Apocalypse Wow

A TV pilot about the world ending due to overdependence on smartphones.
Sonja Mereu
Los Angeles, California
United States
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10 days left: Fantastic news!!

Because of your support, this campaign has attracted the attention of a reputable production company who will package our project for the big leagues! We now have less than $3000 left to raise. The funds will be used to shoot a trailer showcasing amazing scenes from the pilot for Apocalypse Wow.

---------------------------updated original campaign messages below---------------------------

Hi! We're Shawn, Lindsey and Sonja.

Thank you for stopping by to check out Apocalypse Wow, our fun, dark, fun, futuristic, fun, off-beat ensemble TV series. It's great to see you here! 

The above video is a message from Shawn Kathryn Kane, writer / creator / "Sam" in Apocalypse Wow.  It contains a Sneak Peek of our intended first few moments.

We are now raising funds to shoot a trailer for the pilot in January, and even $1, $5, $10 can help us reach our goal. We haven't started shooting yet, but with your support we can.

Now, you may be wondering:

What is Apocalypse Wow?

Fantastic question.

In the near-distant future, the wedding preparations of two 20-somethings, Samantha ("Sam") and Declan, are interrupted when the end of the world is brought about by overdependence on "geniusPhones" (a few generations beyond "smartphones").

Apocalypse Wow is a full-length new media episodic series in the tone of Firefly that explores the precariousness of human existence when modern convenience becomes necessity.  (Full-length new media episodic like The Awesomes, House of Cards, Battleground, etc.)

We conceived of this story because - well - on multiple occasions I experienced a habitual impulse to check a text message or email and began frantically looking for my phone only to realize I couldn't find it because I was. talking. on. said. phone. I was simultaneously flooded with relief and chagrined. ...And then I put the person on speaker while I checked my text messages and email.

Our phones, and in a larger sense the connection provided by the internet, are becoming more and more part of the bedrock of how we function in daily life - which begs the question: What would YOU do without your smartphone?

I shudder to think.

Apocalypse Wow takes that question a step further and, as a result, explores the questions of separation, survival in desperate circumstances, altruism, compassion toward aggressors, bonds formed in extreme circumstances, hope and the lack thereof... there's lots to talk about.

The success of this crowd funding campaign will help us talk about all those things with you. We think you'll love the story as much as we do.

Hmm. What else?

Glad you asked! Apocalypse Wow is an episodic comedy in the ironic tone of Firefly. Our witty, sometimes hapless, characters are living a drama. 

It's also a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic monster genre. The "monsters" are still human, so their experiences become part of the tale. When combined with the gripping elements of survival and saving the world on one hand and a bromantic road trip on the other, you have an action-packed thought-provoking story that dances easily from seriousness to levity and back again.

Got it... So, who are you?

Right. Another great question. Here we are in brief (more about all of us can be found at www.apocwow.com ):

Shawn Kathryn Kane (writer, creator, series lead; General Hospital, The Bold & The Beautiful)
Like most people from the future, Shawn Kathryn Kane is from a multicultural family. Shawn is a graduate of New York University's TISCH School of the Arts and the Atlantic Theatre Company Acting School. She currently studies with Ivana Chubbuck. Recently, Shawn wrote and starred in the film noir parody Noirmare, which won the prestigious Alan Bailey Award of Excellence in Film at its festival debut in August 2013. Acting credits include The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital, on which she recurs.

Sonja Mereu (producer) tried her hand at acting, writing and directing before she came to find her true passion, producing. She has been producing short films, music videos and web series for five years in addition to lending support to numerous productions.

Chris Bauer (series lead; True Blood, The Wire) has starred in numerous television series including The Wire as port-union boss Frank Sobotka, Third Watch as Fred Yokas, and True Blood as Detective (now Sheriff) Andy Bellefleur. His many films include The Devil's Advocate, Face/Off, Flawless, 8MM, and Animal Factory (directed by Steve Buscemi).

Derek Krantz (series lead; Nashville) currently recurs on ABC's hit show Nashville. Other credits include 2 Broke Girls, Days of Our Lives and a multitude of independent films. Catch up with him weekly on the Nashville Twitter bus.

