Art Saved My Life

Kansas City filmmaker attempts to immortalize the power of art.
Damon Patterson
Kansas City, Missouri
United States
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Community Children's Theatre of KC
(dba chameleon)
Please make check payable to: Chameleon
4016 Oak st.
KCMO, 64111

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What is Art Saved My Life?

Art Saved My Life is a documentary that aims to prove art has the power to transform, heal, progress, enrich, and even save someone's life. The film tells the stories of creative individuals and the power that ripples through their journey and through their art. The film demonstrates the importance of art in people’s lives, especially art in the inner city and at risk youth. The documentary will feature interviews with visual artists, dancers, musicians, circus performers, poets, producers, art professors, holistic healers, comedians, and everyday people that art has had a positive impact on. 

Art Saved My Life is one part of a three phase movement.

First Phase: Art Saved My Life

Second Phase: Art Saved My Neighborhood 

Third Phase: How Art Saved The World

Why another documentary?

More than ever our ability to create and think critical is needed in the world. Society is calling out for creative minds to get involved and help solve the worlds problems. Creativity has changed peoples lives countless times, including my own life. I've seen art bring a diversity of families together, create the space for children to grow, help human development to thrive, it builds confidence, people become better communicators, it promotes self discovery, it helps with depression, it can change a community and so much more.

We believe that the more people understand that they have the power to create, the more we can change the world for the better. We want to capture the power and magic of art on camera and share it with you! We want to use these inspiring stories to show how creativity can change the world we live in. 

 "The world that we live in now is a world that’s already been created but tomorrow is still being created today."  Damon Lee Patterson


Who is the team behind Art Saved My Life?

Art Saved My Life is being put together by a very talented group of artists who love film making and believe in using art for social causes. It's directed by Damon Lee Patterson. Damon is an arts educator, film maker, photographer, musician, community builder, and has an extensive background with art for social change.

Chameleon Arts & Youth Development is also partnering with us to help produce this documentary. 

 The role of Chameleon is three fold:

1. Chameleon brings the managerial skills to insure the longterm success of the project. They will act as a financial agent, helping with fundraising, bookkeeping, and distribution of funds for the project.

2. Chameleon is developing a workshop curriculum, including a workbook and a breakdown of successful evaluation procedures. This will serve to augment the distribution of the film to local schools, arts groups, holistic healing centers, libraries, churches, school boards, community colleges, universities, and to YOU.

3. Chameleon will also help with the marketing and distribution of the film, making it available on DVD, and offering it to national and international film festivals as well as select showings in the Kansas City Area. 


Community art is a process, not a product. This process has long lasting effects, providing the community with methods for evolving personal, political and social changes. Criterion for community art - Hugh Merrill


Our Film Crew

Director: Damon Lee Patterson

Assistant Director: Jacob Thomas

Lighting: Natasha Harris

Motion Graphics: Joe Fuller

Photography: Mickel Garrett 

Editor: Stinson McClendon & Damon Lee Patterson

Audio Engineer: Ashley Turner


What are we raising funds for?

We feel the subject of this documentary deserves quality cinema and we want to make sure Art Saved My Life is presented in the best way possible. We are putting a lot of sweat equity in but unfortunately some elements require money. We hope you believe in this project and its potential impact as much as we do. 

Specifically, these are the things we need to rent and purchase. :)

  • DVD Duplication $590
  • Facility Rental $500
  • Lighting Equipment $530
  • Marketing & Promotion Cost $500
  • Audio Equipment $600
  • Camera Equipment $2000

+5% indiegogo fee if goal is met $236

Total $4,956


Whats in it for you?

The biggest reward is knowing you helped create a project that will inspire children and adults around the world to embrace their creative gifts. This is the biggest reward but we want to show our appreciation by offering you incentives for your contribution. 

Check out all the backer rewards to the right to find out how you can participate in the campaign and help make this beautiful film a reality.


What other ways can YOU help make this film a reality?

By sharing the indiegogo project with friends and family on social networks.----->

By liking the Art Saved My Life Facebook page--->

Follow the documentary on twitter---> and sharing it with YOUR network

By emailing the project to friends.

The more people that know about the project the better it will do. 

Perhaps your company would like to sponsor Art Saved My Life? 



Anything and everything helps!

Yours Sincerely,

Director, Damon Lee Patterson


"There is a huge neglect for innovation and invention and a lack of respect for design and creativity that will be the undoing of our civilization as we know it" Pharrell Williams




How do I contribute to the campaign?

Paypal or credit card

Is my contribution tax deductible?


How much does Indiegogo charge?

5% indiegogo fee when our goal is met or 9% if goal is not met 

Can I give an incentive as a gift?

Yes absolutely! Just email us at ( and we'll organize it for you.

T-Shirt sizes & colors

Let us know your size and what color. We have black, white, and grey t-shirts.

How will you know where to send my perks or details?

An email will be sent from (from the details you provide) with all the next steps after our fundraising is completed.

What happens if the goal is not achieved? 

We are confident that the campaign is going to be successful. Especially with your help. If for some reason we don't meet the goal completely all the funds raised will still be put towards the production of the movie. 

What if I don't feel comfortable donating online?

Don't worry, you can still support us by emailing (

Make sure your subject line references Art Saved My Life. 

How can I contact you?

You can email us any time at ( If you think of ways to improve our campaign feel free to let us know! 

Also feel free to contact us for a press release if you need one! 

Connect with the Director.


Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. ~George Bernard Shaw 


Thank YOU for checking out our project! :)



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