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Artistmash provides musicians from all genres and talent levels, from anywhere in the world the most powerful music collaboration tools on the planet!
Byron Lapola
Bridgewater, New Jersey
United States
3 Team Members

Imagine this: You're an independent musician currrently working solo, or even a band recording your first record at your home studio... All too many times musicians of ALL levels from EVERYWHERE in the world experience a "writer's block" while composing an amazing track, and for MANY reasons. Maybe they just don't know where to go from the current composition and need outside input? Or maybe while recording a certain part of the track, they lack the "know how" to achieve a specific "sound" they're looking for? Whatever the case may be, these songs that are usually put "on hold" by the artists could very well be the incomplete hits of tomorrow!

Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Byron Lapola and I am the Creator/Founder of Artistmash.com. As a long time independent musician and successful independent recording studio owner myself, I have personally experienced this hardship. In my personal library I have MANY incomplete songs that are just fragments of what could be a hit of tomorrow. I have seen artists and groups that I have worked with toss great musical ideas onto the backburner for the aforementioned reasons, and I have created a concept to finally fill the gaps of music collaboration to allow musicians from all over the world to work together and change independent music forever. The concept is Artistmash...

As most musicians know, learning music and playing instruments are incredibly social experiences. Bands get together to rehearse. Teachers help classes of students learn and practice. But music collaboration tools are few and far between. With the rapidly growing popularity of home digital audio recording software, more and more musicians are creating from home, increasing the market for Artistmash at an incredible rate. Artistmash will provide the necessary tools to fill ALL of the collaboration gaps utilizing innovative, platform-independent technology, integrated by account level into a fully functional social networking platform the likes of "Facebook". With the specific combination of features we will offer, and because we have a plan to integrate mobile technology, we will provide musicians with the most powerful music collaboration networking community in the world. Imagine being able to co-write music from say: New York City with a buddy you've made in Brazil quickly, easily, and completely platform-independent! Or having the ability to learn tricky techniques for recording guitar tracks to achieve your "sound", while being able to ask questions, and have them answered LIVE in REAL TIME from a friend in London! Artistmash is the platform to make ALL of these things possible, and these are only a couple of the core features we will offer our users!
So why are we asking for SO much money to get this to the launch point? Unfortunately, a project of this magnitude comes with an equally large cost. It isn't cheap to change the world for the better. I know, my life savings has already been invested into this project, and we have still come up short in start-up funds. But in the fashion of transparency, I will break down the costs so you can have a better understanding. Utilizing start-up market trends for other niche social networking web applications, and our development costs we have come to the following start-up cost figures:
Legal Fees- $50,000.00
Web/Mobile Application Development- $125,000.00
Server/Data/Cloud Storage to sustain 500,000 users in realtime with no downtime- $75,000.00
Launch Marketing Campaign- $25,000
                                                           Total Launch cost- $275,000.00
As I mentioned previously, my life savings of $25,000.00 has already been invested. Leaving the remaining balance at $250,000.00.
I'm guessing you would all like to know the "perks" for helping to fund Artistmash? Well I'm SUPER excited to tell you about them!
  • For evreyone that contributes $10, You will receive ONE MONTH FREE of ROCKSTAR LEVEL ACCESS to Artistmash upon launch, automatically renewing to a free account at the term's end! A $24.99 VALUE!
  • For everyone that contributes $100, You will receive ONE YEAR FREE of ROCKSTAR LEVEL ACCESS to Artistmash upon launch, automatically renewing to a free account at the term's end! A $299.88 VALUE!
  • For everyone that contributes $1000, You will receive LIFETIME ROCKSTAR LEVEL ACCESS to Artistmash upon launch! An UNLIMITED VALUE!
What's that? You're not a musician? You've read this far, so something about music catches your attention. Maybe you've always wanted to learn to play guitar? Or Drums? This is your perfect opportunity! Artistmash is based upon 4 main principles: Connect, Learn, Create, Collaborate! That's right! LEARN! It's never too late, whether you're 18 or 80! Or maybe you know someone who loves music? This would be the perfect way to give the gift of music to someone you love!
So, what happens if Artistmash doesn't reach it's funding goal? Don't fret, Artistmash is still going to happen anyway, it will just take a little longer to launch. With the money that IS contributed by YOU and the folks you share this with, We will build the "MVP" or (Minimum Viable Product), and then proceed with Venture Capital dollars, although we'd rather not take that route. But as I said, have no fear, your perks are guaranteed!
For those who LOVE the idea, but just aren't in a place to contribute at this time... YOU CAN STILL HELP!!! Make some noise about this campaign, and spread the word like a VIRUS! Don't forget to use the Indiegogo "Share Tools", and let the WORLD know that Artistmash IS COMING!
So, this is our pitch in a nutshell. Artistmash will revolutionize the independent, and mainstream music worlds! We will enable everyone and anyone on this planet to create and work together "one planet under a groove". Bands will form organically, hit songs will be written, and the soundtrack to countless lives will be set into motion. I hope you all enjoyed our presentation, and we look forward to doing business with you very soon!
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$250,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on May 1, 2013
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  • $10USD
    A popular perk!

    One month of ROCKSTAR LEVEL ACCESS to Artistmash upon launch, automatically renewing to a free account at the month's end! A $24.99 VALUE!

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  • $100USD
    A valuable perk!

    ONE YEAR of ROCKSTAR LEVEL ACCESS to Artistmash upon launch, automatically renewing to a free account at the term's end! A $299.88 VALUE!

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  • $1,000USD
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    Lifetime ROCKSTAR LEVEL ACCESS to Artistmash upon launch! An UNLIMITED VALUE!

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