Ward Roberts (director) owns the fun and twisted brain behind two critically acclaimed feature films and countless music videos, webisodes, short films and commercials. His hilarious yet disturbing cult smash Dust Up, starring Amber Benson, played in over 20 cities across the United States and was released in over 100 million homes through virtually every major digital platform, as well as on DVD in Blockbuster and Best Buy. View footage from Ward among the gallery videos.

Lindsey Hart (associate producer, series lead) began her professional career as a dancer. She won a National Dance Competition and was named Tremaine's Senior Dancer of the Year. She went on to perform in the National Tour of Fosse before graduating from the Atlantic Theatre Company Acting School in NYC, founded by William H. Macy and David Mamet. Lindsey has appeared in several projects, including Crime ShareZombie Nightmare, This Indie Thing and Shawn's Noirmare. She recently was in her first full-length feature film, How Sweet It Is. Currently, she is working on the web series, A.S.K.

Adam Hart (stunt coordinator/fight choreographer; The Dark Knight Rises, The Walking Dead) is an award-winning veteran stuntman. His aptitude with a sword came in handy while teaching The Walking Dead's "Micchonne" to elegantly slice and dice zombies. Adam's many awards include two from the Screen Actors Guild for "Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture" for The Dark Knight and Inception. Most recently, he was the lead stunt double for 300: Rise of an Empire, and he was the co-stunt coordinator on the latest Michael Mann film.

Owen O'Malley (composer) is a musician, composer, audio engineer, music teacher, and freelance writer living in Chicago. Since 2011, he's been playing bass with the band Bailiff, whose next LP is set for an early 2014 release. Owen attended NYU's TISCH School of the Arts where he studied directing and sound design for theater.

We are also:

 Samantha Stewart - associate producer

 Adrienne Hunter - associate producer

More info about them in the gallery.

What We Need & What You Get

We have a fantastic script and a very clear plan of how we want to shoot the trailer and also where we want the rest of the series to go. We're raising $7,000 to cover costs of the trailer including:

  • Cast and crew
  • Locations
  • Catering (for these hardworking folk)
  • Special effects makeup
  • Stylized props and set dressing to create our near-distant future
  • Equipment
  • Wardrobe
  • Insurance
  • Post-production, including editing, special effects, color and sound production

We're getting some pretty great stuff - but so are you! Such as:

  • Personalized video Facebook and twitter shout outs from us to you!
  • Downloadable copies of our pilot and its incredible original soundtrack.
  • You or someone you know can be in, or take part in production of, the pilot.
  • Your contribution makes a difference in the larger community.
  • An hour (or more!) of our very valuable time, which is super rare. Rarer than diamonds.*


The Impact

Apocalypse Wow is an opportunity to show another possible future. It'll be loads of fun, totally, but it's also a story:

  • about a diverse ensemble,
  • told from the perspective of a female-dominated creative team.

Our voices are not always strongly heard in the film and television industry, but we're making a difference and our future will reflect that.

Our project will employ dozens of local artists, craftsmen and professionals. For the pilot, for example:

  • $30,000 employs the first 28 people.
  • $36,000 employs the first 51 people.
  • $38,000 employs the first 58 people.
  • $51,000 employs the first 66 people, etc.

Not to mention the additional revenue and business our production will generate in local communities. Additional funds raised will go towards catering, equipment, locations, and other tools these professionals need (more about this below).

We're a socially conscious team:

  • This campaign provides opportunities for community outreach.
  • Involving charitable organizations in our production process has a meaningful correlation to their missions.

Okay, so why 7K for Apocalypse Wow's teaser?

We've crunched the numbers and this is the bare bones amount we need to shoot and edit the trailer. Could we use more? Of course, but this is the figure we need to go into production and come away with a completed project we're proud of.

Our director Ward Roberts has been directing for quite a while now and has learned the importance of running an effective set on limited budgets. He's made an art of shooting stunning projects for little to no budget. To survive in this competitive, creative world a director has to be able to deliver the [apocalypse] "wow" factor on time and at or under budget.  Ward has proven himself more than capable of doing so time and again. Apocalypse Wow will be his chance to put all he's learned towards creating our incredible world.

