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Appsner is a web platform developed to help you create native and HTML5 mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices without coding.
Marius Buibar
2 Team Members

Appsner - The world’s first, truly affordable, native mobile app builder platform.


Appsner is a mobile application builder platform that allows you to create your own native and HTML5 mobile apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices without coding.

Using Appsner is really easy. You don't need to be an Xcode expert or a  developer to build your own iPhone/iPad/Android/Kindle application. Appsner allows you to simultaneously create, edit, and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and HTML5 mobile apps online.


You can start creating your app by choosing a template and adding content, pictures, music, sounds, videos. No worries about coding, algorithms, performance, data structures, memory management, memory leaks, multithreading, bugs, fixes, compatibility, SDKs, API and so on.

Appsner provides a set of online tools that empowers you to build and design mobile applications using HTML and CSS. It's a WYSIWYG html editor which simplifies design and development of mobile applications.

 Using Appsner doesn’t require any programming skills. We guarantee that anyone with zero knowledge of programming will be able to push all features provided to the max.

- Simply start by choosing a template for your application and edit it the way you want.
- Add content, artwork, media — all in intuitive and interactive way making app design an absolute joy.
- Experience feature-rich content editing system and instant live previews on devices.

- Once you're finished, we will review, test and submit  your app to the respective store.
- Businessmen, marketeers, designers, freelancers individuals — everyone is now able to develop mobile applications by themselves.



Appsner's goal is to help businesses and individuals succeed by taking advantage of cutting edge technologies. We believe iOS/Android devices are opening new opportunities for everyone. Mobile applications allow customers to interact with businesses in a whole new way. We are here to help you create professional mobile applications at affordable prices.

Having an app is kind of the ultimate in pull marketing. We are talking about the most intimate device in consumers’ lives. It’s always on. They carry it with them. When consumers put a branded app on their phone, they’re inviting you into an ongoing conversation and to have a presence on a device that’s so intimate. That’s one of the things that makes it attractive for any company, business and individual. It’s a great way to stay connected with the audience and to carry on a longer conversation.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

According to Morgan Stanley Research, mobile users will surpass desktop users by 2014.


  • Push Notifications -  In a nutshell, push notifications allow you to send pop-up messages directly to users who have previously installed one of your apps, even when the app is closed.

Push notifications are the biggest driver of engagement in apps. Keep your users engaged with new content, news, offers and increase your awareness and app usage.

  • Sync - New content and updates are automatically sent through the cloud to every device that has your app.
  • In-app Purchases - Sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions.

  • GPS & PoIs– Display your business' location(s) and offer directions for your users. You can also display points of interest near your user’s current location.
  • RSS Feed Reader - Deliver feeds to your users inside the app. Provide the information they need right at their fingertips.

  • PDF Reader & Editor – Multimedia PDF tools embedded into your app. Allow your users to open and edit PDF files.

  • EPUB Reader - Native EPUB Reader for one of the most popular open e-books formats. Let your users read books using smart navigation and pleasant animation.
  • Document Scanner - Multipage scanner for documents, recipes, notes and text. Scan documents with camera and convert them to PDF file.

  • Barcode Scanner - Scan barcodes on products.

  • QR Code Creator & Scanner - Create and scan QR codes inside your app. You can also organize them and share with Facebook or by email.

  • App Share - Let users promote your app on their Social Network channels and by email inside your app.

  • Newsstand – Create and publish your magazine for Newsstand.
  • Login Page – Restrict access to certain app pages for dedicated users.

  • Image overlays – Create a funny app where users can  take pictures with camera and overlay custom images and artwork. They can share them on Facebook  or by email.
  • Search – Building an encyclopedia? Your users can find what they are looking for using the search tool.

  • Blog – Have a web page or a blog that you constantly update and want it bundled into your app? It’s done! The page will load from your server.

  • Ad-Networks – Monetize your app with admob, RevMob or iAd. We work hard to integrate more ad-networks with our platform.
  • Custom Menus – Build your app the way you want it. More than 10 menu layouts, including Image Menu, Button Menu, Magazine Menu, Side Bar Menu, Stripes Menu, Round Corner Menu. Whether you want to include thumbnails, description or just the title you can be sure your app will look professional. Style, font, color, icon - everything is customizable.

  • Custom Tabs – Whether you want a modern look and feel or a minimalistic one we’ve got you covered. You can have no tabs, standard tabs or design your own ones with custom icons, background and even custom click sound. You can also choose to use our Wheel Navigation instead of tabs.

  • Audio/Radio Stream – Let your users enjoy your music/radio within your app.
  • GPS Coupon – Prompt users to scan QR codes at your sales point and offer discounts.

  • Check-In – Allow users to check-in at your sales point and offer discounts based on their actions.
  • Loyalty – Offer a virtual stamp card to reward your customers for their loyalty when a certain number of stamps are aquired.

  • Video – Embed Youtube videos in to your app or allow users to download available videos.

  • Greeting Cards  - Allow users to fill in a custom message and overlay it on preset images to create greeting cards. They can send them by email or post on Facebook.

  • 360 ° View – Create awesome panoramas for your users to enjoy.

  • Feedback Form – Accept detailed feedback from your users with location, date, time, message, email, phone number. Everything is sent directly to your email.
  • Calculator – Let your users solve predefined mathematical problems. There are many situations when you might want to use a predefined formula calculator. Some of the most popular are body fat percentage calculation, ingredient amount calculation for recipes and loan calculation.

  • Poll  – Keep users engaged with polls and research  new ideas you might implement.

  • Order & Shopping Cart – Allow users to place an order using your app. They can use the shopping cart if they plan to order more items.

  • Notes – Allow users to write and save notes inside your app.

  • Objective-C – You can implement custom Objective-C code features inside your app.
  • Lighter – A classic flashlight feature.

