Apple Wood Salvage Initiative

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This campaign ended on March 22, 2013
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  • $15CAD
    Apple Wood Broach by Scott

    A colourful cross-section of apple branch cut and mounted on a broach backing. Approximately 3" in diameter and 3/8" thick. Each broach is unique. Branded with our limited edition apple wood initiative branding iron.

    Estimated delivery: March 2013

    17 out of 500 claimed

  • $40CAD
    Spreader Knife by Dennis&Mike

    Hand carved from durable apple wood following the grain of the wood. The spreader knife is roughly 8 inches long. The blade is about 1/8" thick and tapers to a thin sharp cutting edge along the front and bottom so you can easily cut into soft cheeses and cold butter. It is also ideal for spreading jams and jellies.

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    27 out of 100 claimed

  • $40CAD
    Forward By Karen King

    A minimal, single-serve shelf, Foreword keeps your favourite title within reach. Hang just one or in multiples. Shelve a book at a time, whether you’re in the middle of reading it, adding it to your book queue, or in love with the cover. Keyhole hangers allow this shelf to be hung horizontally, vertically, or at a 45. Use for easy access, display, and reading lists. 11 x 2.5 x 2"

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    15 out of 100 claimed

  • $50CAD
    Serving Platter by Brian

    These apple wood serving platters have defined square edges that are broken up by a touch of live edge. Roughly 6.5" by 12". Comes on rubber feet to elevate your presentation. These were Discounted from $50 to $30 for the first 5 days of the campaign. Congrats to the 27 who got the early bird special!

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    29 out of 473 claimed

  • $75CAD
    Coat Hook by Joshua

    Transforming the typical hook into a thing of beauty, the hand-turned Apple Wood Coat Hook by Joshua Brassé is sure to inspire your guests. Designed, hand-turned, and laser etched in the ideacious studio in downtown Toronto, with relentless attention to detail, from the shallow curve on the surface, to the simple (and hidden) hanger bolt, the extremely durable and sturdy Apple Wood Coat Hook couldn’t be easier to install. 4.25 x 1.5” [hardware included]

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    3 out of 50 claimed

  • $80CAD
    Spirit Tree by Joerg

    This set of apple wood branches and a fitting base lets children build and rebuild homes for their favourite nature spirits - gnomes, fairies or elves. The pieces included are just the beginning: the structure can be combined with found objects from home and nature - pieces of fabric, felt, twigs, leaves and moss. Every tree house set is unique and includes a base and approximately seven or eight branch pieces that connect with one another in many different combinations.

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    0 out of 20 claimed

  • $100CAD
    Large Spoon by Andreas

    These spoons are great for serving. Each has a unique shape that follows the grain of the wood for it's strength and character.

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    5 out of 75 claimed

  • $100CAD
    Spatula by Andreas

    Incredibly strong yet flexible, these spatulas are unlike anything you've seen mass produced. They'll be flipping pancakes long after you.

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    8 out of 25 claimed

  • $130CAD
    Laddle by Andreas

    These laddles are a the peak of spoon craftsmanship. Only particular branches of a certain size with a 90 degree crook are used. This allows them to be made without the grain runout you see in mass produced utensils. For the last 8 days of the campaign, these elegant laddles are on sale for $130 from $150! $20 off, that's nothing to shake a laddle at!

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    5 out of 8 claimed

  • $350CAD
    Fruit Bowl by Mike

    This fruit bowl is hand chiseled from a split branch, an elegant addition to any kitchen. Providing a rustic yet modern display for your apples and other fruit. Dimensions will vary slightly from bowl to bowl. Roughly 17x8x3.5"

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    3 out of 10 claimed

  • $600CAD
    Applesconce by Steven

    A wall mounted light sculpture made from a naturally warped slice of apple wood that floats off the wall. L.E.D. lights mounted behind it and illuminate the wall, emphasizing the organic form of the wood. Finely sanded and varnished, the patterning of the wood grain reads both like a painting and a sculpture. Abstract and surreal the imagination has depths to be discovered within each one. Signed, dated, numbered, and branded with our limited edition apple wood initiative branding iron.

    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    2 out of 24 claimed

  • $1,500CAD
    Bench by Dennis&Mike

    Walking the line between rustic and modern, this bench is thoroughly contemporary. It is made from one apple branch for the top and one piece of steel for the base. It measures roughly 36" long, 16" high, and 12" wide. Branded with our limited edition apple wood initiative branding iron.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    5 out of 20 claimed

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