Art is the Prize Documentary Film

3 weeks. 164 venues. 1,582 artists. 150,000 visitors. Grand Rapids. ArtPrize 2011. Raising post-production funds to premiere in September 2013! Be a part of it!

A Bit of History

This project started with a space: a unique venue for an art exhibition. A volunteer arts group in the Midwest called SiTE:LAB teamed up with some internationally recognized artists to compete in ArtPrize. An international photojournalist named Tom Wagner teamed up with some local film makers to capture it.

The competition came and went and the artists all have moved on to new projects. The space has been developed, the arts group has found new places to transform. The film has yet to be finished, but we're almost there. A lot of time, effort and finances have been put into this personal project and we want to share it with the world but we need outside help to take it to the next level.

Your support will make the world's best home movie into something that can be enjoyed by a wider audience. We need $15,000 to have a professional editor put the finishing touches on our feature. Each contribution made brings our very personal rough cut closer to a film with greater mass appeal. This includes color correction and audio enhancement, a basic necessity to show the film in theaters or on television.


Something for Everyone

Editors don't come cheap these days and to hire someone with the expertise to take our story to the next level could mean upwards of $2,000 a week. We estimate that $15,000 will buy us one month of editing with the remainder spent on color, sound and all the standard requirements needed to enter festivals, find distributors and broadcast on television.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our sites, we'll be rolling out additional footage from many other artists that we interviewed during the ArtPrize 2011 competition. The story doesn't end with SiTE:LAB, short videos featuring everyone from the Mayor of Grand Rapids to past winners of ArtPrize and even ArtPrize founder, Rick DeVos, will be posted to our Vimeo page as the fund-raising campaign progresses. If the great perks aren't reward enough you can be sure that regular content updates will keep you coming back to see what's new and invite others to join in the excitement. $15,000 is a lot of money to raise but it's easier and more fun when you can share the challenge with friends.

Hitting Home

If you didn't believe in the power of art you probably wouldn't be reading this; our project is a story of risk and reward, of unexpected consequences. It's a local story and we've seen the positive change on the ground here already. It's also a universal story that we think can happen anywhere that a group of like-minded individuals seeks to challenge themselves and try something new.

This might be our first feature-length documentary rodeo but we've been telling stories for quite awhile. Professional photojournalism isn't a walk in the park, and you don't get Time magazine covers by slacking. We've learned things along the way and finishing this project means the next one can be even better, so stay tuned!

Whether making a career change or beginning a career launch, having a finished product in hand makes all the difference. If we've learned anything it's that a project this big can't be completed on one's own; your supporting contributions won't go unnoticed. The support of friends, family and community has enabled us to come as far as we have already. If you're one of the crazy one's who'd like to join that intimate group we'd be forever grateful.

The Magic Button

There isn't one. Period. No amount of clicking will ever change the world; whether that's in a web browser or a non-linear video editing program. People moving about is what gets things done, and you don't have to be independently wealthy to do that. We wouldn't be asking for help if it wasn't needed, and we wouldn't be asking you if we didn't think you could do it!

Talk about this project, go outside and yell things at strangers. By reading this you've made an investment, now find out how far it can go! Make something, share something, trade something; you never know who will say "Yes! I'll help!" if you don't ask. Oh, and if you're not the type to shout from mountain tops we've got some social media accounts to make things easier. Thanks!

Why Contribute?

The money we raise goes directly to finishing this project by paying the editor. A small portion will finance the rewards but all of the creative design and most of labor will be volunteer. Having cool rewards makes this project even more interesting to support and valuable for you because every layer added to the project extends the story further and allows it to reach more people using a variety of media.

About the Perks

You may notice that many perks are individual items, not bundles. The intent behind this is to reduce shipping costs and prevent supporters from getting stuck with items they don't actually want. If you happen to want multiple perks, please contribute multiple times or opt for one of the larger bundles for a better deal. If there's specific demand for certain items we can add more perks to the list!

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