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Sharing the creative voice of Africa’s youth through interactive storybooks.
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Apps for Change

Apps for Change is a project dedicated to sharing the creative voice of Africa’s youth. By providing them with the necessary materials, Apps for Change gives children the opportunity to share their experiences, culture, and creativity by illustrating and narrating their own storybooks. I will then turn their storybooks into interactive apps for the iPhone and iPad. These storybook apps will be available for purchase worldwide on the iTunes App Store and all money made from sales will be sent to the children’s village via it’s affiliated charity.


The Apps for Change website will serve as a community for developers and users to interact, as well as a marketplace where users can browse charitable apps and view their descriptions, videos, and related media. Apps listed on the site will be screened and certified as  "Apps for Change", a branding that when placed in app descriptions will guarantee users that the app will donate a percentage of its proceeds to a good cause.


The impact on…


Growing up in rural Africa, most children lack access to computers, much less the Internet, as a medium to express their thoughts globally. Having people all over the world appreciate their creative abilities, as well as bringing additional income to their village will hopefully serve as reinforcement of their own self-worth and the things they can accomplish with hard work.



Users will get to see the world through the eyes of children in Africa. These interactives storybooks will immerse the reader in the children's unique perspectives, life-experiences, and imagination, all illustrated and narrated firsthand. Within the app, users will also be able to listen to native music and song from the villages, biographies of the children, and information about their culture and day-to-day life. 



Apple's policies currently restrict developers from including any details about the charitable aspects of their apps within the app's description. This presents a huge obstacle by preventing clear communication between developers and the users. The long term goal of Apps for Change would be to create a large enough community, and a strong enough relationship with Apple, that any registered App for Change could list information about it’s charitable cause within its iTunes description, and hopefully one day have Apple’s 30% cut reduced or waived altogether.

What We Need

General Supplies ($4,000) - The quality of the finished product weighs heavily upon the quality of the materials used. I would like to provide a high quality canvas paper, multiple drawing mediums (crayons, paints, pastels, etc.), and audio equipment to record story narrations and native song.


Shipping Costs ($1,000) - This will cover the shipping of materials and finished products between Africa and the US.


Translations ($1,000) - We hope to have the children narrate in their native language, however to make the apps as widely marketable as possible, professional translation to all of the major international languages is a necessity!


Brand Development ($4,000) - Professional web development, domain acquisition, and trademarking the "Apps for Change" name will help insure there are no fraudulent attempts to present an unaffiliated app as part of the project. Establishing a trusting relationship with customers as well as Apple is key to the projects success.


If we fail to reach our campaign’s financial goal, all funds will still go to the expenses listed above. The more the project earns, the better the quality of the finished product. If I were to earn just one dollar, I would make that dollar benefit this project as much as possible, just as I promise to do with every dollar earned.

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    I appreciate every dollar donated to the project and I will send positive energy and karma to every single contributor!

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    Shout Out!

    I will mention your name on the Apps for Change and AppHappy Studios Facebook page and Twitter in our weekly Shout Out! *As well as everything above*

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    The app of your choice from AppHappy Studios! Visit for the entire selection. (Must have iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) *As well as everything above* (amount over $1 is tax-deductible)

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    From the bottom of my heart

    A handwritten letter expressing my sincere appreciation for your help. I really believe this project will help mobile devices reach their true potential as a platform for positive change in the world. Theres no way I could thank you enough for your support, but I will do my best. *As well as everything above* (amount over $1 is tax-deductible)

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    Print of your choice!

    Get an official high-quality print of any illustration from the first storybooks signed and personalized to you! Show your friends and family that you are awesome and helped make this project possible! *As well as everything above* (amount over $5 is tax-deductible)

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