirt + silk screened movie poster + you as a character in the film, blinking + custom airbrushed car hood + ZEN special + you will be credited in the film

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Trip to Hawaii to eat burgers!

    This one is a trip to Hawaii, once we get there we will cook you the best burger in Hawaii!

    0 claimed
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