Anywhere Fridge: Portable, Solar Fridge-Freezer!

The worlds only Portable/Collapsible/Solar Fridge-Freezer that runs all day & charges for all night
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The Anywhere-Fridge is also easily transported, surprisingly light-weight and collapsible; it features a retractable handle and wheels which allows for transportation of the device while in the operational mode and on-the-go!


The Anywhere Fridge is completely collapsible and looks like a briefcase when collapsed!


It's perfect for all outdoor activities such as soccer games, pool parties, the beach, camping, tailgating and everyday shopping!







We have also added 2 built-in USB charging ports for your convenience. The AC DC inputs are on the image below.






·  Portable collapsible freezer-refrigerator-warmer

·  80 or 30 quart storage capacity

·  Easy-to-read control panel

·  AC and DC power adapters included for household or vehicle use

·  Compressor-based cooling for fast freezing

·  Insulated lid

·  Retractable handle for easy transport

·  Rounded edges for added safety

·  Durable, rugged design

·  Built-in detachable solar cells that charges the ion-lithium smart battery for all night usage  

·  Anywhere Fridge 80 or 30 Quart 12 Volt AC & DC Portable Fridge/Freezer/warmer

·  Fast freeze function rapidly cools unit to -8° F

·  Temperature range: -8° F to 75° F

·  AC power lead with 8' detachable power cord included

·  DC power lead with 8' detachable power cord included

.  2 built-in USB charging ports

·  Input voltage:220V AC / 12/24 V DC / 60Hz

·  Power: 60 W / 1 A

·  Weight: from 20 to 40 lbs 

   BLUE       PINK     YELLOW    CAMO    GREEN     SILVER      RED     WHITE



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The Anywhere-Fridge ushers in a revolution of quality, portability and sustainable refrigeration. Anywhere-Fridge liberates the convenience of industrial refrigeration from the limitations of your home. The Anywhere-Fridge can run off of its detachable solar panels which charge the built-in ion-lithium battery. Through this process, the device is able to sustain functional ability on one complete charge for a full night.


Our goal is to give consumers the freedom to bring a fully functional refrigerator with them wherever they go and whenever they need it. Whether you’re camping, tailgating or living without power for days on because of a terrible storm, the Anywhere-Fridge gives you cooling no matter the location or amenities available. Anywhere-Fridge is equipped to perform like an industrial-strength refrigerator while being portable and accommodating. This product is perfect for outdoorsmen, frugal minded and the utilitarian.

We achieved our vision by utilizing an innovative design, quality components and imagination that can replace the traditional cooler and bring a whole new meaning to convenience. Anywhere-Fridge incorporates multiple options for powering its battery. The device can charge itself from any standard outlet and the power supplies within your automobile. This device has a built-in solar powered cell that allows filling the powerful Lithium-ion smart battery enabling you to use solar power even at night to its maximum potential at home, or in automobile sustaining hours of performance from a built-in solar supply.


Our devotion to quality components is demonstrated by our conviction to manufacture a quality product that is able to meet our consumers needs for durable products that has a reliable performance. 

The durable all metal frame encloses a secure ventilated environment which can sustain consistent environmental control no matter the external temperature. 

The industrial-strength materials unique design and utilitarian concept of convenience are all necessary factors to consider when establishing our are manufacturing process.

                                              PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

The Ion Lithium Battery

  • The Ion Lithium battery inside of the Anywhere Fridge is replaceable at the EOL. Replacement batteries can be ordered through SST Technologies LLC.

  • The solar panels will continue to keep things cold even if the battery dies as long as they are in direct sunlight. The Anywhere Fridge is designed to alert you when the battery is running low.

  • Considering that each country/region may have different plug designs, i.e., EU voltage such as 220-230, the Anywhere Fridge (third prototype) is currently being designed to be compatible with the requirements in any region it will be sold.

  • Once the third prototype is completed, any type of minor tweaking that needs to be done in terms of wattage, such as 240, 220, 115 volts/60HZ and 50HZ etc. will be completed to ensure the power disbursement is sufficient to sustain the desired temperatures.


  • The Anywhere Fridge has a temperature gauge for the user to adjust the internal temperature. The chosen temperature and the current temperature will also be displayed.

  • The unit is equipped with a rapid cooling system called Fast Freeze; this system allows the unit to freeze within 2-3 minutes of full power operation.

  • The internal temperature of the Anywhere Fridge is not adversely affected by the external temperature/weather. Please note that the Anywhere Fridge, once in operational mode, is sealed shut until you open the latch.


  • Each Anywhere Fridge will come with the optional $30 a year, up to a maximum of 2 years, warranty. The warranty will be offered through SST Technologies LLC directly, and details about battery replacement etc. will be included in the contract language.

  • The manufacturer warranty is typically about 1 year, however once the details are all worked out, we will provide our customers with a copy of the warranty details.

The Anywhere Fridge will indeed have the necessary electrical technology and components in order to work worldwide.

Please also keep in mind the Anywhere Fridge does not need to be plugged in as it is solar powered the solar panels will run the unit all day while it’s charging it’s battery to run all night so that the Anywhere Fridge is self-sustaining, however, it can be plugged in, in order to run and charge the battery as well.  

Perk Updates

It has come to our attention that we have minor calculation errors for the Anywhere Fridge perk discounts.  Unfortunately, we are unable to change/edit any of the text in the existing/claimed perks on our campaign. The correct percentage savings when you buy a perk should read as follows:

Small fridge for $199:

  • Savings of 33.4% off regular retail price $299.