To help him do just that, our plan is to hire the best cast and crew our budget allows. A show is only as good as its players, and Ward has developed amazing team relationships with some of the industry's top craftspeople. For his television debut, you can bet Ward is going to work with the most talented folks we can bring aboard.  Good thing is, it hasn't been that hard to convince anyone. Everyone loves the project, particularly the actors we've approached.

One hundred percent of the money raised on Indiegogo will go into the trailer. We (Shawn, Ward, Lindsey and Sonja) are not paying ourselves a dime. In fact, we're putting our own money into the project.  For us, being part of the project is our reward. We want every dollar possible to go onto the screen. From travel and lodging, gear rental and insurance, catering and craft service, sets and props, to casting and crew - every dollar we raise goes right back into Apocalypse Wow.

We set the mark at $7K, but if we can raise twice that, so much the better. In the world of filming, you work with what you have. If you have a dollar, you put that dollar to work, stretch it and make it last. If you have two dollars, you make them work just as hard.

Every dollar over our funding goal just means we get a little more production value, a little more breathing room. One of our first bonus expenditures would be an extra day or two of shooting. As of now, we are budgeted for 3 days of filming - 3 days to cover scenes from over 70 pages of script. That's not a lot of time. Typical bigger budget products have twice as long or three times as many crew people to shoot the same amount of pages. Another bonus expenditure would be to pay more money to the people helping us out: the owners of the locations we film in, the actors who star in it, the caterers who bring us hot meals, etc. The project is going to bring some money to the local economies. We'd like to bring more. We'd also like to help those helping us as much as we're able.

If you've read this far, you're a trooper; welcome to our family. Without each and every one of you, Apocalypse Wow couldn't be realized.

Location, Location, Location

With the world we'll create and our ensemble cast, we're currently budgeted to shoot in the Los Angeles area. Here's a glimpse of some key locations in Apocalypse Wow:

The Cavern:  An unfinished subway station where The Girls hunker down with the rest of the "survivors," hiding out from aggressive East Coast lurchers.

Endgame:  The club where The Girls spend their last night in the world as they know it, before the Mother Satellite is destroyed and the internet goes down.

The Gamer Pad:  The Guys' West Coast pad, where they "unplug" to play retro video games, oblivious to real world events unfolding around them.

A West Coast Park:  The Guys contemplate taking a roadtrip across the country while sitting in a park where bootcamp lurchers still care about fitness, even if they're less coordinated about it.

There's a lot more to see; with your help we'll be able to begin shooting in these locations this January.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute financially right now, we totally get it. There are other ways to help!

The biggest and best thing you can do help is spread the word about Apocalypse Wow. Like us on Facebook, tweet about us, forward our campaign to someone who:

  • loves Joss Whedon
  • is as big a nerd as we are
  • wrote a note on his/her hand that read "If you can read this, someone stole my phone."
  • likes to support innovators
  • wants to help chicks and minorities have louder voices in film and television
  • just has some spare cash

Explain why you like us and why they should. Make use of Indiegogo's share tools. And above all, please remember how much we appreciate your gracious support. We can't thank you enough.

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    A witty thank you shout out on Twitter or Facebook. Put a link to your facebook page or twitter handle in the notes section of the payment page, or send it to contactapocwow@gmail.com.

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  • $25USD

    Get a downloadable copy of the pilot after its release, get a downloadable soundtrack, AND you'll also get a custom souvenir "I helped make Apocalypse Wow" bumper sticker to let everyone driving behind you know how hard you rock.

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    Be the first on your block to sport an exclusive "I helped make Apocalypse Wow" t-shirt.* We have female and male options and sizes available. These tees are super cool, and they let folks know how culturally relevant you are. Wear it with pride. You deserve it! You'll also receive the bumper sticker, and downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack. Plus you'll still get a Social Media Shout Out! *T-shirt to be shipped within the continental U.S.

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  • $200USD

    We'll pay your kindness forward by volunteering with The Sunshine Kids (see campaign for info!). You'll also get an invitation to see Apoc Wow on the big screen in Los Angeles, CA, AND get downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack, AND an "I helped make Apocalypse Wow" souvenir! *Travel and lodging not included*

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  • $250USD

    You'll get a limited edition published art book about the making of Apocalypse Wow. Full of photos, script excerpts, notes from the creative team. This is a very unique item. The book will also be signed by cast and creators. Get 'em while they last! You'll also receive behind the scenes footage and a 10-second video clip thank you just for you.

