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Model car racing, radio operated through cockpit simulation systems.
George Dounas
Porto Rafti
1 Team Member

The ARROWS vision

Imagine you entering in a room.
In the middle of it lies a fully equipped racecar cockpit.
Take off your jacket and get yourself seated in the driver’s seat. Put your seatbelt on and adjust the seat and controls to fit you comfortably.
At a distance of 2 meters in front of you, a huge 6 x 1,5 mtrs screen stretches in a full 180 deg array around the cockpit.
Lights start dim out to complete darkness. The overhead projector lights up filling the entire screen with a full 170 deg vision, completely immersing you to the environment.
You are asked though the headphones to perform a set of tests, ensuring the RC system works properly.


Red Bull simulator

You are now accelerating slowly off the pits into the track. It feels right as the hydraulic pedal gives way offering a realistic sensation, while the wheel gives a fantastic feeling and an unbelievably precise steering of the car.
In the warm up lap, you are weaving the car from hard left to hard right trying to increase tire temperature as you close to the grid.
One last burnout and then you slowly come into a complete halt in your grid box. Five red lights start illuminating, one after the other, matching your heart’s beats. Seconds seems lasting minutes waiting for the race to begin.


What is ARROWS

ARROWS upgrades the RC model racing concept, whereby the user remotely operates an actual racecar model from inside a cockpit simulator, using the visuals of an HD onboard camera system.

ARROWS aim in the creation of the realistic ever driving simulation experience, operating RC cars in an FPV environment, immersing the user into the onboard world.

An ARROW unit consists of following distinct parts:

The model

Is a fully operational race car model to 1:3 scale, replicating the real cars’ transmission, suspension and steering systems.
Initially we will develop a F1 racecar, F1 being the widest known type of racing, but any F1 or Indy, WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), NASCAR or Le Mans racer, or any other cotemporary or vintage circuit race car, or truck, qualifies for an ARROWS model.


Toyota TF-103

Vintage 1957 Ferrari Testarossa.

Mercedes-Benz Actros race truck.


The optical / telemetry system

It refers to an integral HD transmission/projection system and get distinguished in the onboard and the land sub-system.
The onboard system consists of a HD camera, a digital HD transmitter and a series of telemetry sensors that will monitor the forces applying onto the model when in operation.
All input (video, audio and data) will be transmitted in real time to the relevant HD receiver system and from there into the control room.

The control room

From the control room the user will be able to operate the model on the track via an adapted RC transmitter arrangement, utilizing the visual and data feedback from the onboard optical and telemetry devices.

Located in the middle of the room is the cockpit, equipped with a racing type driver’s seat and steering wheel / pedals arrangement. Driver’s actions will be replicated to the RC transmitter and onto the model car.

A semicircular screen 20 ft wide x 5 ft high (6 x 1,5 mtrs), is positioned in front and around the cockpit, giving an unparallel immersing feeling to the driver.

The impressive 170 deg view of live footage transmitted from the onboard system will be projected onto the screen through an overhead projector.


The control room.


The ARROWS racing system

An ARROWS racing system is the deployment of a number of arrow units.

Apart from the construction of the needed ARROW units, will involve land infrastructure to house the system, including a race track and other supporting structures.

The ARROWS system.

ARROWS racing tracks will be custom made, ideally being the reproduction of existing tracks equally scaled down.


Why is ARROW unique

ARROWS aspire to offer their users an environment closest possible to the experience of driving a real racecar.


ARROWS’ key features are:

1- It involves the remote controlling of a real model car via a cockpit simulator. This is actual reality as opposed to virtual reality all other cockpit simulators offer.

2- The ultra wide HD FPV visual system that literally immerses the user into the driver’s world, offering the drivers’ perspective.

3- Stereo reproduction of the onboard audio.

4- Actuators in the control room will allow the cockpit to roll, pitch and yaw, replicating the actual onboard conditions.

5- The size of it. Imposingly big models allow the easier replication of the real, thus offering an even more realistic driving behavior.

6- The high quality standards applying to all ARROW units.

7- The innovating way it becomes available to its users, not requiring purchase of any sort.

8- With the exemption of temperature extremes under which the onboard equipment may malfunction, ARROWS are otherwise all weather. The models and equipment are water resistant while the users are kept high, dry and air-conditioned in the control rooms.

Immersive view in a RedBull simulator


What is the value to the users

On all levels, ARROWS aim solely to the high quality entertainment of it user.

