Apocalypse Rock: A Short Film

A rock and roll fueled short film about a man surviving all alone after the apocalypse by broadcasting a fictional radio show all day, every day.
Brian Pennington
Gaithersburg, Maryland
United States
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The Story

Apocalypse RockSet in a world left desolate and lifeless from an unprecedented catastrophe, “Apocalypse Rock” is the tale of the last man on Earth. Every day for the past two years, Tom Harper (Doug Powell) has broadcast his own unique radio show from an abandoned emergency radio station, desperately hoping to discover that he is not alone. In order to keep his sanity, Harper invents an audience for himself by taking pre-recorded phone calls, playing music, and relaying personal anecdotes to anyone who might be listening. But time is running out as his supply of fuel and water dwindles. With only a few days remaining before he must move on into the unknown, the sole survivor of the Apocalypse is faced with the reality that his last outlet of creativity and humanity is ending, and he may truly be alone.

Want to know more?  Watch the campaign video.

Who is Star Wipe Films?

Star Wipe Films is a close-knit team of filmmakers who have come together many times over the last 10 years to explore our passion.  We love movies and telling stories.  The two just naturally go together.  This year we will be producing our 11th and 12th films, in Washington DC and Baltimore respectively, for the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP).  We’ve developed a reputation as one of the teams to beat, and many come to the screenings just to see our films.  We love to hear, “Hey, Star Wipe is here!”  Dare we say we have a fan base in DC and Baltimore?!  

Who is Doug Powell?

Having worked with him on three films, we applaud Doug’s talent as an actor, building our vision for this film around him.  Doug’s story is best told in his own words:

“I’ve been performing professionally for over 13 years, but got my start in the performing arts very early on in my life.  At the age of 6, I recorded my first “comedy” cassette tape with my best friend, which was comprised mostly of silly songs about farts. By high school I had formed a comedic music and sketch troupe and by the age of 21, was performing live around the Washington DC area.”

Doug Powell“I’ve worked with some of the greats, from Jim Brewer and Patton Oswalt to Christopher Titus and Rory Scovel. My career has taken me from clubs like the Improv in Washington DC, to The Friar’s Club in Beverly Hills. ”

As a stand-up, I have released four albums with the DC-based comedy production company Hahaas Comedy. As a story-teller, I have worked with such prestigious organizations as Speakeasy DC, Story League, and Baltimore’s “Humiliated” series. As a host, I have co-hosted the Frederick 72 Hour Film Festival for the past three years, alongside the very talented Mikael Johnson. I have also worked alongside DC-based videographer Tim Martin, in the production of commercial pieces for Flying Dog Brewery.”

As an actor, I have worked on several short films with some very talented, young directors and their teams. In 2012, under the Star Wipe Films banner, I was awarded the Peer Gold, Best Actor Award by TIVA DC for my work in “Last Friday In April”, Best Actor for the Baltimore 48HFP film “Welcome to the Neighborhood” and later awarded Best Actor internationally at Filmapalooza for that same film. “Welcome to the Neighborhood” was selected and screened at the Short Film Corner of the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival.”

Our Filmmaking Experience

Let’s begin by saying we are just getting back from Cannes where our short film, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” screened at the Short Film Corner of the 2013 Cannes International Film Fest.  “Welcome to the Neighborhood”, featuring Doug Powell, won numerous awards including Best Film at the Baltimore 48HFP which gave us the opportunity to screen at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood earlier this year as part of Filmapalooza where we were awarded Best Actor for Doug Powell and Best Use of Character.  Selected in the top 15 films overall, we were honored to represent the 48HFP at the Cannes Short Film Corner. 

Our Team

But the 48HFP is just one example; basically, filmmaking under fire.  In 2005-2007, we produced “Godfather Death”, a film we self-financed for just under $10K.  This was a labor of love with the 65+ cast and crew providing their time free of charge.  Money went towards building a village of six houses and a church, costumes, air fares for our actors, and tons of food.  Many said this was the best project they had ever worked on, even projects with over $100K in budget, and still speak fondly of that project and our production team.  Many of those who worked on “Godfather Death” are now longtime friends and are coming back for “Apocalypse Rock”.

