Apple Worm. Data cable phone case for iPhone 5S 5C 5

A most portable multifunction USB data cable mobile phone case for iPhone5/5s/5c. It can charge the phone, used as a phone holder and an earphone winder.

“Apple Worm”

For iPhone 5S/5C/5

What is “Apple Worm”?

“Apple Worm” is currently the most portable multifunction USB data cable mobile phone case in the world for iPhone 5S/5C/5. It can meet your needs to charge the phone and data synchronization just do as the same as the standard USB cable. The date cable can also be used as a phone holder and an earphone winder; you can take full advantage of the combination of the mobile phone case and the data cable. 

  • Have you ever been worried about forgetting to bring the data cable when you were out?
  • Have you ever been annoyed for the data cable and earphone jumbling together?
  • Have you ever thought to free your hands to do other things when you watch videos or video chat with your phone?

We are glad to tell you that our “Apple Worm” is the right product to resolve these problems.

I, “Apple worm” in the case is not only a date cable, but a winder to comb your earphone.

II, USB data cable can be readily bent to use as a mobile phone holder, liberate your hands.

You may need a phone holder to watch videos or chat at any time when you go out, travel, work, and cook, wash up or go to toilet, ect. Our “Apple Worm” can meet all your needs.

With it, you can bring you data cable as long as you take you phone. You never need to worry about forgetting it. 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Apple worm is under production now, and it will be released to the market on March, 2014.

We are planning to cooperate with distributors in the international market and to sell on eBay in retail. 

If the campaign is over when you notice the apple worm on indiegogo, do not worry, pls pay attention to our website on www.decentodm.com or search on eBay to get the updated news. Also, the name may change into "Color worm" or "Case For iPhone Hides A Lightning Cable" after March, 2014.

Pls notice if you make order by paybal before March 15, 2014, you can also enjoy the campaign price. Send email to make order and pay by paybal!

Email: decentodm@gmail.com

Paybal: decentodm@gmail.com

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Portable Practical Simple Rapid   

We will cooperate with an outstanding manufacturer to produce Apple worm.We try to make in high quality and low price. Through B2C mode, we hope to reduce the cost, it is both good for us and our users. 

Contrast between the "Apple Worm” USB data cable and the standard USB cable:


“Apple Worm” USB date cable

APLLE Lightning Standard USB cable







Phone Holder



Earphone winder












Two sets “Apple Worm” for iPhone5/5S and iPhone5C

Five kinds of color for phone case

Five kinds of color for USB data cable

The application of “Apple Worm”

  • “Apple Worm” is very durable

The used material of polycarbonate (PC) and high performance polyurethane (TPU) is injected at one time, so the joints and wires are closely linked, and makes the cable more flexible and anti-scratch. The surface of phone case uses spray paint to make it more beautifully. To avoid fade and anti-fingerprint, we add transparent rubber paint to the black phone case; red shell and blue case, and add metallic paint over gold and silver case. This can also make it feels more comfortable. In a word, "Apple Worm” will be a more durable product.

  • The USB data cable of “Apple Worm” can be a phone holder

Firstly, the cable has a thickness of 3mm and the width of 12mm. We can control the hardness of high performance polyurethane (TPU) to make it moderate.

Secondly, a locating slot is set on the back of phone case. The data cable is required buckle in the locating slot after bending it. With these feature, the USB cable can be used as a phone holder.

  • The USB data cable support data synchronization

The cable has the same function as the standard USB data cable, which can meet the requirements of charging and data synchronization. What’s more, the original APPLLE Lightning chip is used to perfect support IOS7 system. Also, we will get permission for MFI certified. 

Why the fund-raising goal is USD 8,000

The concept of “Apple Worm” can indeed solve some problems for iphone users, and we believe that is what you need. We desperately hope deliver this love “little worm” to your hands. Total amount of USD 8K contains mold development, early stocking and production.

We are doing our great effort to make “Apple Worm” achieve mass production in the earlier time. We need your help and hope you can join in for this excited product. Also, we hope you can share the love worm with your family, colleagues and friends, to let more people share this information.


Note: Prepaid $ 20 and above, and share the information on one of Facebook, Twitter or G+, you will get a phone case, do remember to send us email at decentodm@gmail.com indicating your phone model and the color you want .

Note: Prepaid $ 20 and above, and share on all Facebook,Twitter and G+, you will get two cases, do remember to send us email at decentodm@gmail.com indicating your phone model and the color you want .

Production and delivery

“Apple Worm” will be produced in China, the world’s largest manufacturing base. We have cooperated with several trusted manufacturers in Shenzhen for a long time, and we will choose the most qualified one to produce this product. Pls pay attention to our Facebook, twitter, G+ and website at www.decentodm.com for latest news.

We hereby inform you that the molding design has been finished already. As MFI authorization needs a strict verification test, We have cooperated with a member of the Apple Inc to get the permission of it. We recently will send the sample to Apple Inc laboratory in Taiwan to do the test and then send to America headquarters to get the finally check. Also because the Chinese Spring Festival holiday is approaching, the delivery date may one month later than the expected. We will push the process to get the permission in earlier time and send apple worm to you once available.

Thanks for your great patient and understanding!

We will try to do the best!

We have a team with rich shipment experience and they will deliver the “Apple Worm” to your hands by courier or freight forwarding no matter where you are in the world. The targeted retail price is USD40.00 for one set (a phone shell and a data cable) once comes into the market. Now, you will get it with the best prices in this campaign and begin to use it before it appears on the market.

Do feel free to ask for any questions by send email to decentodm@gmail.com, or leave messages on our website at  www.decentodm.com, or contact us with Facebook、twitter、google+.

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