ARROWS serve the same need the traditional RC racing, PC gaming and karting do, in that to get the user closer possible to the experience of a race car driver. Each approaches the common target from its own perspective, thus producing at the end completely different results.

ARROWS adjacent markets

ARROWS stands out in suggesting a unique development model of the RC and the RC racing concept. Identifying the limitations of the competition, ARROWS offer innovating services that bridge the gap the traditional RC racing and PC gaming offer.

The determinant for ARROWS is that it uses the best characteristics of the three, at the same time avoiding their limitations.


The ARROW approach

Irrespective what you compare it to ARROWS propose solutions to rivals’ major limitations by offering:


Use / driving feeling

Realistic driving and racing conditions due to:

- Unparallel driving sensation offered by the HD immersive visuals.

- Interactive feedback on the car’s motion and driving conditions.

Precise controlling of the model, the transmitter being able to replicate the minor steering corrections the user performs in the control room.

Thereafter, beyond the general car driving skills, one need not have any special dexterity in handling the car.


HD onboard camera


High quality models

Either in competition or in exercise, all models of any given class are equally constructed, tuned, serviced and maintained to the highest standards.


ARROW units are available to all users at a general rental fee. Although optional, no purchase is required.


All car models are race ready and equally tuned. User will not need to invest extra time to the model.


A human drives a real model car in a real race track.

ARROWS model is a miniature racecar and the system aims in replicating the sensation of the actual conditions on the car. Technology is used only to transfer the optics and reproduce the onboard environment into the driver’s cockpit. Thereafter each man is for himself, the system neither assists controlling the car, nor does it offer a reboot option if things turn bad.


Without confusing competitiveness with recklessness, the users will be encouraged to drive the models to their limits, without the fear of accident or of personal injury.

The absence of fear will liberate the driver to explore and discover the model’s as well as their own limits, making them better drivers on all levels.


Racing ARROWS is a social event. The ARROW tracks will offer a place for all members to meet each other, exchange ideas, discuss issues, propose solutions, exercise their skills and of course race.


ARROWS celebrate the true spirit of car races.

- You are racing against people with realistic reflexes, stubbornness, limitations, bound to make mistakes and wrong estimations when under pressure.

- The driving skill, strategy, agility, perception and reflexes of the driver determine the winner.

- No matter how aggressively a driver races, needs to take calculated risk, otherwise mistakes costs positions or even the race itself.

- Winning or finish position are at stake until the very end of the race, since pressure in the front may create opportunities for the followers to improve their position or even claim the win, thus giving to all participants an incentive to fight the race to the end.

- The tire and tarmac condition, the temperature, the traction, the weather conditions on the track and the way these affect the driving behavior of the racecars, are actual not simulated.

Users with a background in RC, PC or carting will be thrilled, enjoying the comparable advantages ARROWS offer. For all the rest, it will be a phenomenal experience.

Once introduced to them, people will long to play ARROWS again.


How will ARROWS be traded.

ARROW units will be rented to their users on an hourly or semi-hourly basis, for either exercising their driving skills, or for racing in regional, national or international grand prix.


Where the idea originates

The idea was born when we came across the simulator on the Redbull racing site, a state of the art driver-in-loop computer simulator, used by the Redbull drivers as part of their acclimatization to the race racks exercise. The amazing part was that the drivers using it would still get the same upper body workout they would get, had they be driving the real thing. And that is the closer it can get to the essence of simulation.


The RedBull simulator

The next step was to apply the concept onto a real racecar situation, where the RC model cars were the ideal candidate.

The breakthrough was achieved by the FPV technology that has now matured to offer equipment that can transmit with almost zero latency, enabling the real time remote controlling in high speeds.

Quality been a key issue to the entire project, all visuals had to meet the HD standards. 


Land receiver set

The quality of the service, the realism and the feeling generated as well as the level of competition inspired will be the determinant that will attract users from the rival entertainment markets.

ARROWS aim in the creation of a network of enthusiast and devoted user-players, with primal criteria of their choice the uniqueness of the experience offered.


Why big

In RC size counts and the reasons are simple.

Equipment size constraints

Even the latest FPV technology offering HD transmission is still too heavy and bulky for the chassis of the traditional 1:5 scaled models.


HD onboard transmitter


From the construction side

Bigger, stronger frames and more durable suspension systems coupled with more reliable engines, rendering the models less prompt to damages and in turn less costly to service and maintain.

From the drivers perspective

High powered, with better power distribution and greater levels of torque engines coupled with heavy duty drive trains produce faster and better performers.

Heavier models and equipped with excellent tread tires from the carting industry will offer higher grip, giving an even more realistic road behavior.