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  • $300USD

    It's true. A pledge of this amount gets you a bundle from the Apocalypse Wow family that includes downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack, a souvenir from the set, a personal handwritten thank you note from a select cast member AND an autographed script. Plus you'll receive behind the scenes footage and a 10-second video clip thank you just for you. Plus ONE lucky person will receive a free Master Class from Actor Salon in Los Angeles, CA--Claim it now! There's only ONE class!

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  • $350USD

    BE OUR SET PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE DAY! Join us on set as part of our production team. Get to see all the ins and outs of a day in the life or our production. Your photos may become part of cinematic history in our behind-the-scenes art book and other Apoc Wow materials! *Travel/lodging not included

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  • $475USD

    4 tix to private screening of the movie in LA, Q&A with the director, creator and select cast. Join us for an evening of relaxing, drinks and watching the story you helped create. You'll also receive an "I helped make Apocalypse Wow" t-shirt, and as a special bonus we are including a limited edition Autographed Movie Poster.* Hang this on your wall for a guaranteed conversation starter! *Travel and lodging not included* *Poster and t-shirt to be shipped within the continental U.S."

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  • $500USD

    We'll spend one hour volunteering at Cedars Sinai Medical Center followed by an email to you describing our experience. Plus, the Sunshine Kids love getting involved in film and television production, so we'll volunteer an hour-long Q&A with them to answer all their film production questions. Plus you'll get a Social Media Shout Out linked to the both organizations.

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  • $750USD

    Be part of a television show! This pledge means you will be an extra in one of our scenes. Perhaps you'll be a lurcher, discovering your id, who knows? So many possibilities. You must be available for the shoot date, as there will be a particular day on which your scene will be filmed. You will also receive 2 tickets a private or festival screening and an Autographed Script (that could include yours!). *Schedule permitting *Travel and lodging not included for any part of this reward.

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  • $1,000USD

    A special thank you in the credits, admission to a screening, downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack, a Social Media Shout Out, an Apocalypse Wow bracelet or bumper sticker, PLUS a custom thank you video posted to social media AND an Associate Producer credit on IMDb. It'll look so good on your resume!

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  • $2,000USD

    We have a relationship with Cedars Sinai, and two hours are YOURS to give. We'll spend two hours volunteering at Cedars Sinai, followed by email(s) to you describing our experience. Plus, the Sunshine Kids will receive an invitation, from you, to spend a day on set! AND you'll get a Social Media Shout Out linked to both organizations, downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack, and an Apocalypse Wow bracelet or bumper sticker.

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  • $3,000USD

    We'll pay spend three hours volunteering at Cedars Sinai, followed by email(s) to you describing our experience. Plus, we'll volunteer an hour-long Q&A with the Sunshine Kids to answer all their film production questions. Plus you'll get downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack, an "IHMAW" souvenir, AND a Social Media Shout Out linked to both organizations.

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  • $5,000USD

    All the perks of an associate producer*, plus have a guest star role written for you or a person of your choice in a future episode! This is your chance to be a star or a starmaker, you producer you. *A special thank you in the credits, admission to a screening, downloadable copies of the pilot and soundtrack, a Social Media Shout Out, an Apocalypse Wow bracelet or bumper sticker, PLUS a custom thank you video posted to social media AND a Producer credit on IMDb.

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  • $10,000USD

    All the perks of a producer, PLUS spend a day with us on set, AND you'll be invited to dinner with the creative team and select cast in Los Angeles, CA, PLUS a special SURPRISE thank you from us to you. *Travel/lodging not included.

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  • $20,000USD

    All the perks of a producer, AND dinner at a private screening with the creative team and select cast in Los Angeles, CA, behind the scenes footage and email updates from the creative team, AND an invitation to spend a day on set, AND you'll receive a special SURPRISE thank you from us to you. *Travel/lodging not included

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  • $30,000USD

    All the perks of a producer, AND dinner with the creative team and select cast in Los Angeles, CA, behind the scenes footage and email updates from the creative team, AND an invitation to spend a day on set, AND one lucky Sunshine Kid will be offered a special role in the pilot episode, AND you'll receive a special SURPRISE thank you from us to you. *Travel/lodging not included

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