  • Magazine – Add, organize and sell your magazines.

  • Voice Record – Let users share voice messages.

  • Wavefront Object  – Import 3d  .obj models into your app.

  • Photo Effects – Allow users to take photos inside your app and add effects like sepia, grey, b&w and many more to them.
  • Camera Cover – Allow users to apply a magazine cover effect to pictures taken with camera. You can also create your own magazine covers.

  • Slideshow  – Create a beautiful slideshow for your users.

  • 3D Layers – Display 3D Layers inside your app. Users can switch through all of them, zoom and even paint them.

  • Facebook Fan Page – Integrate your Facebook feeds into your app. Users can like and interact with your fan page.

  • Podcast – Allow users to listen and watch podcasts from a specific podcast feed.

  • Karaoke  – Add lyrics and songs then sync them together. Let your users have fun.
  • Memo – Upload your artwork and let users play a memory game.

  • Quiz – Create awesome quiz games . You can use our template and just add questions and answers or you can edit the layout aswell.

  • Puzzle  – Upload your artwork and let users solve a puzzle out of it.

  • Tetris – Simple tetris game.

  • Bike – 2D game with customizable skins.

You can always make an app from scratch, using a blank template. This is a sample app created with our platform, from scratch. It's composed of a header, containing the logo, an image menu and our standard 4 tabs with custom icons from our gallery.





We have lots of templates you can use to build your mobile application. Every template is customizable, so you can create your app the way you want it. You can also start from scratch, using a blank template and create a unique app. Our primary focus is to bring new templates based on your requirements and feedback. We are confident we can release atleast 2 new templates every month. You will be able to vote what new templates want to see in Appsner.


  • Restaurant






  • Cafe



  • Membership



  • Magazines & Books






  • Travel


  • Corporate




  • Fashion


  • Music & Radio


  • Sport


  • News




  • Directory


  • Social Network


  • Portfolio






  • Real Estate


  • Fan Page


  • Quiz




  • Health & Fitness


  • Taxi


  • Greeting Cards




  • Blog


  • Car Dealership



Our platform is almost ready, and everything we’ve presented until now is already developed.

We’ve put a lot of effort and passion into this so we look forward to finish what we’ve started!

$7000 is the amount we estimated we need in order to have a proper launch, provide a quality service and support. Most of the money will be spent on a powerful server to host the platform online and the apps. The rest will be used to finish our website integration that is currently under development.

We hope we can reach our goal!

UPDATE: We've managed to secure $3,000 in funds from local businesses, so our new goal is $4,000.


Appsner is co-founded by Marius Buibar and Costin Bafane. The idea came to life last year and since then we've been focused on making appsner a reality.

Marius Buibar: Even though I'm currently studying law at "Titu Maiorescu" University of Bucharest, I have a big passion for computers and technology. I have experience as a web developer and designer and used to offer my services as a part-time job in the past.

Costin Bafane: I am 21 years old and currently studying economics, specialized in management at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I have been working online since I was 18 and I have developed many successful projects. I was born in the internet era therefore I am passionate about technology, especially the evolution of mobile technology.


  • What unlimited tier really means?

Unlimited means you can use our platform without any limitations, including updates, push-notifications, in-app purchases. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 1000 apps, or if your app reached 100,000 downloads or more. You can send unlimited push-notifications to your users, but make sure you don’t spam them. Apple/Google/Amazon might pull your app off their store if you spam push-notifications.

  • Do I need a developer account?

You only need one if you plan to build  paid apps or use in-app purchases. You need a developer account to receive the money. ($99/Year for AppStore; $25/Lifetime for Google Play; $99/Year for Amazon Store)

If you plan to create just free apps or ad-monetized ones, we will publish them with our business developer accounts.

  • What happens with my app if I stop paying the monthly fee?

You won’t be able to update and send push-notifications unless you activate your plan again. Your app will still be available for download in AppStore/Google Play/Amazon Store, but when people open it they will receive a pop-up message letting them know your current plan is inactive.

  • Can I build apps for companies, businesses, organizations, individuals and sell them?

Yes! We encourage freelancers to create new revenue streams for themselves using appsner!

  • How fast can I make an app?

Using one of our templates, you can finish it in less than 60 minutes. Creating a custom app, from scratch, using a blank template could take you between 1 and 3 hours depending on how much you want to work on the design.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the comment system or directly from our indiegogo profile.

Please support us and spread the word about our project!

Thank you!


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Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Create one mobile application

    For $10 per month you will have access to our platform, access all the features, unlimited updates, push notifications and in-app purchases. One app, one platform, simple as that. Retail value: $15

    54 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $25USD
    Create unlimited apps (early)

    You will be able to build how many apps you want for only $25 per month. You will have access to all the features and templates, so you can start making unlimited apps, on all platforms, for you and for your clients. Retail value: $35

    51 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $30USD
    Create unlimited apps

    You will be able to build how many apps you want for only $30 per month. You will have access to all the features and templates, so you can start making unlimited apps, on all platforms, for you and for your clients. Retail value: $35

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $100USD
    Prepaid unlimited mobile apps

    Get 4 months of unlimited access to our platform. You can continue to use our service after the 4 month period for $25 per month. Retail value: $140

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $300USD

    We will build for you a professional and unique native or HTML5 mobile application using a blank template and design it to suit your business. We will take care of everything, including updates and push notifications. First month is included in the price, then $20 per month for maintenance. Retail value: $450

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $1,000USD

    We will build for you a professional and unique native or HTML5 mobile application for each of the supported platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet) using a blank template and design them to suit your business. We will take care of everything, including updates and push notifications. First month is included in the price, then $20 per month for maintenance. We will also feature your business/apps on our website. Retail value: $2000

    1 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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