Help us raise $ for our CAJA DE ARTE arts camp to allow for more scholarships, master classes, Saturday workshops & events! http://www.voxboxarts.com/home.html

We at Vox Box Arts Collective are launching our Indie-go-go Campaign to raise funds for our Caja de Arte – Art Box summer program and related events. This arts camp is taught in Spanish, and incorporates any and every arts discipline imaginable (and unimaginable). Brilliant puppets assembled from newspaper and recycled water bottles, musical instruments created out of paper towel tubes, string & shells, and characters created out of masks and imagination – and that’s just the tip of the summer iceberg!

Pictures of our spectacular rewards are here:


As Artistic Director of Vox Box, I am so fortunate to have two fantastically talented and passionate artist/educators leading the team, Estela Garcia and Patricia Krebs. Read all about them!



The goal in this raising of art dollars is as follows:

1. Provide as many scholarships as possible to families in financial need

2. Provide funding to hire art mentors for our students

3. More art supplies!

4. Extend our schedule to include Saturday workshops

5. Create a companion event for our “Frida y Diego” week to commemorate Frida Kahlo’s birthday

ANY amount we receive from this campaign will help, but the more we receive, the more we can do, the more inventiveness, joy and art-amazement we can bring to the kids in our community. And remember, your donation is tax deductible!

THANK YOU for your support!

Janice Markham
   Artistic Director, VOX BOX Arts Collective
Patricia Krebs
   Lead Artist/Educator
Estela Garcia
   Lead Artist/Educator



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