From the spectators view

Car racing is not just limited to drive the models. Bigger sizes are more realistic and far greater to watch.


What we apply for

Please watch the video presentation where all will be revealed to you, including the preposterous 100 million Euro claim.

Irrespective of your participation to our campaign, equally important to us will be the feedback we will receive from your end.

Please visit us on www.arrows-csrs.com sending us your views on technical and operational matters or you general comments on the project.


ARROWS project development stages

Stage 1

The first stage is by far the most important of all as it will provide the foundation for the entire project.

In this stage we establish interest and collect market information by:

1- Identify ARROWS market niche and establish there is a market for it.

2- Get to analyze ARROW market and built the profile of the average ARROW user.


To do so we set up an internet based polling for ARROWS, through a crowd funding platform.

Voting on Indiegogo we succeed in obtaining:

- Transparency in the polling procedure and the registration of participants.

- Safe keeping for the funds collected and guaranteed refund back to the donators.

- Establishing communication channel with supporters, breaking the ice and gaining

  trust for the project and the people behind it.

- Serves as reference for ARROWS campaigns to follow.


At the same time we create:

1- Customer awareness for ARROWS.

2- A supporter’s network for investing, marketing & advertising purposes.

3- Reference for our campaigns to follow.


Stage 2

On the second stage we will apply to you for the creation of a fully operational ARROW unit prototype:

Complete ARROWS unit.


1- The optical system.

We have been granted free access to the equipment the optical system consists of for testing and demonstration purposes, so for this we only need to design the onboard unit mounting system, the units docking station and the camera protection cover.

The onboard optical unit.


2- The control room

Being in fact a compilation of existing devices, for creating the control room prototype we will need to produce the repeater system that connects the driver’s controls to the RC transmitter, as well as the car movement reproduction system.

The control room – Multimatic’s VI Driversim simulator.


3- The racecar model.

Before we go on to produce any of the above described subsystems, the star of the project need to be created first. The race car model will be the least expensive unit to built, but at the same time the most time consuming of all, simply because it needs to be built from scratch.


Peugeot 908


Stage 3

Having created the ARROW unit prototype will trigger the commencement of the third stage, which is to launch a funding application for creating the first ARROW racing system.

A complete ARROW system with race track and supporting structures


What do you get

As stated above, ARROWS first development stage is not a fund raising petition. As such, no perks are offered for your participation to this campaign, other than our sincere appreciation for your participation and support.

Perks will be set in the development stages to follow.


Who are ARROWS

A team of people is built around the project idea.

Car Race fans of various backgrounds that were brought together under the common dream.


Who we are:

George Dounas – Project manager & Founder of ARROWS.

Having a 15 year experience in ship operations.

Anastasis Pantelis – Mechanical engineer.

Co-owner of Hellas Prototyping, holding Msc Engineering Design & ITS Management

George Koussoulas – Software engineer / developer.

Co-owner of Hellas Prototyping, holding Msc in Virtual Environments and Games Technology.





- Glossary

RC: Radio Controlled.

FPV: First Pilot (or Person) View. An acronym to describe the method used to control a radio controlled model vehicle from the driver or pilot's view point.

HD: High Definition.

PC: Personal computer.



- What we ask of you.

Vote for ARROWS.

Send us feed back.

Spread the word for the project.



- Why do we need the votes for?

The goal is to predict sales for ARROWS.

If we can do that, we have proof of the project’s financial viability, meaning it makes sense to invest in ARROWS.

Having established that will assist financing and marketing the project.

Moreover polling for ARROWS will offer proof that ARROWS fulfil a real need in the marketplace (in English, that there is a market for what we intend to built).



- Why not getting someone to do it for us?

There are a number of problems associated with what we want to achieve, that renders such a direct approach impractical or even impossible for us.

Sales prediction issues.

ARROWS is a new product and has no established market for it.

As a result sales predictions need to be based on sales projections of products traded and services offered from adjacent markets.

Location issues

In our case, even identifying the products adjacent markets does not suffice.

ARROWS being an international product, we would still be left to decide which country’s market to research.

There are about thirty countries eligible for developing ARROWS. Guided by the strong presence of adjacent markets, ten of them are the most promising.

Reliability and cost issues

Even if we were to overlook the limitations and constraints posed, we would still be left with two major disadvantages; being an analysis of adjacent markets, it would still produce debatable sales projections, while a research of such magnitude would have been financially impossible for us.

Out of the box approach.

