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Ashes is a dark comedy about 3 siblings who go on a road trip to spread their fathers ashes and the people they meet along the way.
Keith Walker
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New York, New York
United States
10 Team Members

Ashes is a dark comedy about 3 siblings who go on a road trip to spread their father's ashes and the people they meet along the way. It’s a story of people who are grieving in their own unique way and the perspectives they may have about the world, love and themselves.

Growing up I always felt something was off about me. Was it the fact that I loved reading comic books or that I always ate one thing at a time at the dinner table? (The world may never know.) I noticed early on there was a strange disconnect I had with my family, but there was always one occasion where we could all come together and reveal our true selves to each other; A funeral. It wouldn’t matter how weird I thought I was, we were all in the same boat, grieving in our own unique way. This film is for anyone who has ever felt like the black sheep in their family, a film about characters that are a work in progress. In life there are no real endings, only new beginnings and old chapters. This is a story about second chances, forgiveness and receiving/accepting the love we deserve.  I wanted to create a humorous story about love, pain and the family dynamics that shape us for better and for worse -Keith

With your help we can turn our project into a reality! Your contributions will be used for :

 Paying the Cast and Crew: The Cinematographer, The Assistant Director, Grips, The Actors, The Production Designer, the Makeup Artist, Script Supervisor,  and Gaffer.

 Feeding and paying the cast and crew •

Renting Equipment such as the Camera, lenses and lights.

  Composer ( I love using a real score)

*Locations* The film takes place in New York and Connecticut. 

 Post production such as  ADR and sound mixing.

Proper Format and Coloring

Distribution/Marketing (the website!)

Fees, Fees, Fees (Licensing/Music/Indiegogo)

Film festival submissions.

Meet the Cast and and Crew!

Meet Our D.P. (Director of Photography) Henrik Meyer. Henrik is a 3 time international Emmy award winning cinematographer. His work has gone to several film festivals including the  Festival de Cannes

Meet Keith Walker. The Co-writer and Director of Ashes. Keith is an accomplished Playwright and festival winning writer and director. His work has been played in several various film festivals across the US.

Holly Dortch is an accomplished model and dancer and actress. She has been seen in such classics like William Shakespeare's Othello and Julius Caeser.

Ja-Ron Young is the Co-writer of Ashes. He is a stand up comedian, sketch writer and actor.  You can see him regularly throughout the comedy clubs in New York.

We have some great perks for you guys!

Our Perks have been donated from Willoughby and Sons funeral home

You can donate as little as $10-  One shouldn't be dead without a glamorized tombstone! 

At Willoughby Funeral service, They will make sure you go out in style!

For $50- We will treat you like the star that you are! Ashes true HollyWood Style! We will Film your epic death, in the style of an original, Lifetime Channel Movie. Don't worry, we will send everything above to your love one, along with a poster and digital download of the scene and soundtrack to Ashes. )

If you can't donate, we understand. If times are tough but you still enjoyed our pitch and believe in this project as much as we do, please share it! Every little bit helps to make this story come to life! 

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This campaign ended on June 28, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD

    One shouldn't be dead without a glamorized tombstone! Here at Willoughby and Son Funeral home, we will make sure you go out in style!

    3 claimed
  • $15USD
    Think Outside the Box

    For thinking outside the box and taking a stand against conventional Burials and funeral homes. You will receive our Ashes " think outside the box" cremation sticker!

    0 claimed
  • $20USD
    Flower Arranger

    Step one: Start by arranging the flowers by color scheme. (Make sure to grab bright colors for your Tombstone above!) second step: Grab a digital copy of the film, for your memories.

    0 claimed
  • $50USD
    E. True Hollywood Story

    We will treat you like the star that you are! E. true HollyWood Style! We will Film your epic death, in the style of an original, Lifetime Channel Movie and post it on our Ashes Facebook wall. (Don't worry, we will send everything above to your love one, along with a poster and digital download of the scene and soundtrack to Ashes. )

    3 claimed
  • $50USD
    Extra, Extra!

    For donating to our campaign you will not only get everything above, but be apart of the movie itself! We will create specific scenes where you have dialogue with one of the actors! This is perfect for anyone looking to build their reel!

    0 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $100USD
    The Eulogist

    Here at Willoughby and Son Funeral services, We will make sure you have the best service. We will make sure your love ones will always remember you, with a short comedic eulogy about you. We will also post it on our Ashes FaceBook wall. Don't worry, you will also be credited posthumously as a producer in the film. * We will post your video a week after you donate!*

    0 claimed
  • $250USD
    15 Cookies and a funeral

    Here at Willoughby and Son; We know the importance of food. While you're lying on your back, with everything above! The rest of us need to eat! We will not only make our grandmothers, signature, triple chocolate chip cookies from scratch for you.(15 cookies per person.) But we will also send you a care package of other delicious treats along with a comic book from the feature film. *And the first 10 people to sign up for this perk get a 30-minute writing session with Keith*

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    The Big chill

    For choosing Willoughby and Son You will be invited to the cast and crew party and the New York Premiere of Ashes in theaters, as well as receive an Associate producer credit on IMDB !

    0 claimed
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