Two Small fridges for $349

  • Savings of 41.6% off regular retail price $598

Large fridge for $499:

  • Savings of 16.7% off regular retail price $599.

Large & Small Fridge for $599:

  • Savings of 33.3% off regular retail price of $898 (for both combined).

Two Large Fridges for $799:

  • Savings of 33.3% off regular retail price of $1198 (for both combined).

Third Prototype Progress!

Over the past few weeks our campaign has received enough interest to reach and exceed our financial goal by miles.

We wanted to take the time to inform all of our existing and future clients that, as of last week, our third prototype is currently being developed. Without your help, we could not have gotten this far!

We intend to post updates to this campaign and any future campaigns to keep you informed of our progress. Your feedback and ideas on how the product would best suite your needs was very much appreciated.

The Anywhere Fridge Comments

Hello everyone!

We want to begin by saying thank you to everyone who has made this whole project possible, and we wish to continue being as helpful as possible with answering your questions and concerns.

It has come to our attention however, that many of the comments and/or email messages many of you have sent to us have not been received on our end. This would account for the lack of timely responses to your questions and messages. If we have not yet responded to your comment or email, please email me directly at

We have taken this issue as more of an opportunity to provide you with a temporary schedule of our hours. Please see below for details:

Monday through Friday: 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday: 12:00pm to 9:00pm

Sunday: Closed


Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronic voltage protection and adjustable for consumer or starter battery by means of slide switch Electronic fuse/automatic reverses pole protection.

Anywhere Fridge 80 or 30 Quart 12 Volt AC & DC Portable Fridge/Freezer/Warmer. Product Functions As Expected: 

Chill or freeze your goods while traveling with the Anywhere Fridge 80 or 30 Quart 12 Volt AC and DC Portable Fridge/Freezer/Warmer. This portable refrigerator and freezer/warmer puts the strength and insulation of a home freezer into a compact rugged appliance. Insulated metal walls keep your food cold for hours, holding a stable temperature under most conditions - even without electricity; It includes a retractable handle for comfort and it collapses flat like a briefcase for easy transport. This portable unit is great for boaters, campers, hunters, medical transportation/storage, recreational vehicles, cabins and all your outdoor applications.


·  Full-Range Thermostat:

The full range digital thermostat that is adjustable from -8° to 75° F 

·  Fast Freeze Function:

Cool this fridge/freezer's compartment down to -8° Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes 

·  Dual Purpose:

This portable refrigerator freezer allows you to chill or freeze or keep your goods warm while traveling.

·  AC and DC Adapter Included and solar powered:

The Anywhere Fridge may be powered via AC or DC power and or by the solar cells that charges the ion-lithium smart battery and comes with cables for both applications. 

·  Insulated Metal Walls:

Insulated metal walls keep your goods cold long after electrical power is gone


1. What kind of setup does it require?

The Anywhere-Fridge does not require any setup at all. It is fully integrated and functional straight away out of the packaging. You can simply place it where sunlight falls and it will start working and charging for overnight usage or plug it into your car or home wall socket to charge.


2. Does it work in gloomy weather?

On overcast days where there is reasonable cloud cover the power capacity can drop, but with the battery backup it could sustain a consistent supply of power in order to maintain its refrigerant. 


3. What happens on rainy days?

On rainy days the solar irradiance is much lower than on a sunny day; hence, the amount of energy generated will be much less than normal. Nevertheless, depending on the capacity and charge level of the batteries of the Anywhere-Fridge will continue to draw power as normal to sustain it.


4. Can I use it at night?

The battery that is already integrated into the unit will be sufficient to keep it functional for up to 8-hours at full capacity. The Small Anywhere Fridge can last up to approximately 4-hours at full capacity, However, we are working on making the small Fridges Battery last up to 8hr also; If the power being drawn from the unit is less, It is also possible to add a extra battery to the unit to enhance the use of the unit at night in gloomy weather etc. However it will last longer but will add a bit more weight to the unit as it will weigh approximately 20 to 40 lbs. This applies to both the Small  and large sizes. 


5. Can the Anywhere Fridge be used 24/7 365 days a year plugged into the standard outlets in your house?

Yes, the Anywhere Fridge is versatile it can be used indoors and outdoors it has a standard plugin and can act as a house hold and work place refrigerator.


6. If you spill something in it will it leak out?

No, it is completely filled within it’s lines with rubber fillent on all openings; therefore, liquid will not leak, nor will the refrigerant (air) when it is operational (un-collapsed).

7. Is the material corrosive resistant or able to withstand rust?

The Anywhere Fridge material is made of an protective airplane aluminum which is rust/weather resistant.

8. How long will it last if it is left out under the sun during the day without any access to electricity? 

The Anywhere-Fridge is solar powered and charges the built in battery during the day to last all night, while still remaining fully functional all day.

9. Is the Anywhere Fridge compatible with the ranges of allowed voltage internationally? 

The idea is that once the second prototype is complete any type of small tweaking that need to be done in terms of wattage, such as 240, 220 or 115 volts  / 60Hz and 50Hz etc, will be completed to ensure the power disbursement is sufficient to sustain the desired temperatures.

10.  How long does it take for the solar panels to charge the battery and will they run the unit at the same time while charging the battery?

Yes! The battery can be charged in approximately .2 hours while plugged into a car cigarette lighter or a standard outlet, while at the same time powering the Anywhere Fridge. The battery can be charged in approximately .7 hours by the solar panel alone. Therefore it can keep replenishing itself day after day and keep running if needed. The solar panel is also detachable to be placed in the sun light through the car window or outside of the car. It can also be stored away separately when it is not needed.

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