Brian and Karen, the creative backbone of Star Wipe Films, graduated from Full Sail in 2003, which is where they first started honing their craft.  Basically immersed in filmmaking from day one, they had many hours of classroom training and “real world” hands-on experience. They maintain working relationships and strong friendships with an elite group of filmmakers from Full Sail, two of whom will be flying in from California and Orlando to contribute to this project.  Karen’s resume includes working as the director’s assistant on “Sydney White”, starring Amanda Bynes.  For “The Fellows Hip”, an homage to the Lord of the Rings films, Karen served as production manager.  Brian was the DP and did most of the post-production editing and animation work.

Check Out the Bands

The backdrop of the film is music, and we have brought many local bands on board; bands with not only a great sound such as The Object from Pennsylvania, but those with a strong following in the Baltimore region, including Fame Killer, Arden, Wild Honey, Hollywood, Heavy Lights and Crimson Wave. In fact, Fame Killer is writing special music for our film.  Your donation will not only help fund our film, it will provide an opportunity for these bands to get some deserved attention.

The Budget

The bulk of the budget goes into making this film shine with things like the awesome Red Epic camera, Studio Unknown sound design, and the building of a realistic radio station set.  There is no money for any of the film’s producers or employees/owners of Star Wipe Films.  They are investing their own funds to cover 20% of the budget. Crew members have agreed to work at a fraction of what is considered scale in the video production industry.

This chart shows how the budget will be divided:

Budget Pie Chart

In Conclusion

We are ready to make an awesome short film!  We thank you for your time in reviewing our campaign, and would be honored to have your support.  

Respectfully, the Star Wipe Films team.

Need to get a hold of a Star Wipe member directly? Contact the Campaign Manager, Karen Gill-Pennington at Karen@DUOmediaproductions.com

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    Producer's Assistant

    Your name in the credits + a Twitter and Facebook shout-out from the perspective of Tom Harper, the last man alive on earth. (Each shout-out will be unique and if you send us your Twitter handle or follow us on facebook, we'll be sure to tag you.)

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    Radio Intern

    Get your name in the credits + receive an Apocalypse Rock radio station bumper sticker. Put it on your car, your guitar case, your forehead.

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    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + a downloadable copy of the soundtrack. Put it on your iPod and rock out all day long.

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    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + a large poster signed by the cast and crew. Hang it in your dorm room, your office, your home theater or even your dining room. People will ask about it.

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    Board Operator

    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + Apocalypse Rock t-shirt + attend the Wrap Party. Hang out with Doug, Brian and the rest of the gang. (Travel not included.)

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  • $200USD

    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + t-shirt + Blu-ray or DVD (please specify) + Visit the set of Apocalypse Rock and have lunch with the cast and crew. Watch the action, learn what a C-47 is, and enjoy some delicious grub.

    1 out of 6 claimed

    Chief Engineer

    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + t-shirt + attend a special screening of the film and be picked up by our main talent, Doug Powell. Enjoy scintillating conversation all the way to the screening. (within 50 mile radius to Baltimore)

    2 out of 2 claimed


    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + t-shirt + Blu-ray or DVD (please specify) + Your name in the film. The character Tom Harper will use your first name and town you live in as one of the Call-Ins.

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  • $350USD
    On-air Personality

    Your name in the credits + bumper sticker + Apocalypse Rock t-shirt + Blu-Ray or DVD copy of film + a Bobblehead of Doug as Tom Harper, the radio broadcaster.

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  • $500USD
    Guest Host

    You and a friend will join Doug and Brian for a crab feast with Flying Dog beer (within 50 miles of Baltimore) + bumper sticker + Apocalypse Rock t-shirt + Blu-Ray or DVD copy of film + downloadable copy of soundtrack

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  • $1,500USD
    Associate Producer

    Your name as an Associate Producer in the credits + bumper sticker + Apocalypse Rock t-shirt + poster + Blu-ray or DVD (please specify) + invitation for you and a friend to join us for a special screening of the film

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  • $5,000USD
    General Manager

    Your name as an Executive Producer in the credits + bumper sticker + Apocalypse Rock t-shirt + downloadable soundtrack + poster + Blu-ray or DVD (please specify) + be flown out for a special screening (continental US only)

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