Apples and Oranges Tech Services

I'm raising money to start a consumer-oriented technology services company serving the downtown Syracuse community.

Hi, and thanks for checking out my campaign! I’m raising money to start a consumer electronics repair and service business in the heart of downtown Syracuse. Right now I'm living outside of Toledo, but my family and I are working on moving back to Syracuse, where we grew and where we belong. My goal is $20,000, but every dollar, dime, and penny helps to get this off the ground and get us back to Syracuse.

Here's what I need:

$20,000 is a (probably low) estimate of how much I'll need to get the business legally created, lease the space in Armory Square, build workbenches and shelves and paint the walls, and to buy the tools and diagnostic computers and other materials I'll need to do the work properly. Any money raised above and beyond the goal will go to improving the business to make diagnostics easier, repairs faster, and the store a more beautiful space to visit and work.

Here's what you get:

Everyone contributing at least $10 will be immortalized with their picture on the Wall of Honor at the front of the store. A $35 contributor will receive a 2GB flash drive emblazoned with the Apple and Oranges logo. A $100 contributor will receive the flash drive and a coupon for 50% off the labor cost of one in-store repair. A $1000 contributor will receive the flash drive, a coupon for free in-store labor for one year, and eternal friendship. Yes, I can be bought.

The Impact

People are moving to downtown Syracuse every day and more apartments are under construction. Businesses are springing up on every corner. Thousands of people are living and working in a revitalized downtown, 3000 people living, over 30000 working, but right now if they have a problem with their computer, phone, or tablet, they have to go to the suburbs, or worse, the mall. I think it’s time for a consumer-based technology services company in downtown Syracuse, serving the local community. I’ve got plenty of experience, I’ve been solving Syracuse residents business and consumer technology problems for 15 years. I’ve probably even helped you or someone you know. If this is the sort of thing you’d like to see in your community, please contribute today! After you do, stop by the facebook page or send me a tweet at @dagsly with the hashtag #movebacktocuse!

Other Ways You Can Help

Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign! Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Share my link on Twitter and Facebook using the Indiegogo share buttons on this page.

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