Ari Goldwag - 10th Album Production

Be a part of this fresh album, featuring 12 new songs in English and Hebrew.

Click Here to Download the Hashem Loves You Reggae Remix!

Ari Goldwag - 10th album production

Hey, this is Ari Goldwag! Thanks for coming to my Indiegogo page. I'm really excited to share this great album with the world! I've produced nine albums to date over the last 11 years, which brought to the world some amazing hits, including Kah Ribon, Ogil (Sheves Achim), Hashem Loves You (Sheves Chaverim), as well as collaborations with great artists like Benny Friedman on my song Yesh Tikvah, among many others, b'ezras Hashem.

You can listen to a sample of the twelve songs on the Gallery page of this campaign!

This campaign seeks to raise at least $35,000, which (as explained below), will cover the costs of completing the album and getting it out into the stores and making the world aware of it. With my previous experience in putting out albums, I know how important it is to have this kind of money to get the album out and pay for proper advertising, including the production of some great inspiring music videos.

With your help, we will get a truly exciting and spiritual message out there - Yiddiskhkeit (Judaism) is fun and there's something real that we can hold on to! Yes, we can really connect to Hashem! Yes, He's really in our lives! Yes, we can change! Yes, we're imperfect! Yes, there is hope - Yesh Tikvah!

 Click Here to Download the Hashem Loves You Reggae Remix!

Cd collage

What We Need...

This campaign needs at least $35,000 just to get the album out onto the shelves and for advertising. This does not yet even cover the thousands upon thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours I have already spent on producing the album until now - from the musicians (drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, violins) and arranger (Leib Yakov Rigler) to the studio time for mixing and editing, to all of my own efforts from composing, arranging, recording, singing and editing.

Current costs will include:

  • $3000 for mixing and mastering
  • $3200 for cover art + marketing strategists (US & Israel)
  • $2500 for initial copies of the CDs and covers
  • $500 for translation of song into Hebrew ("Hashem is Always There", which will be in both Hebrew and English)
  • $10,000 for advertising in US (magazines, online, newspapers, posters)
  • $7000 for production of two music videos for release before and with the album
  • $5000 for advertising in Israel

This totals $31,200. Indiegogo takes 4% of the $35,000, and the credit card company takes 3%, leaving us with $32,550, and the approximate cost of the rewards + shipping fills out the last amount of money ($1350).

...and What You Get!

Some great fun rewards! T-shirts (short or long sleeve assorted sizes), Limited Edition CDs, stickers, personal appearances, and lots more! Check out the list on the right side of your screen!!!

Hashem Loves You T-shirt 

The Impact

This album will make a difference, and you will be a part of it. Songs like "Kah Ribon," "Hashem Loves You," and "Yesh Tikvah," among many others from the albums I have done, are inspiring thousands across the globe! This album will continue to inspire us in our relationship with Hashem! 

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Help me get the word out - MAKE SOME NOISE!!! - by sharing this campaign URL with your friends via facebook, email, twitter, and however else you can!

  • You can use the Indiegogo share tools!


Thanks so much for your help! And remember... Hashem loves you!

Team on This Campaign: