ASCEND: A Short Film

An exploration of the modern evolution of humanity- Man becoming machine and machine becoming man.

What is Ascend?

Ascend is a short film, written and produced by a crew of students from Universities and industry professionals throughout Utah. It is a dark science-fiction story filled with questions about the future of the human race and the nature of humanity itself. Set in the not too distant future, the fate of all mankind will be decided by the choices of 11 individuals, whose intertwined lives and shared destiny will bring about the beginning of the end. It is the vision come-to-life of local directing wünderkind Denver James Harward and startup production company RIPPLE MEDIA, whose directing credits include short films "Alter", "Searchers" and most recently LDS film festival special mention "Exodus". This is our most ambitious project to date, with multiple shooting locations across northern and southern Utah, a crew of more than 25 individuals behind the scenes and in front of the camera and early access to revolutionary prosumer filming equipment. All we need is your help to bring this from script to screen. Your support, financial and otherwise will help determine our success. Every dollar, like, and share is a step towards our dream.

  • Meet the cast:
  1. Blake Webb as "Sy"
  2. Courtnea Hyland as "Arianna"
  3. Morgan Mabey as "Kira"
  4. Andrew Johnson as "Ryan"
  5. Isaac Lauritzen as "Counselor 114"
  6. Danny James as "Valentin"
  7. Dillon Graves as "Alec"
  8. Ken Applegate as "Professor Lee"
  9. Jason Wixom as "Kaine"
  10. David Layne as "Counselor 114's Father"
  11. Nathan Day as "Counselor 1"
  • Meet the crew:
  1. Writer/Director/Executive Producer- Denver James Harward
  2. Associate Producer- John Roh
  3. Associate Producer/1st Assistant Director- Sean Gooley
  4. Co-Executive Producer- Cal Nguyen
  5. Director of Photography- Trevor McIntosh
  6. Production Designer- Heather Monson
  7. Composer- Roman Cortez
  8. Hair/Makeup- Dale Flink
  9. Key Gaffer- Brad Leatham
  10. Key Grip- Warren Helbach
  11. Colorist- Denver Riddle
  12. Location Manager- Mike Brewer
  13. 2D Design- Erik Hansen
  14. Post Production Audio Manager- Melinda Bushnell
  15. Sound Mixer- Adam Worthington
  16. Lead Prop Designer- Allen Bradford
  17. Behind The Scenes- Emily Ann Roth
  18. Grip Department- Benson McKay
  19. Grip Department- Sean Haring
  20. Grip Department- Nathan Casados
  21. Grip Department- Ross Beck

We are an ambitious group of independent filmmakers who are well-versed in stretching a budget. We are all completely dedicated to making this film the best it can possibly be, and for that we need your help. Our teaser was filmed on a budget of zero dollars, but to film the full 30-page film we could certainly use the help of you, our audience. We believe you deserve to be entertained as well as intellectually challenged, and that is our driving force in bringing this project to life. 

We are also very priviledged to have early access to a Blackmagic Cinema Camera to film with. This is a brand new, revolutionary camera that we believe is going to change the face of independent film like the introduction of the DSLR did, all over again. This camera, along with our other high-quality equipment and extremely talented and passionate team, will allow us to produce a short film of Hollywood-level cinematic quality.

Here's a little breakdown of where your money will go:

  1. Food- Everyone likes to eat.
  2. Transportation- Part of the ambitious nature of this film is that it will be shot in multiple locations across the state of Utah.
  3. Equipment- We'll be using some very sweet equipment such as a jib, steadicam, GoPro Hero 3, and Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and rental fees add up.
  4. Distribution- We plan to have our film reach multiple festivals around the world.
  5. Your incentives- All the cool stuff you get for contributing.
  6. That's it- We're not greedy. 

How you can help us out:

Obviously if you can contribute a little money to our cause we'd be more than grateful. And you'd be helping us fulfill our dream of bringing this film to life. But you can also help in a couple other ways.

  • If you dig the trailer, share it! Friends , family, the web, whatever. Every bit of exposure helps.
  • Continue to support local and independent film. We believe that what goes around comes around, and if one of us suceeds we'll all move forward together. 

Thanks so much for checking us out. Ascend with us in 2013.

Team on This Campaign: