Artistic Vibes & Rising Stars: Studio to THEATRE project!

Keep the arts thriving in Miami! We need your help turning a studio into a theatre for children and local artists!

Our story...

We are a group of individual artists who have come together to make a difference in Miami's artist community. We got tired of seeing empty seats and closing doors in Miami theaters. This company was born out of a need to create a program that would showcase the LIVE local talent Miami has to offer. Something that would reach the people and fill those seats again. Over the last three years we have dedicated our lives to getting the people of Miami interested in LIVE performance again. By day we offer an extracurricular workshop where kids and teens can build confidence, reading, and teamwork skills through learning the basics of theatre. By night we produce live theatre, music, comedy, and poetry showcases that give our local artists a place where they can be seen and heard. 

When Artistic Vibes first began producing shows we performed out of bars, restaurants, and anywhere that would have us! We continued working, creating, and spreading our message about the arts throughout Miami. Two years later, we outgrew the venues we were performing out of and it was time to have a space of our own. We found a lovely community called The Falls Art District. A district of warehouses that had been converted into art galleries and studios. We immediately thought it was the PERFECT place for a theatre. With the help of Indiegogo, our community, family, and friends, we moved into our warehouse in April of 2012 and began converting it into a performance studio. Our little warehouse was just an empty shell but with donations from our loved ones we put in a small stage, curtains, seating, and some basic work lights for the stage. 


With no more than a minimal setup we have managed to continue producing open mic nights, comedy nights, music showcases, theatre for kids and adults, poetry nights, AND a summer theatre camp. This has been made possible with the help of a very creative team of local artists who volunteer their time. However, we need to offer our students, artists, and audience members a more advanced performance facility if we want to continue being competitive in Miami. In a city that is driven by night clubs and the beach scene, our voices need to be heard!. Artistic Vibes and Rising Stars are small mom and pop businesses with big dreams. Your donation will go directly into making our studio a THEATRE. We've built this place up with our bare hands and now we need your help to keep it alive and thriving. Our goal is to have an intimate space that offers a professional and multi-functional setup for ALL genres of art. A place where art, theatre, music, poetry, comedy, and dance collide.

What we need and why...

Fix the A/C!

These warehouses don't typically come with A/C units but we were lucky enough to inherit one from the previous owner. Unfortunately, it's not big enough to cool our space properly. We need your help to make our space more comfortable for staff and customers. After all, it's HOT here in Miami.

A bigger stage!

Right now we have a 12x8 stage. While Rising Stars has dealt with this creatively, it does cause a major inconvenience when we have 15 or more children attending a workshop. Currently we have half the cast on the stage and the rest of the cast on the floor in front of the stage. We'd love a stage big enough to fit them all! It would also help our music showcases by allowing us to leave musical equipment set up on the stage rather than breaking down and setting up between each act.

A real lighting system! 

We're artsy so we've managed to use work lights from home depot for the last year. Not very glamorous but it gets the job done. We'd really love to have a real lighting system. Not only will it improve our production quality, it will allow us to incorporate a lighting workshop for our children's program. We strive to deliver the most well rounded experience of theatre as possible. It would be AMAZING if our students got to operate a professional lighting system.


Our studio walls are painted up to about 8ft. That's all the paint we were able to afford when we first moved in. We'd like to paint the rest of the way up to the ceiling. It will improve the look of our space and give us a true "black box theatre" feel. The previous owner decided to paint over the once concrete floors with regular wall paint. It would be wonderful put a fresh coat of the PROPER kind of paint onto our floors. That's no easy task in a space like ours!  

Backstage area!

Being in a converted warehouse is great because we have tons of open space. However, this beautiful open space has no dressing room. We'd like to pull the stage forward and create a small dressing area to enhance our productions. Showing the audience all our tricks is fun but we'd like the option of mystery if possible! 

Miami needs more opportunities for live performance!  We don't want our artists to have to leave to New York, L.A. or Chicago to have a career. Artistic Vibes and Rising Stars are here to provide a home for local artists and awaken audiences all over Miami. Your donation will allow us to make the necessary changes our space needs in order to provide an intimate yet professional facility. With these changes we can offer our students, artists, and audience an even better program! We hope you'll join our mission! 

You can find out more about us online:. 

Rising Stars Studio (Children's Theatre Workshop)

Artistic Vibes (Open Mic, Comedy, Poetry, Music, Theatre)

Other Ways You Can Help...

If you can't donate, that's OK! There are several other ways you can help.

Share our campaign online or with your email contacts.

Leave us a positive comment on the comments page.

Tell others about our shows or children's program.

****Come out to a show and support local artists!****

If you're in the Miami area you can donate......

Halloween costumes for our theatre workshops. (Child sizes.)

Fabric of any sort. 

Sound Equipment.

Lighting equipment.



Donations can be dropped off at 12986 SW 89th Ave. Miami, FL 33176

Thanks for taking the time to read our campaign! 

*All donors will receive special mention in all playbills, on the website, and on all of our social media outlets unless they wish to remain anonymous.  

Team on This Campaign: