A comedic horror-farce adventure inspired by classic games and films

Arrapha and the dark side of weird.

  My name is Amon 26, I've been developing games independently since 2008 and I'm responsible for the titles  All Of Our Friends Are Dead, Au Sable, Gyossait, MooD: Waist High In Hell, and Senora.  

 I'm currentley in the middle of developing my new title Arrapha.  A tale of high adventure in a dark weird world filled with terrible creatures.  It's been heavily inspired by both film and game classics like Castlevania, Army of Darkness, Ninja Gaiden, and The Addams Family.  It's meant to be both a comedic yet horrific romp through the surreal and hilarious.

 As this is my dayjob, and paychecks don't show up until after a publisher makes a bite, my money is running low.  I need help to make ends meet as I draw closer to the projected deadline.  After some number crunching I decided 3,500 will keep me solvent long enough to see Arrapha to completion.

That's right I need money!

  $3,500 is a magic bullet, it will cover me for about 3 months worth of rent and provide me with 2,000 left over for utilities, food and internet.  

In the event that I don't make the projected goal I'll still be able to use any and every penny I get to keep myself solvent and just go as long as possible.  Unfortunatley, that will mean I'll need to split my time between Arrapha and a day-job which will drastically hamper progress.

Each and every person who donates will be included in the credits of the game as financial supporters, even a dollar's worth.

$10+ gets you a demo of Arrapha featuring all of act 1 which won't be officially distributed online

$100+ gets you a package of wallpapers featuring characters, settings, and scenes from Arrapha scaled to fit desktop and phone/handsets.

$500+ gets you a set of 4 large posters featuring Arrapha characters, A mailing address will be required for this

$1000+ Gets you a hand-made laptop bag themed after Arrapha, each one designed to look like something owned either by Keith or Runira.  Again this will require a mailing address.

Something old, Something new.

Games today are either so heavily formulaic you lose track of which one is which, or fixated on shifting paradigms to a fault. I was raised by a wild pack of Nintendos circa 1982 and while I'm from the old-skool I'm also a strong believer in adopting the best of what's happened since then and doing my best to marry the past with the present in a way that's exciting to me.

By donating to the Arrapha project, you're standing up and saying "I want to have my cake and eat it too!"  You're helping to draw a line in the sand and putting on the grizzliest most depraved devil-rock leather-clad beast-slashing madness this side of a sprite-sheet.

Get Dirty!

Obviously I know money doesn't grow on trees, and sometimes no matter how much you want to donate, you need to eat and you're in desperate need for a new pair of underwear.  And that's cool!  (get the silk ones btw)

You have so much more power at your fingertips then you might know,  you can simply pass this along to other friends who might be interested, OR you could do something totally freakin' gonzo with the idea and help me publicize my project by means of your own personal tallents.

Do you draw?  Draw an Arrapha picture and put it on your deviant art/facebook/Twitter!  Do you write or blog?  Interview me!  Films?  Clothing? Needlepoint? Fine cuisine?  You get the idea.

Get creative and spread the word of Arrapha with the fire that keeps you going!  Let them know Amon 26 sent you and he wants to rock their face off! Tell them the tale of this strange, strange man who is making Chainsaws Rideable!!

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