The problem we faced went all the way down to the root of the marketing approach, and the way to deal with such type of problems is to use unorthodox solutions.

We came up with the idea of reversing the marketing rules and instead of us identifying the market, to somehow invite the market identify itself.

We are therefore contacting the individuals the market likely consist of, asking them to register their presence, their interest and their support to the project.



- What do we expect from this campaign?

Do we mean to say that we believe we will be able to register all potential customers interested in ARROWS through this campaign?

No, of course not, it does however offer a starting point, a basis upon which we can start building interest and trust for the project.



- Ok for voting, but why voting through Indiegogo.

Data collected will be used in the projects business plan used for both financing and marketing the project.

It is therefore absolutely imperative to be able to prove the votes have been collected in an irreproachable way.

Indiegogo, being an independent median, can offer the required transparency in the registration procedure.

But engaging Indiegogo, we get benefited in more than one ways:

- Have Indiegogo acknowledged as trusted funding grounds.

- Our failed campaign, that has nevertheless attracted interest, will be a valuable tool when negotiating potential fund raising contracts.

- It serves as reference to our fund aiming campaigns to follow.

In addition we achieve:

- Secure handling of all amounts exchanged.

- Introducing the project to a huge audience and earn customer awareness for it.

- Creating a supporter’s network for investing, marketing & advertising purposes.



- What is the Indiegogo procedure.

For those not privy to crowd funding, allow us to give a quick guide on how it works.

ARROWS’ fixed amount campaign is launched in the platform for a period of 45 days and the general public is invited to vote for it.

Those wishing to participate will pledge, through Paypal, one euro into the project’s account.

Please note that although your account is debited, this is NOT an actual payment, but a pledge of such payment. Being such and since no money gets actually transferred, your pledges are not burdened with bank charges, commissions or any other type of handling charges.

In a regular campaign, pledges remain in limbo state until the end of the campaign period and only gets cashed out if the campaign matures, that is to say if the total pledges collected cover the initially pleaded amount.

At the target of 100,000,000 euros we have set, the campaign is destined to fail, so at the end of the campaign period all pledges get cancelled and the respective amounts get refunded – IN FULL – back to the supporters’ accounts.



- What do you vote for?

Now for the one hundred million euros question of what you vote for, one cannot overlook the obvious, that at this point we have nothing to present to you but a plan of something we intend to create. Since you are invited to vote for an idea, the vision of ARROWS, there is certain assumptions you need to make:

- You need to consider the product will be built to match the specifications described.

- That it will be built to meet the expectations arose to each one of you when reading the description.

Do we ask too much of you to consider?

Do we promise things that we may not be able to deliver?

Not really. ARROWS by its nature is a product heavily dependent on Research & Development. Being under a continuous evolution, it will strive to keep in pace with the technological advances on all levels so as to maintain concept’s high standards and unique character.



- What is the value of your vote?

What we need to achieve is to distinguish your participation from a quick and faceless “like” on the project, for that we ask you to actively participate by actually following up the entire procedure, pledging the vote money.

The “vote with money” procedure has more than a symbolic function, because irrespective of the fact that the entire amounts will be refunded in full, it still take the voter to undergo an actual payment process, using up his time, a process that adds value to both the voter and the cast vote.



- Why becoming project’s communicants.

We want to create a broad base of ARROWS supporters, so we can both claim and prove the existence of a trend for ARROWS.

To achieve this, we intend to set up a global campaign on ARROWS.

As you may have already figured out, at this stage ARROWS project can only be promoted by word of mouth, from the click of a mouse, a tap on a touch pad or a screen.

As such this global campaign can only be generated and fueled by its own potential users, by you.

So, on top of your voting, equally if not more importantly, we need you to spread the word on ARROWS, to your community, friends, colleagues, class or team mates. But always to people you know and to people who with you share common interests, who are likely to take an interest in the project, so they will also become ARROWS communicants.

The project is not spammed into the internet in search of support. It is targeted to specific audience basis their interests. In that respect one may find invitations to visit Indiegogo site and watch the ARROWS presentation, in forums and sites associated to RC car modeling and racing, PC racecar simulation and Karting forums, as well as to forums related to auto technical and racing issues.

So unless you have seen the link to this project in a forum, the invitation comes from someone you know, sharing with you his excitement on the project.

Equally this is NOT an invitation to spam on our behalf. We ask you to promote the project in a similar manner, that is to say to targeted inform those in your community that are likely to be interested in such a project.

We ask you to communicate ARROWS for the exact same reasons you voted for it.


Thank you for your time.

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